When you find yourself using a product or tool on a daily basis, you get to know the tool inside and out, including all the helpful shortcuts and little-known features.

We’d love to share our Buffer secrets with you.

Here are some of our personal favorite Buffer features that might have flown under your radar. Enjoy!

Little Known Buffer Features

1. Share to multiple profiles in one click with Groups

Imagine you’ve got an update to share with your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ followers. Imagine you typically share the same update to these same social circles multiple times per day.

Groups to the rescue!

You can create a custom collection of grouped profiles so that when it comes time to share an update, you can share in one-click to the group you’ve created.

Buffer Groups one-click sharing to social media

Groups are available for our Buffer for Business users. Not a Buffer for Business user? You can try out this tool for a full week for free, and then decide if it’s a fit with your workflow.

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2. Re-buffer your top updates from your analytics page

Via both the standard analytics and the expanded business analytics inside your Buffer dashboard, you can drag-and-drop or one-click-add to your buffer those posts that were smash hits the first time around.

rebuffer from analytics

Here’s a pro tip: In the advanced business analytics, sort your posts by clicks, then click-and-drag the top performers to share again!

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3. Buffer retweets direct from Twitter

Having the Buffer browser extension installed is like having a superhero in your backpocket. One of your new superpowers is to Buffer retweets directly from Twitter. When you click the Retweet button, you get the choice of adding the retweet to your queue either directly or as a quote. Super!

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buffer retweet

4. Enhance your schedule with a third-party tool

We’ve loved using Followerwonk to discover the best time to tweet. And many of us take scheduling one step further with Buffertime, a third-party app for simple scheduling.

Tell Buffertime you’d like to post every X minutes beginning at X and ending at X, and Buffertime will make it so!

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5. An extra level of security with two-step authentication

Keep your buffers secure by signing up for two-step authentication, requiring a text-message code to be entered each time you log in from somewhere new.

Click on the My Account link in the very top right corner of your Buffer web dashboard. Then click on Access & Password

You can edit the settings for how you manage your two-step login (via SMS or via Google Authenticator), choose which phone number should be used, and view the one-time recovery code (in case you ever lose your phone).

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2fa buffer

6. Little-known browser extension magic

You can Buffer any webpage to any of your connected profiles with the click of the Buffer browser extension button. In seconds, any page and any image can be added to your queue to share on schedule.

To get even more powerful, you can try these advanced browser extension tips:

  • Access the Buffer extension with a custom keyboard shortcut. Alt+B is the default. You can edit it to your liking from inside the extension options.
  • Select any text on the page, click the browser extension, and your selected text will be automatically prepopulated into your update.
  • Right-click on any image on a webpage to Buffer the image directly.
  • Combine the above two tips. Select any text on the page, then right-click an image. You can share the image alongside the text you’ve chosen!

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buffer extension

7. Share on-the-go and over email with a secret address

Among your Buffer goodie bag is a custom email address, just for you.

Click your email settings inside your account to view your secret address. Go to My Account > Email Settings, then scroll down to the “Buffer by email” setting.

Click on the “secret email” link to view your custom email address. Then, add to your queue by sending an email with the content of the update in the subject and the update link in the body.

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buffer secret email

8. Connect a new (or custom) link shortener

You can control which shortening service Buffer uses to shorten links.

If you prefer bit.ly links over buff.ly links, you can change this via your Settings tab on your dashboard. Go to Settings > Link Shortening.

Even a custom short URL is possible.

Or, if you’d prefer no shortening with your links, opt out on your link shortening settings page.

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buffer link shortening

Bonus tip! Buffer’s link shortening services include integration with Google Analytics and campaign tracking.

When you enable the campaign tracking feature (it’s turned on for you by default), you can follow up on the traffic you receive from your social media posts by checking the data in Google Analytics. For instance, when I add this link to my Buffer queue:


It will be shared like this:


Further, you can customize the specific utm parameters for your links. It all happens within the link shortening section of your Buffer settings.

buffer google campaign tracking

9. Reorder your profiles any which way you want

Click and drag the position of your profiles from within your dashboard. (One of my favorite tips!)

If you’d prefer your Twitter always on top, make it so! Your lineup can be independent of the order in which you connected. Drag-and-drop into place, however makes things most efficient for you!

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Buffer reorder profiles

10. Invite contributors to share with you

Say you’ve got a marketing team on hand or you know a great group of connections who always find stellar content. The Buffer for Business plan has a built-in option for these collaborators to contribute straight to your profiles.

