This post originally published on September 22, 2014. We’ve updated it here with new extensions, images, and a Product Hunt collection.

There are a few actions I perform over and over again as I work through my social media marketing plan. Do you know the feeling? You click on the same few buttons or type in the same URL.

And then, one day, someone shows you a browser extension that completely rocks your world for the better.

I’d love to share some of those world-rocking browser extensions with you today. There’re several great options out there to supercharge your browser and streamline the tasks you keep coming back to.

Got a favorite browser extension that you use for social media marketing? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

 Best Browser Extensions for Social Media

Best Browser Extensions for Social Media Marketers

The Best Browser Extensions for Social Media

What a fun opportunity it’s been to experiment with and test drive a number of amazing social media browser extensions. There are so many great ones out there, I’ve split the post into a couple sections here:

  1. 15 favorite Safari, Firefox, and Chrome extensions
  2. The top picks from the Buffer community
  3. Our Product Hunt collection of browser extensions


15 Best Safari, Firefox, and Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

1. Buffer – Quick and easy sharing to social media

buffer extension

The Buffer extension lets you share to your connected profiles from any website, blogpost, or page. The extension grabs the page title as well as any associated photos. Power users can even go a step further and highlight text within the article to right-click on any image and share that image directly.

The extension also comes with goodies while you’re browsing Twitter and Facebook with built-in buttons for buffering to your queues and scheduling reshares.

(Other helpful sharing extensions: Shareaholic, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social.)

Available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari

2. Giphy – Fun animated GIFs to enhance your updates

giphy extension

With Twitter and Pinterest now supporting GIFs and other social media sites like Google+ and Tumblr enjoying great engagement with them, it’s become increasingly handy to have a pitch-perfect GIF at the ready to express how you’re feeling in your update, reply, or comment. The Giphy extension lets you search through the huge archives and grab a shortened URL of the GIF you choose.

Available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari

3. Pocket / Instapaper / Evernote – Curating amazing content to share

Pocket browser extension

Read-it-later extensions are a super time saver. Pocket, Instapaper, and Evernote let you save a blogpost or article to read later, and you can do so with a single button click via the extension.

Available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari

4. Instagram for Chrome – Instagram photos right in your browser

Instagram for Chrome

One of the best ways to manage your Instagram feed from a computer, the Instagram for Chrome extension lets you browse your feed and your friends, like and comment on photos, receive desktop notifications, and even drill down into details like filters. The experience is as close to the official Instagram app as you can get, and it’s a hugely helpful resource for brands who wish to manage their Instagram feed without reaching for the phone (or even a browser tab).

Available on Chrome

5. Bitly – Create, share, and track shortened links

bitly extension

Bitly’s browser extension has all the standard features you’d expect from a link shortener: custom shortening, analytics, and easy copy-and-share buttons. Bitly takes things one step further even and lets you add shortened links to bundles so you can keep organized with a series of similar links. Another cool feature: The Bitly extension can notify you when your link reaches a predetermined (by you) number of views. You can also find more link shortener options here.

Available on Chrome, Firefox

6. Riffle – Complete info on any Twitter user

Riffle extension

This browser extension adds a whole new layer of info to your Twitter stream. Click on any Riffle icon or Twitter username, and the extension opens up a display of that user’s data, including other social accounts, Twitter statistics, most-used hashtags and categories, top mentions, top URLs, and much more.

Available on Chrome

7. Window Resizer – Check your tweets, posts, and updates on any screen size

window resizer

Chances are that not everyone will be viewing your social media updates on the same size screen as you. Marketing for mobile devices has brought about a lot of change! In this case, an extension like Window Resizer can be super helpful for seeing your updates from others’ perspectives. The extension comes with preset sizes that mimic iPhone, tablet, and desktops, and you can completely customize the sizes and order of the various options.

Available on Chrome

8. Ritetag – Instant analysis of the hashtags you tweet

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 8.59.28 AM

Ritetag is one of our favorite hashtag tools, and their extension brings across their neat color-coded hashtag guide right into the Twitter editor. Ritetag provides direct feedback on the popularity and strength of the hashtags you use. Green is good, blue is poor, and red is overused.

