Social media has entered the video era.

In 2015 we’ve seen the addition of video on Twitter and a giant push by Facebook to make video a major component of the News Feed. Check out some staggering social media video stats:

  • The number of videos in Facebook feeds has grown by 360%
  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • Globally, people are posting 75% more videos to Facebook
  • 50% of Americans who use Facebook on a daily basis watch at least 1 video every day

And today we’re excited to announce that Buffer customers can now upload, share, and schedule video from Buffer to all your social media networks.


Buffer for video button

Upload once, share everywhere

How to schedule video to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn

To get started uploading videos through Buffer, select a video file from your computer—either an mp4, mov, or avi file of up to 1 gigabyte in size.

Drop your video into the Buffer composer window or choose the file you’d like to upload, and Buffer will do the rest!

You can add to your queue or share your video at any time during the ‘Preparing Video’ step. Once the video finishes uploading (large videos may take a minute or two to import fully), Buffer will offer you a selection of potential thumbnail images from your video. The thumbnail you select will appear as the cover image that people will see before your video plays.

Once you choose your favorite thumbnail, give your video a title, and add your message, you’re ready to share or schedule to any and all of your social media profiles!

With Buffer for video, you can upload a video once, on your schedule, and share it to multiple social media networks at the time that’s right for you and your audience.

upload once share everywhere

Sharing videos with Buffer: By social network

Wondering about a specific social media network? Here’s how your video will look on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Native video is blowing up Facebook —a 2015 study by Edgerank Checker found that videos have now become the strongest performer in the Facebook News Feed.

When you post through Buffer, your video will look native and play automatically, just the same as if you had posted it directly there.

Facebook video through Buffer


On Twitter, native video is capable of driving more than two and a half times as many replies and nearly three times as many retweets than third-party videos shared on the platform.

Through Twitter itself, video upload is available on Apple and Android phones. With Buffer, you can upload your videos to Twitter on the web, too.

30 seconds or less

For videos of less than 30 seconds and less than 10MB, Buffer will play the video automatically through Twitter, without leaving the app. Here’s an embedded Tweet to show you how it looks online:

Note: This works great with animated GIFs, too!

Longer videos

Even for videos longer than Twitter’s 3o-second threshold, we’ll post a link to our Buffer video player, which is still playable directly from Twitter. Here’s a look at how that appears on Twitter:


When you post a video to Pinterest, Buffer will create a Pin with the thumbnail you selected:

Buffer video Pin

We’ll create a link to Buffer’s video player in the source field so viewers who click on your Pin will be directed right to the video player:

video Pin enlarged


On Google+, your page’s fans and followers will see your video as if you posted it directly. It won’t autoplay, but it’ll be all set to play with one click.


Since LinkedIn doesn’t support video just yet, when you post a video here, Buffer will provide a link to your video like this …

LinkedIn video

… and then direct viewers to our hosted video player:

Buffer video player


For each social network, we’ll show you analytics including likes, shares and comments for each of your videos.

5 tips for great social media videos

Looking for a few pointers on creating great social media videos? We’d love to help out!

1. Grab viewers early

Facebook says that shorter, timely videos do best in the News Feed. Wistia’s research says that the first 30 seconds of a video gives viewers everything they need to know. Make sure you get them hooked early!

2. Use the psychology of auto-play

Facebook and Twitter have given content creators an awesome gift in auto-play—it’s so hard to look away from a moving image!

That’s why creating video is Facebook queen Mari Smith‘s No. 1 tip:

“They come in through your newsfeed, start to see a tiny bit of movement—boom, it draws them in. They’ll stop and play your video. Make it short, quick and easy, with a call to action.”

Remember that auto-play videos on Facebook and Twitter play silently until a user elects to hear sound, so it’s great to create videos that can capture attention even without sound.

3. Harness the power of storytelling

We can’t help but be drawn in by a good story. Can you create a video that uses storytelling elements like plot, conflict and a protagonist?

4. Provide context

Another suggestion from Facebook: Set context by pulling out a key quote or moment from the video as the text component of your post. This will help set expectations for the experience ahead.

5. Make it shareable

Videos on social media can—and should!—be shared. For the best shareability, consider why someone would want to share your video before you ever start working on it.

