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You can now share, schedule and measure your Pinterest Pins through Buffer!

Buffer Awesome and Buffer for Business customers can:

  • Pin from anywhere on the web, or upload your own image
  • Create a variety of unique daily Pinning schedules customized just for you
  • Track and measure repins, likes, and comments

Anyone can try out this fun new feature! Authorize your Pinterest account now and try scheduling to Pinterest for 7 days free:

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Pinterest just keeps on growing and at 70 million users, there’s no end in sight to its growth anytime soon.

There are some great guides around to help you get started from scratch with your Pinterest strategy, including this great one from Social Media Examiner that will guide you through the process of setting up your account.

pinterest marketing

Once you’ve got the hang on pins and boards and repinning, you might wonder what else there is to Pinterest (I did). I’ve scoured the web to find some of the most useful tools to making pinning easy and fun, and some helpful tips for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Tips to get the most out of Pinterest

Hopefully you’ll find some tips in this section that you haven’t come across before.

1. Set up a business page

If you jumped into Pinterest early, you might still be using a personal account for your business. Pinterest has now added business pages, and you can easily convert your old personal page. Your Pinterest profile won’t look any different to other users, but you get some built-in analytics to help you understand which of your pins are the most popular.

pinterest marketing, pinterest analytics

2. Keep an eye out for GIFs

GIFs have traditionally displayed as static images on Pinterest but they finally showed up in all their fully-animated glory this month. GIFs that were already pinned will now be animated, as well as any new ones you add.

Here’s an amazing example I grabbed from the Pinterest announcement post. How did she do that?!

pinterest marketing

The new feature has been rolling out across Pinterest profiles on the web, with mobile to come later.

Testing of personalized home pages also started recently, though it’s unknown when we’ll see these fully rolled out.

3. Use rich pins

In May 2013, Pinterest introduced rich pins: that is, pins that include more information that just a picture.

pinterest marketing

There are five types of rich pins:

  • Article pins include the headline, author, story description and link
  • Product pins include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy
  • Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info
  • Movie pins include ratings, cast members and reviews
  • Place pins include an address, phone number and map


Rich pins come from specifically validated sites, but you can apply to add rich pins from your own website as well (handy if you’re selling products).

4. Re-order your boards to match changing seasons

It’s worth remembering that you can re-order your Pinterest boards. If you have boards that aren’t always relevant, you can rotate them as the weather changes (summer recipes aren’t quite the comfort food we’re looking for in winter) or as your business focus changes.

how to market on pinterest

5. Use taller images for more repins

Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella has done some research into what works best on Pinterest. Interestingly, he found that the taller an image is, the more likely it is to be repinned:

getting started with pinterest marketing

Tools to make your pinning easier

6. LoveList: iPhone product scanner app

If you pin a lot of products to your Pinterest boards, this app could come in handy. It lets you scan the barcode of a real-life product and quickly add it to your Pinterest account. It’s a great way of making wishlists, remembering things you want to buy later, and sharing cool products you find.

Update: LoveList seems to be no more 🙁

7. Pinterest Image Size Cheat Sheet

Image cheat sheets come in handy when you’re rebranding your social media profiles or setting one up from scratch. This cheat sheet for Pinterest makes it easy to create images for your profile and pins of just the right size.

pinterest marketing

8. Pin Search: Chrome extension

I’m a big fan of Google’s image search feature so I was really excited to find this Chrome extension. Pin Search adds a search button to each pin you view on Pinterest (it appears when you hover) that lets you perform a Google image search based on that picture.


9. PinImage: Firefox Add-on

If you’re a fan of using our Buffer extensions to share images from your right-click menu, you’ll love PinImage for Pinterest. It adds a “share to Pinterest” option in your right-click menu for Firefox users.


10. Page2Images: Firefox Add-on

If you like sharing screenshots of websites on Pinterest (good for design-related boards), Page2Images makes it really easy. Just click the button and it’ll create a pin from the current website you’re viewing.


11. Pinterest Image Expander: Chrome extension

When you’re browsing other people’s Pinterest boards, it can get tiring to click each image to open up a bigger preview of it. The Pinterest Image Expander extension for Chrome opens up images when you hover over them so that you don’t have to click each time.

12. Pinwords

To share quotes on your Pinterest boards, Pinwords is a handy tool to use. It’s a quick and easy way to make good-looking images from text or quotes and share them as pins.

13. Pinstamatic

Pinstamatic is a fun tool to help you share pins made from quotes, text, Twitter profiles, places and even Spotify links. If you want to add different kinds of content to your Pinterest boards, this is a one-stop shop to get you going.

I covered some more image creation tools in a recent Buffer post that might be useful for your Pinterest strategy, as well.


14. Buffer for Pinterest

One final handy tool: You can share, schedule and measure your Pinterest Pins through Buffer with Buffer for Pinterest.Buffer Awesome and Buffer for Business customers can:

  • Pin from anywhere on the web, or upload your own image
  • Create a variety of unique daily Pinning schedules customized just for you
  • Track and measure repins, likes, and comments

Anyone can try out this fun new feature! Authorize your Pinterest account now and try scheduling to Pinterest for 7 days free:

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Just for fun

15. Take advantage of the new recipe search tools

Food and recipe pins are some of the most popular on Pinterest, so it makes sense that new features would pop up around these topics. Just this month, recipe search tools were added to help you filter by recipe type (vegetarian, paleo, etc.), search by ingredient and look through all pins or just those you’ve saved.

recipe search

16. Turn pinned recipes into grocery lists with ZipList

Update: ZipList doesn’t appear to be around any longer 🙁

Another tool that’s useful if you tend to save recipes to Pinterest is the ZipList web clipper. ZipList is a grocery list service that you can use on the web and your phone. With the web clipper, you can save full, original recipes (ingredients and all) from just a simple pin:

By using the recipe clipper to save a recipe from Pinterest, you are saving the original recipe. That means the tasty looking photo, plus all the ingredients that you don’t even see on Pinterest, will be added to right to your recipe box.