(Bonus cool thing: The extension works within Buffer!)

Available on Chrome and Firefox

9. Social Analytics – Quick view of share stats on any page

Image 2014-09-20 at 9.02.22 AM

Visit a blogpost and click the Social Analytics browser icon to see at-a-glance how many social shares the post received. Social Analytics shows Facebook likes, shares, and comments, plus Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest stats. It could be super helpful for tracking the spread of your own content or for investigating someone else’s.

Available on Chrome

10. Awesome Screenshot – Capture, annotate, and share your screen

awesome screenshot

Screenshots can be a helpful, useful visual for sharing on social media. Awesome Screenshot brings this functionality into the browser. You can take a screenshot, annotate, and download or share immediately.

Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Note: Thanks to Karmi in the comments for pointing out that Awesome Screenshot comes with a disclaimer about potential malware. You can check out an alternate screen capture extension like Clipular.

11. Feedly Mini – Save RSS feeds of any site you’re on

Feedly extension

Part of sharing great content on social media is sourcing great content. Feedly is one of our favorite places to keep an eye on stories worth sharing, and the Feedly extension makes it easy to add new sites to your RSS lists to keep an eye on. The Feedly Mini extension adds a small icon to each page, and when you click the icon, you can add a feed directly or even share the page to your social accounts.

Available on Chrome

12. Klout – Social media influence score

Klout extension

Klout calculates an influence score based on your interactions and popularity across all your various social media channels. The Klout extension is the quickest, easiest way to view this score—for instance, right in the Twitter stream next to anyone’s username. Klout has also expanded into social media sharing, and the extension allows you to share easily from any website.

Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

13. Pin It button – Share directly to Pinterest

Pinterest button

Sharing to Pinterest is made infinitely easier with the Pinterest extension, which lets you Pin any image you find online to your Pinterest board. Clicking the extension opens up a window of all images that appear on the page, and you can choose which one(s) to share. Also, while browsing a page, you’ll see a Pinterest button overlay whenever you mouse over an image.

Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

14. CircleCount – Instant Google+ analysis

circlecount extension

With the CircleCount extension, you can inspect any profile or page on Google+ and see a snapshot of comments, reshares, and +1s per post as well as follower graphs. If you drill down to a specific Google+ post, the CircleCount extension lets you view ripples, add to your favorites (via the CircleCount website), and add to a shared circle.

Available on Chrome

15. Social Fixer for Facebook – A fully customized Facebook experience

Social Fixer Facebook extension

This extension allows for huge amounts of customization for the way you view Facebook. Here’s a small sampling of what you can edit:

  • Tabbed news feeds
  • Feed filters (e.g., remove political posts)
  • Hide posts you’ve already read
  • Thumbnail previews

This just scratches the surface. Check out the Social Fixer homepage for even more ideas on what you can edit.

Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Top picks from the Buffer community

  1. Color Picker – Identify the precise color of anything you see in your browser (also: Eye Dropper)
  2. Extensity – An extension for managing your extensions (yodawg)
  3. Google Drive – Quickly access all your stored files
  4. – Manage your to-do list from anywhere
  5. Goodbits – Easily add content to your next email newsletter
  6. Panda – Discover huge amounts of interesting, entertaining content
  7. – Link shortening and custom CTAs
  8. Web Boost – Faster web browsing
  9. Dropbox – Find and store all your files
  10. Silver Bird – Custom Twitter timeline tool
  11. HashPlug – Add Twitter search results to Google pages
  12. tl;dr – Summarize web articles into short synopses
  13. Pinterest Tab – Beautiful Pinterest image on every new tab
  14. 1Password – Complete password management (also: LastPass)
  15. Share As Image – Create beautiful, shareable images on any page
  16. Discoverly – Social media contact info

The Browser Extension Collection on Product Hunt

I get so much joy out of hanging out on Product Hunt, exploring the cool tools and apps that people have built. One amazing feature of Product Hunt is their collections—bundles of top products under a common theme.

I put together a quick collection of some of the top browser extensions mentioned here in this post:

Product Hunt collection - browser extensions

Over to you: Which extensions do you use?