Bonus: More video resources

How will you share video with Buffer?

We’re really excited to share Buffer for Video with you and see how you’ll use it to share and schedule incredible social media videos.

If you’re able to give Buffer for Video a try, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear of any ways we can make this feature better and more useful for you.

Buffer for video button

P.S. I had the amazing privilege of working closely with a number of teammates to help make Buffer for Video possible. Big thanks to Sunil and Phil (engineering), Jim (product), Thomas (customer development), Dave (design) and Kevan and Sandrine (marketing) for helping to get this shipped!

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Written by Courtney Seiter

Courtney writes about social media, diversity and workplace culture at Buffer. She runs Girls to the Moon on the side and pets every dog she sees.

  • Awesome addition! I know this is one many have been asking for on the UserVoice site for a while. With the explosion of social video in the past months, this addition certainly comes at the right time. Really excited to see how this helps me hit my followers with targeted video at the right times. Thanks so much to everyone at Buffer for all the hard work to make this great new feature happen. 😀

    • Ben, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on UserVoice, it makes such a difference to us in helping to figure out what to build! We truly couldn’t do any of this without amazing customers and friends like you!

  • David Oragui

    Now this is what I’ve been waiting for! 2015 really is the year for video marketing. Many thanks for getting this shipped, never expected this under the umbrella.

    Will we be able to check metrics such as video views etc when videos are played on Buffer’s hosted video player?

    Nice stuff!

    • Hey David, thanks so much for the encouragement here! We don’t have video views as a metric just yet; I would love to see that added soon! Hope we can prioritize bringing that on!

  • Michael Brandvold

    Will the mobile app support this?

    • Hey Michael, great question! Not yet, but very soon! That’s our next step!

    • Fatso

      Three sides meet-up….. yep.

  • SergioAM

    Virtual high five guys!
    Love seeing these kind of updates! My team and I thank you 😀
    Keep up the great work!

    • High five right back! Thanks for the encouragement, Sergio!

  • Congrats and awesome work! 🙂

  • Thank you, great addition to the Buffer app! A better power scheduler would make Buffer perfect ;).

    • Awesome feedback! I’d love to hear what would make the Power Scheduler better for you!

      • Didn’t mean to hijack this post, but we’re still not sure how to edit the default posting times and add more than 4-5 of them (in power scheduler). Adjusting dates / times each time is a pain..

        • Ah, got it! Excellent feedback, thank you so much for sharing this! Not a hijack at all!

  • Is this only for Pro users or everyone is able to use it?

    • It’s for everyone! All accounts 🙂

      • That was a quick response. Thanks for the clarity. Will give this a try, though I think the upload would be best recommended for Facebook and Twitter since they already have native video support.

  • Thanks for sharing with us Courtney, and massive congrats to everyone on your end for bringing about what I truly feel is a game changing service to the realms of social media!

    It has just gone past midnight and I’ve gotta be up early, but I’m so very excited about this; I’ll be spruiking this to all my contacts in the YouTube space. For them, as well as many other online industries and businesses, this is an invaluable tool and should be a stable in any serious socmed arsenal!

    • Oh wow, thanks so much for these kind words, Laneth! Glad you’re excited about this; we are, too!

      • Haha, I need to have Disqus logged in more often – missed your reply, sorry about that!
        Seriously, this is such an awesome tool – I’m upgrading my computer at home to get Buffer installed natively, and have it on both my phone and ipad – it’s becoming more and more a daily part of my social sharing toolkit.

  • Amazing!

  • Great addition!

  • Terrific addition to Buffer! This tool is well on it’s way to becoming indespensible

    • Thanks, Kerri! It’s a privilege to work with our customers to build cool stuff!

  • Griffin Kay

    This is awesome!!! However my video dude says he wants to only share via YouTube b/c they have more in depth analytics, particularly how long people watch (audience retention). Any chance of offering this in Buffer?

    • We’d definitely love to add YouTube! I think at the moment YouTube doesn’t have the API access we’d need, but I’ll be sure to check on that!

      • Griffin Kay

        Righteous! Thank you for the hasty response. I’ll keep my eye out for what’s to come.

        • Buffer’s tech support doesn’t always give you the answer you want but they are good and fast [and friendly!]

