This is a guestpost by Mary Weinstein (@MerryWhy). Mary is a blogger and data feed management consultant.  More on her at the bottom of the post. 

I love an ice cream sundae, but it’s not quite as amazing without that cherry on top. Similarly, Twitter is an amazingly helpful tool and with the help of some apps can take it to the next level of deliciousness.

Below are the most useful applications which have served as the toppings to my Twitter ice cream sundae. I hope you find them as useful and facilitative as I have.

1. Followerwonk

While Followerwonk has a bit of a wonky name, it is the place to go to learn about your Twitter followers.

Followerwonk has my back when it comes to the W’s of tweeting: When should I tweet? What should I tweet and who should I tweet to?

Why it’s sweet:

The ‘Analyze the trends of your followers’ functionality of Follower Wonk really gets me jazzed up (think finding $20 in an old coat pocket excited). This page breaks down various variables of your followers, which can help you determine what and when to tweet. And for the visual learners, everything is broken down into super easy to read pie charts.


2. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a handy way to organize your Twitter stream by cutting away some of the excess. While you can unfollow people in twitter, ManageFlitter is a convenient, centralized location to view your followers’ information critically.

Why it’s Sweet:

Manage Flitter lets you look at individual Twitter followers’ activity, such as tweet time and frequency.


3. Social Bro

Social Bro is a bit like Followerwonk in its utility, but with a little more swag in its interface. With Social Bro, you can determine what the best time to tweet is, find new connections, and analyze the connections you have. You can also sync Social Bro with Buffer.

Why it’s sweet:

Social Bro’s newest feature is the one that really sets it apart: Real time analytics. This feature allows you to track your followers, or other tweeters in real time.


4. Tweet Level

Tweet Level is a great app for companies who want to quantify and expand their brand influence on Twitter. It breaks down key elements of your Twitter profile, and influencer’s in your area, while providing thorough definitions of what those metrics mean.

Why it’s Sweet:

Tweet Level’s coolest feature by far it’s ‘topic search’ function, which lets you search topics of interest to find people who are influential in that area on Twitter.


5. Ifttt

Get ready to automate your Twitter experience with other applications with Ifttt (If this, then that). Ifttt allows you to integrate other applications with Twitter, including Buffer, Dropbox, WordPress, Evernote (learn more about this awesome application) and Linkedin.

Why it’s sweet:

With Iftt you can use existing Twitter to Buffer (or other programs) rules or create your own.


6. Tweriod

Tweriod is the best, period. Tweriod analyzes your Twitter profile to establish when the best time is for you to tweet. And it allows you to sync that tweet time with Buffer.

Why it’s sweet:

Didn’t you hear me say that Tweriod sync’s with Buffer, so you can tweet at the best time for your audience?


7. Tweetbeep


Tweetbeep keeps you in the know (via email notifications) whenever your brand, products or [insert desired keyword here] is talked about on Twitter. If you’re inbox is unorganized, you should check out Boomerang.

Why it’s sweet:

This is a killer tool for online reputation management, and monitoring customer service through Twitter. You can also use tweetbeep to stay on top of current events, or your competition.

Enjoy Your Sprinkles.

Hopefully one of these Twitter applications has you sitting up and excited.

If you are having a hard time organizing all of these applications, you should check out Session Manager.

Do you use Tweriod or Social Bro? Do you think they rock? What are some other great Twitter tools? Let me know below!



About the author: Mary Weinstein enjoys writing about data feed management, comparison shopping management, online productivity and all things eCommerce. Mary is a blogger and Account Manager for CPC Strategy, which specializes in comparison shopping and data feed management.

Learn more about eCommerce and comparison shopping feeds at the CPC Strategy blog, or by following Mary on TwitterPinterest or G+.

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Written by Guest Author
  • Hi Mary,

    I have heard some of these tools but I never try some of them but right now I will recommend on your next list

    Thanks for sharing

  • I’m the big fan of “Tweriod” as you can easily know what’s the best time for your next tweet and then you can schedule it with “buffer”. Means more productivity with less effort.  🙂

    • Absolutely! Tweriod and Buffer work really well together in that you can virtually set it and let it run. 

  • Hey Mary, 

    Great article and thanks for sharing. I haven’t used ManageFilitter yet but will be looking into today. Thanks!

    I absolutely love SocialBro and don’t know how I ever managed my accounts without it. It’s a ‘must have’ in any social media marketer’s arsenal. 


    • I definitely agree Drew.

      You should also check out Evernote if you can- its an organizational tool, but just like SocialBro in that I don’t know how I ever did anything without it.

  • Urban Renström

    Thx Mary,
    More than a great post. Seriously useful collection of Twitter tools. Just finding time to learn all these tools is a opportunity

    • Thanks for your comment Urban.

      Time is definitely something we all could use a little more of! If you are looking for time saving tools, you should try out the App StayFocusd. 

  • Really good post – just one suggestion. Make the links to open in new page/new tab. Every time I click on the link, the application opens in this page itself and I had to press back and open it in new tab. 

    • Hi Madhur,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the links. I’m on it!

  • I love this post it is both informative and educational thanks, I hope more will view this and like it as well.

    • Thanks Christer and Texas! 

      What is your favorite application of the bunch?

  • Some of the best tips I have seen related to twitter in one place. I am using some and testing new all the time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Solid list! Buffer+ SocialBro= TweetSwagger

    • Thanks for your comment Lawrence.

      I’m always on the lookout to increase my TweetSwag! : )

  • Nick Chmura

    Great list! Should add TweetAdder in part 2, a great tool for discovering and building your audience.