Here at Buffer we’ve been developing new features and often find ourselves pondering how to make our product better. This week we’d like to share some of the thoughts we’ve had about how questioning our actions more can help us.

What we have found helps us a lot in various situations is to simply pause and actively reflect upon what we are doing at that moment.

It seems obvious, but it helps us to focus, see problems from more viewpoints and work on only the changes which are really required for an improved experience inside our product. We’ve learned that asking ourselves “why” again and again is crucial to reach the right “what”.

We’ve discovered that we can apply this simple strategy of self-questioning to other things in order get a clearer view on what the value is for us. So what we’re going to do is think about why Twitter is awesome, and this will help us discover what we should be doing more.

Reason 1: We have to get to the point

Twitter’s 140 character constraint was wildly discussed ever since Twitter launched. The phrase “twitter changed the way we communicate” is certainly true. We are required to cut out all unnecessary wording. It requires us to think really hard what it is exactly we want to say. It teaches us to get to the point, right away and in less than 140 characters. That’s pure efficiency!

Reason 2: No hierarchies and prejudices

This is a point already tacitly implied and even demanded whenever we talk about Social Media. But when I stumbled across that thought, I found it’s actually something very unique and well worth wording out. Especially for twitter. The opportunity to reach anyone in such a direct, yet effective way is something very valuable. We can reach out to the Guy Kawasakis out there and have a good chance of getting a response. This brings our small world closer together still and breaks down barriers further.

Reason 3: Taking conversations conveniently to the next level

This must sound quite contradictory, given point 1.). But twitter, in addition to its “open to everyone” nature, also gives us a chance to get very focused conversations going. The two examples I want to mention are twitter chats and twitter walls. Those are two amazing opportunities, to discuss hot topics with like minds arriving straight at discussing content. No pre-bubbling required. Convenient and efficient.

Reason 4: Get filtered News – Fast

It was a long time ago that I picked up my last newspaper, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Letting my followers set the agenda of which news is broadcast to me makes a lot more sense to me. It gives me news which I am far more likely to be interested in, in the fastest possible way. Everything happening in the world is right there in my twitter stream.

Reason 5: Getting quality help from your followers

Finally, reflecting on this chance of asking our followers for help, whenever we need it, deserves a few lines. What I love about twitter here, as different from Facebook or Quora for example, is that I get a discussion of many individuals going, whenever I ask a question. With a Fb-status update, I might get one or two friends, whom I start a conversation with, “clogging” up the comments. It’s much harder for others to join this conversation then. On twitter the dynamic is very different and everyone is always welcome to reply back.

Those are 5 reasons why we think Twitter is awesome, and we’ve found by questioning we can identify how useful Twitter is and what we can do to get even more use out of it. We’d really like to hear why you think it is awesome 🙂

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.