      • YouTube does have API access ( . My game capture device automatically uploads so I’ve seen it working. Launcing video for Buffer without including YouTube is like launching social media updates but leaving out Facebook.

        • Agree, this is required before I will use otherwise it adds more work

        • David Shaheen

          Amen to that. I won’t consider this service without youtube.

  • Wilm

    Great news! Another super addition to the @Buffer family.

  • Video posted ‘natively’ to Facebook gets at least 2x the views. How will you address this?

    • Hey Todd! It’s my understanding that videos posting through Buffer this way will be “read” by Facebook as being native. 🙂 We’ll definitely be experimenting both ways, would love to hear how it goes on your end also as far as views and reach!

      • Is this the same as how Buffer + Facebook integrate for posts, because I definitely see reduced reach when I use Buffer to share to Facebook.

        Also, how does Facebook treat videos that require review and copyright verification? Will things that are posted via Buffer bypass those Facebook gates?

        • Well said. Waiting for a definitive answer but I fear it will be the same as before…

        • Hey there Valerie (and Todd),
          This is a great question, I think the answer is: So far, we don’t have any evidence that Facebook views videos uploaded through Buffer as anything other than native. I think this area would be a good one for us to test some and report back about, maybe we can come up with something more conclusive. I’m sorry we don’t have a more definite answer here! If you do any testing on your accounts, I’d love to hear the results!

        • These are great points/questions and I look forward to seeing how they’re answered.

        • Valerie, can you tell me more about Facebook videos that require review and copyright verification? I’ve never encountered this in uploading a video to Facebook, I’m keen to make sure all is worked out there!

          • Courtney, all videos have to be reviewed by Facebook’s copyright protection algorithm — it’s part of whatever process they do in uploading it, and I’ve often encountered Facebook removing or flagging videos for copyright violations (usually because of music included in the video, even when attribution is given). Can anyone else confirm this?

          • Hey Valerie! I checked with our team on this, hope this info helps: Once a user uploads a video to Buffer and queues it for posting, we’ll then pass it to Facebook at that scheduled time. Facebook will then process it and apply any of their own review and copyright verification checks, independent of Buffer, just like any video that’s uploaded straight from within Facebook (we do not bypass those Facebook gates). Users and Page Managers will receive notifications within Facebook when videos are being uploaded, processed, and posted, just like any video upload method.

          • Thanks for checking on this, Courtney! Well above and beyond the scope of this article to do so, but I’m happy with the results of your search! I’ll be curious to hear how well it works for others.

      • If this is true, Courtney, than this is one of the most important announcements of the decade. I fear, however, that unless something has changed significantly that you’re not doing it this way an the experience will be the same as Valerie expressed. Can you please confirm?

        • Hey Todd, the word from our engineers is that we work directly with Facebook’s api to upload a native video. Not sure if that gives you what you need to know, let me know!

          • Albert Freeman

            I think there is some confusion here about what constitutes a “native” Facebook video. As I understand it A native Facebook video is a video that is hosted on Facebook, as opposed to a YouTube or Vimeo link shared on Facebook. Whether the video is directly uploaded at or whether it is done through Buffer, it will still be native.

          • I am not sure that it the issue at all, if I post an image post via buffer, the image uploads to Facebook doesn’t it? If this is the case, images uploaded via Buffer do not get the same reach as an image uploaded via the FB website. I would assume video would be the same, but I could be wrong, I will certainly test it though.

          • Sandro Galindo

            Completely agree. We stopped using buffer for FB because of this exact thing. Reach is down if you use a 3rd party to “natively” post pics. So we just schedule from within fb itself now.

            would love to hear if others experience this with video too. For now, we’re not going to risk lower reach by experimenting with buffer video.

            We’ll totally try it for twitter though!

  • I’ll have to try Buffer for @TheMommyGamers the video part appeals to me. Thanks for the email!

    • Sure thing, Marcia! We’d love to hear how it goes for you!

  • This is great! Any chance we can get the ability to upload custom thumbnail images? The automatically generated ones never seem to be what I want. It’s especially relevant for >30 second videos.

    • Great one, Tim, I totally agree! We’re exploring custom thumbnails right now, so possibly very soon!

