This is a video from Mark Jeffries (@Markjeffries1) at one of the largest Marketing Executive conferences in San Diego a few weeks ago.

Mark hit a great nerve with his talk when he spoke about the importance of your personal online brand besides your business brand:

Your Personal Online Brand from Mark Jeffries on Vimeo.


Most important bits Mark talks about

    • Building your online brand aside from your business brand is more vital then ever.
    • A great example of a perfectly executed online brand that Mark mentions is Daniel Sharkov:

  • Tools to use for a better online brand Mark mentions: Shoutomatic, SocialCam, Buffer,
  • You create and build up your social currency via Klout and other measurements, that can be crucial for easy finding for jobs and contracts
  • The power of moving from being a great  listener to a great curator.


Personally, I find this topic fascinating. Investing time in building my own personal brand next to our business brand is something that I find incredibly important.

A great recent post from one of my favorite bloggers Mark W Schaefer also talked about exactly that, discussing how many Twitter accounts you should have. Making this effort as efficient and seamless as you can possibly do is crucial in order to keep the Tweets flowing.

Mark’s suggestions are a fantastic starting point for this.

Over to you now. Do you think it is important to create a powerful online brand besides your business brand?


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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Leo, Hi. I think Mark said it well when he said that the company alone shouldn’t have a voice, but the execs should, too. I’m not sure that he’s saying that every employee should as much as the execs. I believe people do want to hear what the core leadership in a company has to say since they have great influence over a company’s direction. 

    I try to have a personal and professional voice with 2 Twitter accounts and a personal and professional Facebook presence. As time permits I try to keep each one up since they present different sides of who I am. If time gets crunched I focus on the professional accounts. Anyway, thanks for sharing this video. I found it very interesting! Keep on curating, please!

    • I like that you have two Twitter accounts – that makes sense when you need to seperate your stream of thoughts and ideas between personal and ‘corporate’. What I truly believe is that we all need to have a searchable and positive ‘online brand’ – We are already at a point where potential employers or clients would find it odd if they searched for you and found nothing that tells the story of who you are!! 

  • I didn’t know I could send a small video file through tweeter, Nice. Can we buffer video files?

  • I didn’t know I could send a small video file through tweeter, Nice. Can we buffer video files?