I’ve got a few favorite ones for social media marketing (Buffer and Pocket) and a few that I rely on for a faster, more fun browsing experience (AdBlock and Dewey bookmarks). There are so many amazing ones out there. Which ones are your favorites?

Which do you use in your browser?

I’d be keen to hear what you’ve got working for you! Feel free to drop a note here in the comments.

Image sources: Markus Spiske

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Great list, Kevan, thanks! One note on Rapportive: it’s been bought by LinkedIn and so the social data it provides on your email recipient is now for LI exclusively. Prior to that it also it included Twitter info.

    I’m excited to check out Riffle!

    • Thanks, Jeniece! Really appreciate the added info on Rapportive. 🙂 Hope you enjoy Riffle!

  • Sweet! I got a couple of new ones out of your list. Thanks, Kevan.

    • Exciting! Glad you found a couple new ones, Christin! Which ones caught your eye?

  • Great List Kevan. Would like to add ‘Google Analytics URL Builder’ for a quick customized tracking url fix and ‘Clearly’ for an uninterrupted & distraction free reading experience

    • Thanks, Omkar! Those are great additions to the list. 🙂 “Clearly” looks really fabulous!

  • Excited to try some of these. I’ll be starting with Window Resizer. I’m constantly surprised (disappointed) in how some of the images I share on Facebook don’t come out as planned on various devices.

    • Sounds great, Deane! Hopeful that Window Resizer will be a great asset for you! 🙂

  • Not sure how you’re able to keep churning out these amazingly helpful posts, Kev, but I’m glad you do! I’ll be trying a lot of these out today. Thank you!

    • Hi Kevin! Thanks so much for the comment! I hope you’ll report back with which ones you loved most! 🙂

    • Lisa Byrnes Whiting

      I absolutely couldn’t agree more! Awesome content that is beyond helpful. Thank you Kevan Lee.

  • Dan Messina

    Great tools! I’ve been really liking Rifle recently. The social analytics extension seems like a great/faster alternative to sharetally or sharedcount. I’d maybe add shareasimage as another good extension for quickly add text or quotes to images, but you need a paid acct to use your own watermark.

    • Hi Dan! Thanks so much for the comment. Share-as-image is a great one! I think we’ve tried it a few times here at Buffer even. So great you thought to mention it! 🙂

  • Craig Brew

    Great post Kevan – thanks for sharing. Just added Instagram and Hangouts to the ‘tried-and-tested’ extensions like Evernote and of course Buffer.

    • Hooray, Craig! Glad you found a couple new ones to try. Do let me know if they work out for you!

  • Annie

    Thanks for all the good tips you keep blogging. I’m giving Social Analytics a try!

    • Cool stuff, Annie! Hope Social Analytics is a hit for you! 🙂

  • Thanks for the great list, Kevan! I’m looking forward to trying out Riffle and Ritetag. As for me, I use Readability for de-cluttering webpages and blog posts. I see Omkar suggested Clearly which is tied in with Evernote so I may give that a try as well.

    • Hi Liz! Readability sounds like a great one! Yes, I’m all for de-cluttering webpages. 🙂 Sometimes when I switch back and forth between browsers with AdBlock and browsers without, it’s like I’m looking at a new Internet! Thanks for the awesome tip. 🙂

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Useful post to increase social presence. Adding these chrome extensions doesn’t matter, we need to use them in a consistent manner to expand our presence in social media. I already have few add-ons on my browser which you’ve listed here, will try to add the helpful ones.

    • Great approach Nirmala! Love the focus on consistent usage and improvement. Cheers!

  • Great post Kevan! Hands down, I just my Buffer browser extension in Safari the most. I love it. Can’t live without it!

    • Thanks, Madalyn! So happy to hear you love the Buffer extension. 🙂

  • Sara

    Great list, Kevan!
    I love the browser extension for Goodbits (email marketing) — fastest way to create newsletters!

    • That’s a great one, Sara! Thanks! How have you been enjoying Goodbits? Curious myself to see how that one works. 🙂

      • thesocialdeck

        Been using GoodBits to curate [Ideas Hoist]( newsletter for the past 4 weeks and loving it! I was producing the newsletter once a month and it was taking hours. Now I produce a better newsletter, weekly in about 45 minutes.