      • Cool. Thanks Courtney!

      • Hi Courtney, Any update on this? Thanks!

      • Jon McCullough

        Also curious about custom thumbnails here – any news?

    • Michael Morton

      Same Question – custom thumbnail upload. This is very important to get the correct image. Would love to see. Thanks.


    • Haha this GIF always cracks me up 🙂

      • merrybosa

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  • Any thoughts on what a good screen recording resolution is? The video window on Twitter looks to be about 557 by 309. I tried screen recording using CamStudio with a fixed width of 557 and a height of 309, but it came out blurry when I posted to Twitter.

  • Matt Aunger

    Surprising there’s no YouTube or Vimeo integration, though I’m sure that’ll come in time, like Pinterest did.

    Great to see more features and pushing toward video content. Does that mean we’ll be seeing a lot more blog content crafted around videos on Twitter and Facebook? Video tips and experiments for example. Maybe figuring out ideal lengths, types of video etc.

    Eager to see what you guys come up with 🙂

    • Yup, we’d love to share more video content! We’re sharing a video a day here!

      YouTube would be a great one to add, I don’t think we can work with their API the way that we would need to just yet but we’ll keep working on it!

      • Matt Aunger

        Sweet! Yeah I saw a couple of things Kevan posted. Would be cool to see some video infographics alongside the tips too. Will there be video focussed content too? Articles discussing video focussed topics?

        • Yes! Some of that is in the works right now, excited to share more very soon!

  • koushikkothagal

    Hey Courtney,

    Can you share some information on where the uploaded videos are stored? I’m assuming that after upload, a copy gets saved on, and further copies are then uploaded to other social media sites. Is that correct? If so, is there a way I can manage my uploaded videos on


    • Great question! I’m checking on this with our team and will get back to you ASAP, Koushik!

      • Carlosml

        Is delete feature possible already?

      • sc

        why cant I target Twitter videos using buffer?
        Kind of an important feature when posting in several languages…

    • Here’s what I found for you, Koushik! During the upload process, all videos are uploaded to our Buffer servers, regardless of the platform they’re being distributed to. We’ll send these over to Facebook and Twitter to be uploaded natively, and we’ll share a viewable link from for video posts that aren’t supported natively (think Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter videos over 30 seconds). Right now, we’re exploring features to let users manage uploaded videos (like delete, flagging, etc), and we would love feedback on what features would work best for our users!

      • koushikkothagal

        Thanks for looking that up for me, Courtney. That was helpful.

        Unfortunately, the fact that any video I upload will continue to stay online, with no way for me to take down concerns me. I could go to all the social networks and delete posts, but anyone with a link could still view it! I’ll definitely look forward to the delete feature.

  • Albert Freeman

    This is great news, I particularly like the fact that the Buffer video player can play videos longer than 30 seconds directly in Twitter.

    Can you confirm whether Facebook videos published through Buffer are HD or not? It looks like your Iceland video is not HD on Facebook.

    One quirk of Facebook videos is that if you upload an HD video through the Facebook website, it will still be HD. But if you upload an HD video through the Pages Manager app, it gets compressed and will no longer be HD after it is published .

    • Great question, checking on this and will get back to you ASAP Albert!

    • Here’s what I found out: We absolutely support HD videos! While we do compress files to make them more manageable, original HD videos should be viewable as HD on Facebook via the HD button displayed to the right of them 🙂 (I bet it’s my fault on the Iceland video; I probably uploaded the wrong version!)

  • Georgie

    THANK YOU for this Buffer- you’re amazing

  • This really is Great news Courtney! Great job team! How soon might this be available on mobile? I’m sure there is a huge chunk of people taking these videos on their smartphone and having to upload to desktop and then upload to buffer can be quite an exercise (I’m doing it as I write this comment lol).

    • I think we’d like to get it into iOS in the next month or so, not sure about Android yet. I’ll keep you posted!

      • Yay! That’s great news! I’m all iOS here!

        I tried clocking how long it takes from phone to desktop to buffer and I think it actually took longer than manually uploading on each platform from my phone. Mobile video upload would be a definite game changer.

  • Great article, Courtney, packed with excellent stats and tips for each major social network. I’ve been reluctant to use video, but with the ease of scheduling everything via my Buffer account, I just may dive in.

