When it comes to social media, lately I’ve been surprising myself by how often I’m turning to LinkedIn. With the addition of LinkedIn Publishing, there seems to be more awesome content on the business social network than ever before.

And I don’t think I’m alone. LinkedIn has more than 347 million users across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

We’ve written before about some of the best practices to make the most of your LinkedIn marketing, but I’ve recently discovered even more vital facts and stats about the social network, particularly about making the most of your LinkedIn Company Page.

For instance, did you know that 80 percent of LinkedIn users say they want to connect with companies? Which is great news, because users are almost 50 percent more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

I thought I would share all the stats I’ve found with you here in the hopes that we can fine-tune our LinkedIn marketing and improve our LinkedIn Company pages together.

LinkedIn 12 tips

3 Surprising LinkedIn Company page stats

1. Only 57% of companies are using pages

A first interesting fact about LinkedIn Company pages is that there’s still a bit of room to stand out by taking maximum advantage of yours.

Although LinkedIn reports that more than 3 million companies have created Company Pages, that doesn’t mean everyone has one.

In fact, Forbes reported that company page usage jumped from 24% to 57% in 2014—which means a growing but still relatively small number of companies are reaping benefits here.

“It is crazy to not create and use a LinkedIn company page,” LinkedIn consultant and expert Wayne Breitbarth says in the Forbes article, calling it “free money” for small- to mid-size companies.  (And a big win for search engine optimization, since Google crawls LinkedIn company pages and generally returns them in the first few page results).

A look at the Company Page features marketers are using most shows similar opportunity in terms of taking advantage of all the functionality LinkedIn provides:

company page feature usage

What it means: If you haven’t created a page for your brand yet, it might be a great time to set one up and begin to experiment with all the options there.

2. LinkedIn generates social media’s highest lead conversion rate

In a study of more than 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%—277% higher than Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%).

socialconversion LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s conversion rate also outranked social media as a channel overall—meaning that of all the traffic to these business’ websites via social media, .98% of that traffic converted into leads, compared to LinkedIn’s 2.74%.

What it means: While LinkedIn may not drive the most engagement on social media (see below), it does seem to drive targeted and qualified traffic interested in doing business.

3. Company Page updates see an average engagement rate of .054%

social media interaction rates

Forrester analyzed the top 50 global brands’ activities across social media platforms to determine that LinkedIn has an engagement rate of 0.054%. (Engagement rate is users’ interactions with a brands’ posts as a percentage of a brands’ followers)

That’s less than Facebook at 0.073% and  Google+ (0.069%), but greater than Twitter at .03%.

What it means: If you’d like to benchmark your social media efforts on LinkedIn, try for an engagement rate of .05 or higher. Then you’ll know your strategy is above average!

6 data-backed Company Page update tips

LinkedIn has shared in the past that the Company page updates getting “the most action” are company branding updates such as inside looks and interviews, followed by job postings, tip and fun facts.

Company page update best practices
Beyond those overall content categories, there are also some cool and really specific ways to up your engagement rates a bit. Here are the 6 best data-backed tips I was able to unearth.

1. “Top content” numbered lists get shared more

A LinkedIn study of company updates with at least 1,000 impressions showed that updates that included the words “top” and the numbers 3, 5, 10, 25, 30, 50, or 100 got almost 40 percent more amplification.

2. Link posts get higher engagement

LinkedIn has determined that updates containing links get up to 45 percent higher follower engagement than updates without links.


3. Questions get double the comments

On average, status updates that contain questions receive almost 50 percent more comments.

P.S. We dive even deeper into the power of numbered lists AND questions in this post on 8 Winning Headline Strategies and the Psychology Behind Them.

4. Images get 98% more comments

Posting images has been shown to result in a 98% higher comment rate.


5. Employees are 70% more likely to engage

LinkedIn found that employees are 70% more likely to engage with a brand’s company updates. Don’t forget to include and encourage your whole team in your social media strategy!

6. Share videos for double the amplification

Much in the same way that video is growing a ton on Facebook, it’s gaining on LinkedIn, too.

Links to YouTube videos, which play directly in the LinkedIn feed, can result in twice as many amplification actions (likes, shares, and comments) and a 75% higher share rate.

youtube compelling content on linkedin

One more great resource: Check out LinkedIn’s slide deck of the best Company Pages of 2014 to get more tips on what tactics and strategies are working best when it comes to Company Page updates.