      • Sara

        Definitely check it out, Kev! Goodbits is constantly adding new features too. My friend and I collaborate on a newsletter to send to all the sports team we’re on — to keep them aware of the various local events, fundraisers, links about their fav athletes, etc. We’re getting quite a subscriber list now!

    • +1 Dead-simple tool for drafting newsletters. Saves a bunch of time.

  • Draft – the extension lets you create a new Draft document from almost any text field, and then go back and post it when you’re done editing and/or collaborating on it.

    • Thanks for this one, Donnie!

  • Joshua Hatcher

    Are there any that will allow you to schedule instagram posts? without a pesky subscription?

    • Hi Joshua! Great question! I can see this being a really valuable one for a lot of people. One of the very few sites I’ve seen that does Instagram scheduling is, although I think they’re probably subscription-based?

  • Karmi Phúc

    Awesome Screenshot is adware-injected now. Please use another extension.

    • I used it yesterday – I haven’t had any problems? Maybe try an ad-blocker? Like ab block plus?

      • Karmi Phúc

        Actually, it’s not so obvious to normal users. It’s harvesting user browsing behaviors.
        Please do a quick search using the keyword of “Awesome screenshot malware,” you’ll be amazed at the results.

        • Thanks for the note, Karmi! I added a bit of a disclaimer to that one in the article. 🙂

        • I just had a chance to Google what you are talking about. When you install the extension you have the opportunity to turn off certain permissions. I know that doesn’t stop them from doing so (like how do we know if they are are aren’t really..) Wouldn’t a program like MalwareBytes Anti-Malware notify me if something was happening here?

  • There’s a few I’ll have to give a shot like Giphy, Ritetage and Social Analytics. I also use Google drive, Limitless (just in case you want to track your online time :)) and Google Dictionary(just hoover over any word and the definition pops up), (task manager) and Show Me Emoji!!

    • Great list, Angela! Thanks! Giving Limitless a try now. 🙂

  • hyderali

    Thanks for the RiteTag & Social Analytics.

  • Dean ‘Quaid’ Puckering

    Awesome article Kevin. I’ve been following this blog closely over the last few weeks and have already implemented some of your recommended stuff.

    Looks like I’ve found some more to use!

    • Happy to hear it, Dean! 🙂

      • Dean ‘Quaid’ Puckering

        Thanks for the reply! I apologise about the name error Kevan, I wasn’t reading properly!

  • ColorZilla! For SMMs creating their own graphics, it’s a great way to figure out what hex codes the designers are using on your site, so all the images are cohesive.

  • Great list! I just downloaded and am loving both Riffle and Awesome screenshot. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • You got it! Thanks, Ryan! 🙂

  • Great post! The whole lot of us at Wonderlabs got excited about RiteTag! Sounds amazing, looking forward to using it and getting back to you on how I’ve found it! 🙂

    • Great to hear, Alex! I’d love to know what you think of RiteTag! 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure I still owe you a tour of the hidden gems in the new RitePush – the automation dashboard, don’t I, Alex? DM or email me?

  • Andrew T

    I enjoy Evernote Clearly when I’m trying to read a longer article. It helps minimize distractions. Another extension I use often is LastPass.

    • Nice ones, Andrew! Great tip on the password extension. I’ve got 1Password installed on my machine. 🙂

  • Lee Davenport

    These are great Kevan! I use bitly but I am not sure how I missed their Chrome extension so thanks for the tip. I actually just did a list of the extensions I love here: Check them out and let me know what you think 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing this, Lee! That’s a great list you’ve put together. WordPress comments and Sunrise stood out as some I’d love to try. 🙂

      • Thanks Kevan! You wouldn’t be disappointed if you do :).

  • What an amazing list! I recently just started to maximize my use of Feedly, so the Feedly Mini will be of great use!

    Thanks for putting this together, Kevan!

    • Awesome! Yes, I think you’ll get a kick out of the Feedly extension. 🙂

  • I had completely missed RiteTag. Seems super neat. Thanks for another useful article, Kevan.

