Here at Buffer HQ, we had our heads focused on baking the next hot thing for you. And we now have it ready. Fresh out of the oven, Buffer for Facebook is now available for everyone.

Buffer for Facebook has been the top requested feature and we were keen to give it the looks and functionality it deserves for you to use it. Little things and attention to detail with picture and thumbnail preview as well as editing of summary and the full word count were key.

Largely developed and designed by our Chief Hacker Tom (you can give him a shout @TomMoor) we are excited to unveil this for you today.

In the same way as Tweets, Buffer now allows you to add Facebook updates to your queue. We will then go ahead, schedule and publish this update for you, at the right time and well spaced out over the day.

Get started and grab a free Buffer for Facebook account.

How to post Buffer updates to Facebook

You can now post the same update to both Facebook and Twitter OR have them posted to either network only – just click on your face to toggle!

We have also reduced clutter on the dashboard to let you focus on writing great content for your followers. From there, you can also get extra space in your Buffer for free, by inviting your friends.



Brand new browser extensions

We have also given our browser extensions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and dashboard a complete redesign and added some functionality. If you toggle your Facebook Buffer, it will automatically pull in the picture and preview. We tried make it look and feel nearly the same as if you would post to

You can browse through the pictures, edit the summary text of the preview or insert another link manually.


Brand new dashboard and features

We have also given your dashboard a complete redesign. We wanted to focus particularly on simplicity and elegance, so you get a better overview of all the Tweets that have been posted.

We also brought the link shortening functionality back right at your dashboard, as well as on your browser extensions. As a last goodie, you can invite your friends with the “gift” icon to get more space in your Buffer for free.


What next?

Like many of you, we are waiting eagerly for the Google+ API to be ready, so we can expand the Buffer experience to Google+, LinkedIn and other services.

We are also working on Buffer for iPhone, so you can manage your Buffer from on the go much easier. In the meantime, Joel and I also briefly stopped by at Zuck’s office to show him the latest Buffer for Facebook. We hear, he was mightily impressed. 🙂

What do you think of the new Facebook product and features? We would love to hear any thoughts you have on it and.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Michael

    I’m happy to see buffer on facebook, but I am concerned with some points of the “request for permission” process. It’s not very typical for an app to ask for ‘permission to manage my pages’ or ‘access facebook chat.’ Why are these included?

    My biggest gripe is the pages piece–I admin a number of pages which are very definitely not personal, they belong to a university I’m employed for, or another non-profit entity. I’m very hesitant to give permission for that access to be simply handed over. For this, I probably will not use buffer for FB which is a shame.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by here. Yes, that is a good point, the reason we ask for this type of permission is because we are building an algorithm that will determine the best times to post to Facebook. Having access to chat will be quite vital.

      At the end of the day, all we do is post updates for you to Facebook, that is all! 🙂 We are super nice guys and don’t want to cause any harm. 

  • I signed up and will be giving it a try on my page at 

    If anyone wants to try, please consider using my referral link to sign up, so we both get extra features as a bonus!

    • Awesome, so great to have you on board Ufuk, yes, if you have any questions on it, just let me know! 🙂 

      • Hi Leo, thanks for your quick reply over at FB too. The other question I was wondering was if it will show the posts as “via Buffer” or will it make it look like an organic post… I don’t particularly like the idea for the followers to know that I am automating my posts. 

        • Hi @eb6ea8e6e425a774de50cd0a68243059:disqus , it will say “via Buffer” however in a very lightweight way without the logo! Hope that won’t cause too many problems for you. 🙂 

          • Adam

            Hi,  I was just googling to find this out – and unfortunately this is a deal-breaker for me. 

            I know you guys have to promote the product, but giving my page fans the impression that ours is a contrived relationship is a negative that doesn’t outweigh the positives that buffering provides

  • Like the UI. Tom has done a great job. Still some areas like the hover box where Pages are displayed need to be resized. The text overflows the square box. So making it more fluid-er would help.

  • This is great. I can’t wait to use it!

  • Phillip


  • If I post to a FB Page (Pro and Premium versions, I know) can I post as a Page Admin?

    • Hi @twitter-270651100:disqus , yes, absolutely, this should be possible actually on the free account already too. Can you not post as page admin? 🙂 

      • Ah yes, I see! I’ve been using it for my personal page so hadn’t tried to post as Page. Cheers.

  • Will the Facebook news feed collapse my post with other posts from Buffer like it’s doing for other third party applications? 