3 overall LinkedIn marketing stats

Finally, here are a few overall LinkedIn marketing stats that might help guide your social media strategy on this important network.

1. Users are spending more time on LinkedIn

 One stat I uncovered researching this article is that users spend an average of 17 minutes on LinkedIn per month.

Then I discovered that more than 50% percent of LinkedIn users spent more than two hours a week on the site in 2014–a figure that’s up about 10% from the previous year.

time spent on LinkedIn

It seems like perhaps there are two different types of LinkedIn users: the check-in-infrequently type user and the very engaged, almost daily user.

This makes sense to me–in different stages of my career and work responsibilities, I’ve been a member of both of these groups. Have you?

2. Groups could be decreasing in popularity

Another element of the survey I mentioned earlier, reported by Forbes, focused on the popularity of Facebook Groups.

In 2013, 60% scored LinkedIn Groups as one of their favorite features of LinkedIn.

In 2014, “Posting and/or participating in Group discussions” was cited as helpful by 42% of those surveyed and “Searching for people in Groups” only by 26%.

popular linkedin features

Based on this survey, it seems as if Groups are perhaps losing a bit of their popularity. Have you noticed this at all?

3. Recent graduates are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic

Have you ever wondered who’s not on LinkedIn? The site is so ubiquitous I sort of assume everyone is already there, but it continues to grow at a rate of more than two new members per second.

So who are these newcomers? Well, many of them are from outside the U.S.—the source of more than 75% of new members in the last quarter of 2014.

But LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic is students and recent college graduates. More than 39 million of them are on the site now!

What strategies, tips and tactics have worked best for you on LinkedIn and your LinkedIn Company page? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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Written by Courtney Seiter

Courtney writes about social media, diversity and workplace culture at Buffer. She runs Girls to the Moon on the side and pets every dog she sees.

  • Hey Courtney, thanks for the interesting read. I’ve always found Linkedin to be quite helpful in building my network, great to see that the platform is gaining even more momentum.

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for checking this one out! I agree; LinkedIn is super helpful for finding and connecting with your community!

  • David Pearson

    Interesting stuff! Our biggest challenge in using LinkedIn is to increase the numbers of our followers – we are a small and specialist company in the DRTV world. Any thoughts, Courtney?

    • Ah, good question David! I would perhaps try coupling the posting tips from this post with the timing and frequency tips from this post: https://blog.bufferapp.com/7-vital-statistics-to-help-with-your-linkedin-marketing-strategy to see if you could make a dent. I wonder if there are any Facebook groups about your industry you might get involved in as well?

    • I wouldn’t worry, David. LinkedIn resets everyone’s Home page feed to Top from Recent every single day so, even if people follow your company page, it is highly unlikely that they will see your posts unless they are extremely popular… but how can they be Top posts if nobody sees them in the first place? (Unless you pay a fortune to LinkedIn). Still important to share updates for those who come and look for your company but no point getting hung up on follower numbers. Hope that makes sense.

    • shakins

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    • Emily.Stout

      David, I agree with Courtney & Katrina, but I also think that other social channels (esp. those with the most followers) need to be ‘cross-pollinated’ witch LinkedIn. Sending people to your LinkedIn business page through posts on Google+, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, etc. can encourage followers. Another thing to brainstorm is the benefit that people get from following your business on LinkedIn, especially if they’re fans on some other channel you’re on. What can you offer on LinkedIn that people won’t get on other places? Perhaps it’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ updates, job listings, industry-specific news, etc.? Hope that thought helps :)!

    • We have the same issue, @disqus_Qvp9Vli0n5:disqus! We offer tailored debt solutions to SMEs in Europe and UK although we are always updating our company page, the number of followers doesn’t increase much.

      Based on our experience we suggest you to:
      1) share with your colleagues a ‘weekly roundup’ with the best links you shared, asking them to interact with it.

      2) You can also invest in blog posts about your partners/clients and share it with them.

      Although we are also investing in paid ads, we’re finding out that the two items above bring us more followers (and qualified leads) than the ads.

  • Love the data! For our active LinkedIn client they had an average engagement rate per post of .87% and for the page as a whole, 3% for the month. Which we are not happy with, but it turns out, that’s way better than average. Not to say that we’re going to stop trying to boost those numbers even higher.