    I’m absolutely and utterly biased, but I think Primeloop is somewhat of a must-have extension. 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip on Primeloop, Peter! 🙂

  • TakeActionWAHM

    I’m going to check out RiteTag right now – I’m always wondering if I’m using the best hashtags for my posts!

    I also love the Extension, it makes it really easy for me to share/schedule things to Twitter or Facebook via Swayy.

    • Swayy would be a great one! Thanks so much for adding it to the list here. 🙂

    • Just a heads up for correct URL:

      • TakeActionWAHM

        You’re right – I never have to type the whole thing out and forgot. 😉

  • Kevan, great post as always. I’ll give Ritetag and Social Analytics a try!

    • Awesome! Sounds great, Nicolas! 🙂

  • Agnes Dadura

    I am using Buffer and Pocket a lot. Otherwise, Sidekick (till recently Signals by Hubspot), Clearly, Rescue Time and Feedly Subscribe Button. I always use WOT as well to make sure I click on safe links, but that’s not so much “socially” oriented extension. Thanks for the list too, I’ll try some 🙂

    • Hi Agnes! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂 How have you been enjoying Sidekick? I tried it for a bit but it didn’t stick. Would be keen to know how you use it! 🙂

      • Agnes Dadura

        I have been using it for 6 months at work. Got the Outlook extension and Chrome extension. It’s very very useful to know when and where and how your key clients or potential clients, or even bosses open the e-mails you send, if at all. Based on how many times my e-mail was opened by a lead, and how many times they clicked the link I’ve sent, I can estimate how interested they are, and what time they’re usually in the office so when I can do a follow-up call. I’d say it’s a must have for Sales people, plus anyone who has important e-mails that HAVE to be delivered.

        ps. I’m using the free version, and it’s enough for now. I am waiting for them to fully roll-out e-mail scheduling too.

        • Chris McDonald

          Mine did not stick either, but I went back the other day and re-installed it using Sidekick instead. I am thinking they were in the process of changing it and that was why it only lasted a week or two. I like knowing who has actually seen my emails. Especially when someone says they did not get the email…..Tells me a lot about the person ahead of the game.

  • Some of them are useful for all 🙂

    • Hooray! Really glad to hear it, Yogiraj! 🙂

  • Gigi

    Does RiteTag work with Sprout?

    • Great question, Gigi! I’ve yet to try it in Sprout Social, but it seems like this tweet suggests that it might work:

      • Oh, SproutSocial – we were in, the out, and with the new RiteTag, back in – except, back in everything – SalesForce’s web services (all), PostPlanner, Hubspot, Oktopost, Quuu… Just, with Buffer, there are far more options, such as importing your Buffer queue into RitePush, optimizing any/all, and returning the posts to Buffer.

  • Love the list and blog post as always @kevanlee:disqus one of my favorites is actually to manage the massive amount of extensions so that my browser doesn’t get bogged down called “Extensify” allows you to easily turn on and off in the browser the extensions so you can only have those running that you need… Great stuff as always! (See Picture)

  • Using a fair few of those already but now looking into RiteTag and Social Analytics. Thanks for pulling these recommendations together, Kevan.

  • Sunny

    Quick password (Together with Saved Password Editor)
    Alertbox : Monitor webpage changes
    CleanLinks : removes all affiliate/tracking tags from URLs
    Cutyfox URL Shortener
    PushBullet : works very well with the app

  • It’s already been said before… insane value in this post. Probably saved hours per week with these extensions.

  • Ivan Bayross

    Hi Kevin,

    What an education I got reading through this Blog post. Some of the Browser tools maybe beyond my skill to use / interpret (getting there some day) but others like Social Analytics, Circle Count and Riffle are being downloaded and installed as I type this.

    This Blog post is written in a real friendly and easy to understand language (English is not my mother tongue) and full of great value. Thank you for sharing this really well detailed Blog post.

  • Gerim

    There is one without i cannot use the net anymore
    Tabs Outliner
    Just check the screenshot:

  • Mary Collin

    You are amazing!! Loving these. I can’t live without the Evernote and Dashlane extensions.