Invite new people to contribute to your account—even go as far as to appoint managers vs. contributors—and you can then approve and add their submissions directly to your feed.

Managers have the following permissions:

  • Can post directly to your social account
  • Can approve posts from contributors
  • Can edit and reorder posts

Contributors can:

  • Write/edit their own drafts
  • Final approval to be added to the queue must come from a manager

Approving contributions is as easy as clicking a button! Here’s a quick example:

contributors approve

Business users can find these options super quickly by clicking on the “Contributions” heading from inside the content dashboard (between the “Suggestions” and “Feeds” headings).

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Image 2014-10-01 at 12.36.50 PM

Your turn: Which little-known Buffer features do you use most?

I’d love to hear from you! Which little-known Buffer features have made an impact on your social media sharing? What are your go-to moves on Buffer?

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments of this post, and let me know if I can add any more detail or directions to what we’ve shared here already!

Happy sharing!

One more thing: Some of these awesome features can be sampled with a free trial of Buffer for Business! Click the button below if you’re interested in a zero-cost, no-risk tryout.

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Image sources: Gilad Fried, Blurgrounds, Death to the Stock Photo

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • I absolutely LOVE the Chrome extension – it was one of the first things that sold me on you guys. But I didn’t know about the shortcut! Sweet.

    I also hadn’t heard about Buffertime (and, yes, I’m hearing “Stop! Buffertime!” in my head right now…..).

    • Ha! Sorry we “earwormed” you, Christin! 🙂 But I’m so glad you love the extension; it’s one of my favorite shortcuts as well!

  • Terrific post… kept wondering how you would push the envelope… The additional features which you have listed are superb! Looking forward to more add-ons created by you 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Vishnal! We’d love to hear what would be useful for you; chat with us anytime! 🙂

  • Raunek

    Wish Buffer supports Pinterest soon…

    • I do too; we’d really love to add Pinterest to our social networks! Hoping we’ll have some good news for you soon!

  • I use Buffer to retweet from another account when I’m logged into my main twitter.com, as the extension makes a little ‘Buffer’ button next to every tweet. Click the button and change the account you’re tweeting from.

    Buffer great for editing those retweets too when you’re on twitter.com, without Buffer I wouldn’t have the choice.

    • Yes! This is one of my favorite features, too. Huge time saver!

    • Wow, another great tip to add to our list, Su! Hadn’t even thought of that one; thanks so much for sharing so others can get some extra value from their Buffer accounts! 🙂

  • I built a custom zapier integration that automagically re-shuffles my queue every morning. Whether the content is evergreen or not determines if it goes in the top or bottom of the queue.

    • Nathan Roth

      Amazing! Can you please post a link? How does it determine what is evergreen and what isn’t?

      • I was wondering the same thing. Is it done with certain hashtags or something? That’s the only way I would know if, but I hope there is something easier.

        • Nathan Roth

          Agreed. Ideally there would be a native solution eventually. It would also be nice to be able to buffer something into the middle of the queue with the click of a button.

      • Ahh forgive me.

        All the Zap does is press the shuffle button. I have it scheduled to reshuffle my entire queue every morning.

        Then, during the course of the day, as I add posts to my queue, I will choose to add them either to the top or bottom (or share right away), depending on whether I feel like it is more “news” or more evergreen.

        Here’s a link to the Zap – http://bit.ly/jordanskole-buffer-zap

        • Sorry for the necro-post…but I’m having trouble being able to use this app? I clicked on the link, it told me to accept the invitation and go to my dashboard…but I don’t see anywhere to actually use or configure the app. Could you help please?

    • Wow, how interesting @jordanskole:disqus! Zapier is such a powerful tool! I have the same curiosities that Nathan and Rick have below; I’d love to know more! 🙂 Great ingenuity!

  • jeffkart

    OK. so I can see 8, Campaign Tracking, under Google Analytics/Acquisition/Campaigns, correct? I see two for Buffer. One labeled as buffer, one labeled as Buffer (capital B). Why is that? Weird.

  • Maria Juan

    Already using Buffer makes my social media life so much easier and now these little nuggets! Thanks for the tidbits!

    • Yay; glad you were able to grab some handy new tips from this one, Maria! 🙂

  • Great post, unfortunately the two features that I just got the most excited for are only available on the $50/mnth plan.

    EDIT: My mistake only 1 feature! I just noticed the Rebuffer option shows up when you hover!

    • Hey Rick! Yay, happy that one of these tips is handy for you on your plan! 🙂 Let us know anytime what we could do to make your Buffer account better for you!