    • Love that drive, Robin! Sounds like you’ve got an exemplary LinkedIn presence; way to go!

    • Josh

      Robin, do you know where I can find numbers about the average engagement across LNKD? I’m looking for these kinds of numbers.

      • Josh,

        At a Social Pro conference last November, AJ Wilcox @WilcoxAJ said a .04%CTR is good on LinkedIn. And in this brand new LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report Q4 results: http://bit.ly/1SHdJr8 (shared by AJ on Twitter) it says “Self-Serve ads, admittedly, get a very low CTR. Even representatives of LinkedIn have repeatedly told us that a CTR of 0.025% is average.” Which totally sucks!

        I only just saw the report, so we’ll be pouring over it for new info and tips to improve LI ads for our clients.

  • Courtney,
    I have a FB “page” (*only*, as it’s ‘all business’), but didn’t even know about the LI page… I’m a solo freelancer, wonder if they’d let me create a page??? 😉 I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Oh yeah, I think you could be a great candidate for a LinkedIn Page! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

      • Awesome! I’ll look into it “sooner” rather than “later!” 😉 Thanks!

  • Keesha

    Thanks for the article I love the marketing statistics. They’re very insightful. It should be noted that the enhanced features mentioned in this article do not come free with LinkedIn, they are paid services. For example all the LinkedIn’s slide deck of the best Company Pages of 2014 are part of a premium package. Thanks for putting this article together Courtney.

  • Jeannine Orzechowski

    Useful article Courtney, thank you! But I agree with David… how do get followers for a page on LinkedIn?

  • very ncie article, i have juste a question , how i can have moore than 2000 follower on twiter

  • Guest

    Groups have become almost useless to our comapny. Most of the content people are now posting on the groups pages just tend to be product advertising or self-promotion. I still believe the LinkedIn Answers were one of the better tools for establishing contacts and colloaborating with other SMEs.

  • Darren Johnson

    Groups have become almost useless to our comapny. Most of the content people are now posting on the groups pages just tend to be product advertising or self-promotion. I still believe the LinkedIn Answers were one of the better tools for establishing contacts and colloaborating with other SMEs.

  • Erin Vidali Proudfoot

    We currently have a LinkedIn group for our center at UC Berkeley with over 1500 members. We like the group because people get pushed email messages for group discussions. I’m very familiar with the differences in FACEBOOK groups and pages – are there similar differences with LinkedIn groups and pages? (It’s hard to get people engaged with Facebook pages…)

  • Very interesting post with some great background. Just one plea: it would be really helpful if links from articles like this could open in a new web-page. Every time I clicked a link the original post disappeared, which is exasperating, to say the least.
    But thanks for the information.

    • Diane

      Martyn, have you tried to right click your mouse and choose “Open Link in New Window” or “Open Link in New Tab”? That would solve your problem I believe. Good luck.

  • Forrester may have found that LinkedIn has an engagement rate of 0.054% on average in their research but LinkedIn themselves say it’s more like 0.03% average.

    • Oh, interesting Ben; thanks for mentioning that! Would you possibly have a link handy for that research? I’d love to check it out and add it into the post!

      • No link on this stat. My company works with people at LinkedIn and this is the number they generally quote as the average to benchmark performance by. As with other networks, paid performance rates are a bit higher.

  • Very interesting post with some great background. Just one plea: can links from articles like this please open in a new web-page? Every time I clicked a link the original post disappeared, which is very exasperating.

  • Eric Ngo

    Very interesting read. My company is focusing on building our linkedin page right now so this is very informative in what we are planning to do.

  • Emily.Stout

    Did you know that the most frequently used WORD on LinkedIn is “responsible”?? On that note, I think it’s valuable to remember that while LinkedIn is still a professional networking/job seeking site, you can still be yourself and be fun and creative- as long as you stay “responsible” ;)!

  • i think that linkedin is one of the important way to increase number of followers

  • True that groups are dead. They are too spammed and became mini twitters.
    But the main problem is the activity on LinkedIn. It will hopefully change with the popularization of Pulse but I find it hard to have a good reach…

  • amir

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  • Sheetal Sharma

    Hi Courtney, a very good read for starters like me. I would be very keen to understand how you do social media reporting for your business?

    Sheetal Sharma
    Capita IT Enterprise Services