  • That awesome screenshot extension just changed my life! :>

  • Fantastic stuff here Kevan. I’ve just added 4 new extensions to Chrome. I’m a big fan of Buffer.

  • Julie

    Help! What IS a browser extension? Some of us are still taking baby steps here!

    • Ack, so sorry, Julie! You’re totally right; it’s on us to have made that assumption; apologies! Depending on which web browser you use (like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) there are various types of buttons you can add onto it that can speed up a process you do on a regular basis or make certain activities more convenient. They tend to live on the right side of your browser underneath the tabs you have open. Does that help at all?

  • Tom C

    Also note that RiteTag offers an extension for Safari, as well as the Chrome and Firefox extension that Kevan noted. Further, along with the social media optimizing sharing tool that the extension provides with the RiteTag button, you get hashtag grading within your Buffer, Twitter, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, SproutSocial, SocialOomph, and soon, several other major social media sharing/management services.

  • Nowy Cheung

    Facebook Photo Slideshow.

    This extension creates a very beautiful and elegant slideshow in you Facebook.
    I also love the background music too !!! Must have for Facebook user !!

  • Hemant Mendiratta

    If you are worried about someone spying on you..its better to use Tor Browser which makes you anonymous on internet.It was originally used by militaries for hidden services and intelligence gathering.To know more about Tor Browser visit this link-

  • As great as all of these extensions are, it is easy to hit backspace when you didn’t intent to hit backspace, so I can’t load up chrome without Lazarus.

  • Alexey Migutsky

    > More fun browsing experience

    Check out this one:
    Makes Chrome open web pages faster.

    P.S. I am the author. Feedback is welcome.

  • This is an amazing list! Thank you very much for sharing. I will use so many of these!

  • Shimi

    Nice list. I will add kifi to it. Since they added the Libraries feature I have been using it all the time. When I have some free time I open their mobile app to get some recommendations based on my keeps.

  • I agree Kevin! I love the Buffer posts, they’re always informative, interesting and colourful (sorry Brits spelling!). Like a one-stop Social Media shop actually for me now that I’m studying it in depth!

    I’ve found a way around reading articles in real time too. I used to save them to Pocket but never got around to the ‘read later’ stage so now I use the Flipboard chrome extension. Also for link shortening and you can also drive conversions back to your or another website. So a case of snip, click and flip! Finally, which is a great newsfeed dashboard for designers and entrepreneurs.

    Great weekend to all.

  • Is there any app that lets you add pictures to your Instagram directly from your computer?

  • Great list @kevanlee:disqus! Personally, I couldn’t live without LastPass. How am I supposed to remember all of those passwords?

    • Chadwick

      I feel like the same John without a password manager. Like impossible to manage all of them.

  • pocket is great

  • SimilarWeb Site Traffic Sources and Ranking is should be included into this list. There is no better tools to discover the web than this. SW Safari extension is avaliable here
    Chrome and Firefox extensions are available in the official Web Stores.

  • I’ve been using RiteTag, but only the site – the extension idea for Twitter is awesome – Thanks Kevan!

  • Alison Charlton

    Great article Kevan! I use color picker all the time to match our website brand colours with online design tools I’m not sure if it’s the best one, but it’s one of my most used extensions!

    • Hi there Alison! Great to hear from you, and thanks so much for the tip on color picker. If you get a lot of use from it, I’m sure it’s a keeper!

  • Always nice to re-examine these great lists and get a fresh update. Thanks Kevan!

  • Hi, thanks for the useful tips! Quick question: after installing Riffle & when signing in there’s a note that Riffle will be authorized to update my profile & post tweets on my behalf. Any idea what updates & tweets we are talking about?

    web design company blog

  • James Carbary

    I’ve been loving the extension. It’s been insanely helpful for doing influencer outreach for our content 🙂

  • Madeline Sciullo

    Not exactly an extension, but Twitcher is great for switching between Twitter profiles without having to sign out/sign in. Perfect for agencies managing tons of accounts!