    • Hi @facebook-100000875279009:disqus , great to hear from you. So fortunately, this feature has just been removed from FB and posts are no longer collapsed! 🙂 

  • Paigebrockmyre

    I have been searching for a tool that will do this and allow me to tag people and pages in the auto post.  If Buffer can do that…I love you!

  • António Fernandes Coelho

    will the posts to Facebook pages be branded with the Buffer logo?

  • Anendel

    Did a first few tests to have bufffer post to a Facebook page and works very well! I did however notice that on the posts by buffer the ‘share’ link below the post isn’t available. This makes sharing posts more difficult and most important: hard to calculate it’s social impact. I searched for any setting that could be changed in facebook, but i couldn’t find anything? See

    • @f0506fdfa9e8e7eb4df6bb0896bf8a70:disqus The sharing feature is there now , but as the post is shared, it doesn’t refer back to the page…
      @LeoWid:disqus will this change or is it something buffer cannot control?

      • Anonymous

        Hi Fredrik, great to see you here! That’s a good point. We have put our own sharing button there, as Facebook doesn’t provide a native one that refers back to the orginial shared item.

        We are working with them on this right now and hopefully we can swap to the FB native sharing real soon! 🙂

  • Love this new feature! I do have a question though. The Facebook part doesn’t seem to see my pictures in my blog posts. Instead it sees my advertisements on the right side. Do you know if there is something I need to do to make this work?

  • We really, really need an iPhone app!

  • Mr Electrolight

    Is there any way of tagging a FB post from within Buffer?

  • Crystal

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post to a Page on Facebook. I have my main personal account and two of my Pages “Connected” but I cannot toggle to post to a Page on the free version. If I want only to use Buffer for one of the Pages, I should be able to do this in the free version, correct? I want to trial it for one Page before committing to Pro version for 6 Pages at once… Thanks! 🙂

  • Caitlin

    When will we be able to tag people and share via Buffer?

    • This method should allow you to tag people via Buffer:
      To edit your tag links, you only need to know one thing : the Facebook id of the page or person you want to tag.
      • To get the id of a page
      It’s really easy. Just follow these steps :
      1. Go to the page you wish to tag
      2. Edit the beginning of the URL. Change “www” into “graph”
       3. Copy/paste the id
      • To get the id of a friend
      Do the following :If your friend is using a Facebook short name like : Do the same as for pages. Change “www” into “graph” to get the id.
      If your friend is not using a Facebook short name, it’s even easier.
      Just copy the id from the URL.
      • Got your page/friend Facebook id ? You’re now ready to create your tag!
      Type the following text in your status box : 
      Replace “theID” with the ID of the page/person you want to tag and “Linkname” with the name you wish for your link.
      For example, I’ve typed “Editing tag links is easy @@[0:[211704128859505:0:Want to know how to do it?]]” to get the result shown in the first screen capture of this article.

      • Wow, this is very cool Mavaddat. We’ve wanted to allow tagging in Buffer for a long time, maybe this can help.

        I think I may be missing something, is it possible to use this method for 3rd party apps? It seems like it might only work on Facebook itself.

        • Unfortunately it seems I was prematurely exuberant, as Facebook has apparent disabled this method (despite their listing it as a legitimate way of mentioning friends in their API).

        • Hi, Buffer team! I missent the reply to Mavaddat 🙁

          Wanted to check in if this is possible now via Mentions?

          Sorry, I’m not really a developer so I can’t fully understand the doc. So far, I’ve tried and understand that:

          1. I can’t query a user’s ID via graph.blah blah anymore

          2. Open Graph API developers should not force users to input their friends’ user IDs

          3. Blatantly doing @[id] in a Buffer status won’t work.

  • Tanyacarter

    is there a way to add pictures to our manually written posts?

  • James

    Hi i’ve just got the buffer app on my phone and it has found my person facebook page but it has not found the FB page i run. how can i add this?

    • LeoWid

      Hi James,

      Fantastic to hear from you and sure thing, I hope I can help out here.
      So there is two things you can do. If you want to have only your Facebook Business page and not your Personal page, you can go to settings ( and click the little “x” on your Personal FB profile and remove it. Then you can click the “connect account” button again, click “Facebook” and then click on the page you want that will come up instead of the profile.
      If you want to have both your personal AND your business page connected at the same time, you can also do so with our Awesome plan. You will then be able to post to both or either of them at the same time, here is now this looks like: (here are more details on our Awesome plan:
      Hope that helps! Let me know how you get on and if you have any other questions. 🙂

  • Anthony Nowicke

    Yeah, honestly, great job you guys, app works great, but I really feel like I have to harp on the No Tag issue as well. It’s just frustrating being oh so close to pretty much flawless. Keep it up though, big fan.