    • I hear you, Laura! We haven’t moved as fast on video as we probably should have on the marketing side here at Buffer; I’m excited to dive in now. We should be sharing lots of video content on the blog in the future; hope it might help!

  • THIS. IS. AWESOME. I’ve fallen out of love with several services this year but Buffer continues to impress. Since video is my primary product this is going save me so much time!

    • Awesome, I’m so happy to make your day a bit easier, Marissa!

  • I’m trying to upload a video to a Google+ profile but the upload keeps stopping at 50%. Any suggestions?

  • Love it! Now if we could just add the ability to tag on FB, my life would be complete 🙂

  • BakariC

    Yes, awesome service. I’ve already scheduled three videos to my Twitter account and they run great.

    • Woohoo, so glad to hear that! If you spot anything you think could be improved, please give us a shout!

  • Just another reason why Buffer is so awesome. This is great. Thanks team.

    • Awww thanks so much, great to see you here as always! 🙂

  • Great job guys!

  • Pete Wild

    This is awesome… used it already… and it’s great… at making short videos for social media is our business… the fact that posting them to social media couldn’t be scheduled was a major problem for us… problem solved by you guys !!!! Great stuff

  • Spamming all your social networks with the same content is NOT GOOD PRACTICE.

    • Great point, Paul! It’s a smart idea to tailor your content and its messaging to your audience. And if you’ve got a big announcement you want all audiences to see (like this announcement for Buffer, for example) you can stagger the timing as well so you won’t inundate your audience with the same message multiple places. I think we could have been a lot clearer on this, thank you so much for the great feedback!

      • It would be great to have the uploaded videos in a library that we can choose from when adding later updates to buffer. That way, we don’t have to keep uploading 200+mb files. It’s a minor inconvenience with a photo, but a major hassle with a video.

  • Youtube support?!!?

    • We’d love to have that one day; I can definitely see how that would be really awesome!

  • IdealDrapeMakers

    Hi Courtney,

    I love buffer but I think I am missing something I am not sure I understand the benefits of using buffers for video distribution over continuing to send YouTube links via buffer. I’m only a relative newbie so have obviously missed or miss-understood benefits you have pointed out.

    • Hey there, this is a great question! Many social media managers are finding that Facebook has prioritized video in the newsfeed, meaning that videos posted natively can sometimes see much greater reach and engagement than those linked from YouTube. Posting from YouTube is great, too, if that workflow is giving you good results. It might be fun to try both approaches and see which ones works better for you!

  • Patrick Klima

    Yeah, this is nifty. I’m going to share this with a few friends who would probably post more video on Facebook if uploading were easier. Thanks!

    I’m curious, I noticed in your video that all your social channels were deselected by default, and then you enabled certain ones. How’d you do that??

    I’d love to do that for my browser extension.

  • Now you can make your social media page a one stop shop. We can help!

  • Matt Wheeler

    We are having a hell of a time uploading our video. Is there an ideal size we should be shooting for so the upload is smooth?

  • Flora Bui Quang Da

    I was wondering what you thought would be the best way to promote one Facebook video regularly, while keeping the views? I assume it’ll just be like pictures – if you want to repost, you’ll have to re-upload?

  • Eric Fabian

    Hello Courtney,

    Thank you for sharing the information on buffer app. It seems very useful. I’ll try it for sure once i get a new android mobile. As of now i’ve been using twitter thru my pc and i have a query for you. I’ve seen many twitter profiles having twitter videos playing for more than 30 secs. I’ll share you the link. My query is how are they able to do this?. Besides many other accounts are able to get the video link and tweet with different quotations. How is it possible. Kindly help me.

    Thank you.

    EXCLUSIVE: Lionel Messi reacts to the Cristiano Ronaldo film trailer!— TheFootballRepublic (@TheFootballRep) October 1, 2015

  • Eric Fabian

    And kindly do mention how to make these kind of videos.

  • Sherry Lynn Meeks

    Courtney, this is a great post! Is it possible for me to share a video from my website? I would like the video to link back to my site. Thanks!

  • Seth Bicknell

    Any chance the Buffer API will support sending videos? The documentation makes no mention of it.