  • Meredith Gould

    Yet another great pile o’ info, @kevanlee:disqus. FWIW, I love Social Fixer for FB. It has allowed me to strip out almost all irritating content and visuals. Can’t wait to play with Awesome Screenshot. After your previous article, I tried Ritetag for a while, then removed it as way too distracting for my work, but I could see how it might be useful for analytic geeks.

    • Next month, the RiteTag extension will let you pick and choose which tools you want, so there will be zero distractions. We hope you’ll give us another look then.

      • Meredith Gould

        Good to know, Saul. I’ll check it out again.

  • dprol

    My list includes OneTab, Kippt, Grammarly, ScreenCastify, Notable PDF, Email Hunter and that’s all.

  • Gonna have to check out Giphy. Good find on Riffle, it’s a little thing but I think it has potential. I also use MozBar and just leave it on Domain Authority mode. It’s nice to be able to glance up and see if a website has and clout behind it. Also Emoji Input has come in handy a few times. Lazarus for form recovery usually just sits in Chrome, but when you need it, it’s an absolute life saver.

    On a separate note, excellent job of updating an old post!

  • riffijim

    10 Year Old buffer work . <……. Find Here

  • This is fantastic! I’d heard of (and utilize) several of the ones you mentioned in the post, but there are definitely some new ones I’ll be checking out!

    Feedly Mini and Buffer are two of my favorite ones. 🙂

  • Meldium! Can’t even live without it now. Also a Trello extension helps out a bunch 🙂

  • I can’t believe that I did’nt use anything you share in the list above, Thanks for sharing, I’ll try ’em all. So helpful

  • Chadwick

    Oh, I love the selection Kevan. Currently I have Buffer, Readability, Sticky Password (as a password manager, Clipular, uBlock for blocking ads, Evernote, Giphy and Google Translate.

  • benecere

    Clipular is shady as all get out. I had a subscription, then got a notice from Amazon that they are no longer a part of Amazon payments. No emails are EVER answered. I mean ever. All the account says is that I have canceled my account. I certainly didn’t. But, in retrospect, I should never have started with them in the first place. Now, I have been paying for all this time and I have 14 days to find a place for my clips? There is no explanation and I will never trust reviews at the app store again. I have no idea what is going on, but I have never seen anyone ever have an email answered. Plus, I had suspicious activity on my Google account for the first time in the ten years I have had one after I started using Clipular. Any developer who is a ghost is suspicious. None of their blogs or social media accounts have been updated since, like, 2013. I was totally sold by the reviews both on and off the app store. That won’t happen again.

  • Wow, what a great list of extensions, I found some new ones that I am going to use. Ritetag especially stood out to me since I use Twitter a lot and find it quite important to use good hashtags. Social Analytics also looks very appealing, in fact, it is rather similar to an extension I created myself, Impactana (, which is also going to be available for Firefox soon.
    Social Analytics shows you the Buzz (likes, shares), which is still important, don’t get me wrong, but it is also easy to create and to fake. To me Impact (backlinks, comments) is more important, so the long term effects or the user engagement. That is what the Impactana Toolbar/Extension focuses on, so additionally to the Buzz, you can see the Impact at a glance. I thought I would give it a mention since it is related to your list. Maybe you want to have a look to form an opinion yourself? We run a free Alpha Version at the moment so you can give it a try for free.

    • Looks awesome, Christoph! Thanks for sharing it here and adding it to the discussion!

  • The Buffer extension of course, and the Riffle extension by Crowdriff. These are my go-to browser extensions. By the Kevan, awesome list! Thanks for this.

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    Hey Kevan! Hi everyone! I know this thread is a year old but I think it’s still current and relevant. I love Riffle but I wanted to ask, do you know of a “Riffle” equivalent for firefox? Thanks!

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  • Great article! I use the 1Password Extension is a must have. Secures all of your passwords in one place.

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    Thanks for the great list. I would like to add the Facebook image text detection tool created by Techwyse. This tool will help you to ensure that your promotional images meet Facebook’s text policy guidelines. Please note that this is a chrome app and you will be redirected to the tool page when clicked. Anyway this will be very useful for Social media managers. Here is the download link:

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    I made this with the intention to connect people who are on the same web-page and discuss about the content.

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