17. Make real-life Pinterest boards with clipboards

If you’re the crafty type, you might like to give this fun project a try. Brit+Co published a tutorial for putting together real-life Pinterest-style boards with painted clipboards. It does look pretty fun:



What are your favorite Pinterest tricks?

It’s so much fun to get to know Pinterest a bit better. What has worked best for you on Pinterest? I’d love to hear all your tips, tricks, and strategies in the comments!

Image credits: Social Media Examiner, Pinterest 1, 2, Socially Sorted, Brit+Co, TechCrunch 1, 2, Roxanne Ready

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Written by Belle Beth Cooper

Belle is the first Content Crafter at Buffer and co-founder of Exist. She writes about social media, startups, lifehacking and science.

  • hosmersean

    Pininterest to me is a growing force in social media, but I would like to know how their strategy in growing their user base amongst males.

    • Todd Brison

      I agree. As a male that uses Pinterest, there doesn’t seem to be much else going on there that isn’t at least a little feminine.

      • Disagree.


        • Todd Brison

          Duuuude… following all the boards.

        • grishma

          Wow! Karl, proving everybody wrong. You have quite a few likes as well. Just out of curiosity, can you tell whether most of your follows or likes are females or males?

          • Saad Munir

            Amazing stuff! But I have noticed that it’s very tricky engaging the referral traffic from Pinterest. There are two level of engagement on Pinterest as per my experience.

            1. Gaining interest of the pinner / visitor on pinterest and clicking on the image

            2. Gaining further interest and bringing the referral visitor to the website.

            But if the visitor sees not the same level of interest on the webpage he/she will be bounce back hence increasing the bounce rate. Recently for one of my blog on education I am facing the same issue. I am engaging the audience very well on pinterest but failed to make them engage or even to stay more than 4 seconds on the website. Despite of the fact the web design is considerably good. 🙂

          • ~60% female / 40% male
            Women love those bikers 😉

        • Karl, you are absolutely right. I would recommend they go back and adjust their search terms.

  • As usual, lots of value here! Thanks so much!

  • Matt Quanstrom

    It’s nifty too that if you have a business, you can use their “verified” feature. Shows searchers a check mark and your URL next to your profile.

  • domestica

    Great post! I’m one of those lucky enough to have a personalized homepage + it rocks! Like to add that businesses will do well to have a recognizable/eye-catching avatar. Also, think abt inviting Pinners to a themed group board. It’s a lot of work, but it makes your potential fans/customers feel like they’re part of a club. Happy Pinning!

  • Awesome Post Belle! i will be sharing for sure. Thanks so much for featuring our article about image tips – that was a great infographic that the guys at Social Marketing Writing did! Some awesome tools and tips and tricks in this one – thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie R. Coleman

    Love, Love, Love the post. A lot of good and helpful information. Especially the part where you showed how easy it is to use to send out a post on Buffer. I had not used Buffer yet even though I signed up probably 2 months ago because I thought it was a difficult platform. Now I know it’s not I will use it more!

  • Kim

    Cool post, nice to have some info on pinterest when tips about other social media networks are usually favoured. p.s is that a typo in the first line “…there’s on end in sight..” should it be ‘no’?

  • Awesome article Belle! I love Pinterest as it’s got so much potential, especially now after the introduction of Rich Pins where Pinterest will send notification if price of the pinned product drops. Therefore, Ecommerce businesses should have a presence on this powerful social network.
    The best tool is Pinstamatic – you can pin anything – words, songs, images,….

  • Belle, valued points mentioned here. The most powerful ways to get more people attention is sharing rich images and the additional tools mentioned here is useful to me.


  • Great article! Have you heard of Pinwoot? We just started using it and it’s really helped us find new and interesting content to repin and like.

  • Great selection of tips, yes taller images get pinned – that’s a great tip and it doesn’t just apply to infographics! Reordering your boards is a excellent idea – put the Spring boards at the top and move the Xmas stuff to the bottom when Santa’s gone back into hibernation. Pinterest is an excellent tool.

  • If you add scheduling Pinterest Pins to Buffer App – I’ll go Awasome!

    • Thanks for the nudge here, Laura! We’re definitely pushing for this integration! It’d be awesome to have you on Awesome! 🙂

      • Ryan VanDyke

        Any progress on this front? I’m already a user of buffer currently trying to find a way to manage pinterest and I would rather not have to pay for a different service.

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      I second this! Waiting for the all-in-one

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  • Thank you so much for this post! Been wondering about Pinterest marketing, and I knew the Buffer folks would have some great insight into it! 🙂

  • Kiara Low DOg

    It says that there is a free 7-day trial. What is the cost of this Pinterest scheduling service after the 7-day trial?

    • Hey there Kiara! You can schedule your pins with Buffer on the Awesome and Business plans, starting at $10 per month and $50 per month respectively. Buffer for Business provides richer analytics and team member collaboration. More info is at buffer.com/awesome

  • Helen Chu

    There is a new Pinterest extension on Chrome called Radpin that helps you pin faster by using short cut keys. It’s much better because you can bound your boards to the key that you want! Here is the link to the Chrome extension site https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/radpin-for-pinterest/llokbfceliojamcceigadalnddfeoaco