      • Any chance you want to activate the groups feature on my awesome plan? 🙂

        I would love if you offered a plan in between the small business plan and the awesome plan that had some of the business features but only for a single user. I would love to have the improved analytics and possibly a few more accounts, but the 5 User account would be overkill for me!

  • I love the choose text on a page to Buffer — that is cool!

    One thing that I do not love, is that when I buffer stuff I find on Facebook, it doesn’t credit the original post-er. I don’t want to be ripping off people’s content, ya know? I wish it were more like using the “Share” button, but with the added advantage of buffer-ing it for later.

    Besides that, Buffer rocks!

    • E

      I agree with you on the facebook buffer. If its an image you are buffering, if you open the image so its just open on the image page. Then use the extension to buffer, it will buffer as a link to the image rather than just copying the image.

      • Oh, neat workaround! Thanks so much for sharing this info so others can benefit!

    • Wow, this is a great one Shonna! Thanks so much for flagging this issue; it’s a great one for us to look into!

  • Buffer won’t let me post anymore unless I pay and I don’t see enough value in what am using Buffer for to pay. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Roberta! Thanks for sharing this with us so we could take a look at your account! Would you possibly be able to email us at [email protected]? We have spotted a few things that might make your experience better and just want to run them by you to make sure we are on the same page.

      • Would be great because I loved Buffer free account and now it just won’t let me post. It says my account is full day in and day out. Have not been able to use for about a week.

        • @Robertabud:disqus, were our Happiness Heroes able to get you set up here? Keen to get you Buffering again! 🙂

          • I think unless I pay my time with buffer is up. Still will not let me post

          • Oh no, Roberta! So sorry to hear you’re still having this trouble! You should definitely be able to post to your accounts; I’m sure we can fix this issue for you! Were you able to shoot us a quick email at [email protected]? Our Happiness Heroes are super quick; I know they’ll be able to get you going!

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve been using buffer for a long time but I’ve noticed that groups function…..oh man, im getting old

    • Haha; what if you thought of it as growing with us? 🙂 Thanks for sticking with us so long, Dennis; we’re so happy to have you!

  • I use Buffer occasionally but I spend so much time mobile browsing I’d love to see another post like this outlining how I can make more use in a touch screen / app environment. Unless I’m missing something many f these features are purely non-mobile.

    • Hey Paul, that’s a really great point! I totally agree; mobile is a growing way to share for lots of us! We’re super close to releasing a new iPhone app that should make it really easy to use Buffer on the go; stay tuned for more details very soon!

  • This is more of a general request: I would love for Buffer to connect to Diaspora!

    • Thanks for letting us know what would make Buffer better for you; I’ll be sure to pass this along and see what we can do!

  • Julie Bessette

    We refer to Buffer as “J.C.” – it’s THAT amazing for us. It’s pretty groovy that the tool has so many features that you can write about “little known features,” and there are a ton of them, and they’re all AWESOME. Well done!!

    • Hey Julie; thanks so much for your super kind words! It means so much to us that you’ve found such great value in Buffer. 🙂

  • Guy

    All about the Chrome Extension too … Can’t imagine my workday with out that particular tool.

    I am interested in “Re-buffer your top updates from your analytics page” – That’s a trick I had missed so thanks 🙂

    • Awesome; so glad you were able to get a new tip from this post! That’s one that we Buffer Crafters use a lot! 🙂

  • E

    Would love if the buffer chrome extension remembered the last set of accounts you buffered to. Also would love to be able to schedule a time via email.

    • Oh wow, that’s a really cool idea! Thanks so much for sharing what would make Buffer better for you; I’m excited to pass this along and see what we can do!

  • Tyler Butler

    My most used feature is definitely using the Chrome extension to hover over / right click images and buffer them right from pages. Its a useful workaround for buffering gifs on twitter!

  • This is a great post! I use the Chrome extension every day but only discovered the Rebuffer feature yesterday. I’m pumped! One thing I wish Buffer could do is automatically @ mention the publication / source of the article. I always like to add a via @xyz to my tweets (e.g. If I shared this articled, I’d like to attribute it to @buffer) and this is something I do manually at the moment. I know I’m asking for a lot… jus thought I’d put it out there. 😉 Thanks for the great tips once again!

  • How does re-buffer help the tweet? Now that I have a few days with Twitter under my belt using Buffer, I know which tweet is rocking but I don’t understand why rebuffering the tweet again help?