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Your sharing schedule is as unique as you.

Content finds you when you’re sitting down to work, when you’re flipping through your phone, and when you’re kicked back on the couch. Inspiration comes, regardless of the device you’re holding. How great would it be to schedule and share whenever these moments arrive?

We’d love to do our part to help make sharing to social media even easier, from wherever you are. We’re excited to deliver even more of our simple-to-use Buffer app that fits the way you share and  schedule your social media.

Introducing the new Buffer for iPad and iPhone!

For the first time ever, you can manage your complete Buffer dashboard from your iPad. You can schedule and share directly from a native iPad app, built and optimized specifically for the tablet.

And with the new functionality of iOS 8, we’ve built integrated sharing features right into the iPhone and iPad app. You can Buffer straight from Safari and any other apps that support the native iOS share menu (in other words: tons of ’em!).

New features, new displays, an updated app for a most efficient workday.

Oh, and it’s all free.

Get your copy of the new app today, and start sharing from wherever you’re most productive.

Download the free app for iPad and iPhone!

Inside the all-new Buffer for iPad

The same awesome app, a new universally awesome experience!

One of our most requested tools of all-time—the Buffer iPad app has arrived!

With this latest release, the Buffer app is now optimized and organized for iPad. You get all the same functionality you have come to love from the Buffer iPhone app, now on your iPad.

The latest version of the Buffer app is universal. Download to your iPhone and your iPad, and the app will work seamlessly on each device.

Enjoy the same gestures, menus, buttons and taps as you have come to know on the iPhone. With the expanded size of the iPad, there is now more room to share and schedule your updates. Buffer’s iOS developer, Andrew Yates, put extra care into every pixel to ensure that the iPad app makes the best use of the space at hand.

If the iPhone app is a cozy loft, the iPad app is a plush living room. Stretch out and enjoy the new, roomier iOS experience.

Share to Buffer without ever leaving your favorite apps

Have you ever found an amazing link in your Safari app and wished to wave a magic wand to have it Buffer into your queue?

Well the magic wands have arrived!

Thanks to the newest version of iOS, you can now share directly to Buffer from Safari, Chrome, and every other integrated app that supports the native iOS share menu.

Here’s the beautiful result:

share from browser

Here’s how to enable this feature on your iPhone or iPad for use with the Safari browser.

  • Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the share button.
  • Swipe the top row, and tap more.
  • Enable “Buffer.”
  • Move “Buffer” to the top of the list.
  • Tap Done.

Voila! You can now share directly to Buffer as soon as you come across a link you’d love to queue. You’re just a couple taps away from scheduling, publishing, and shaving serious time off your iOS workflow.

Now featuring: Native retweets from your favorite Twitter apps

You can now publish native retweets via Buffer, through other apps.

Let’s say you’re browsing your Tweetbot app for the latest news. You spot a tweet you’d love to share.

Now you can share this tweet as a retweet and add the retweet into your Buffer queue—all without ever leaving the original Tweetbot app.

It’s the same functionality you’d find on a desktop/laptop browser, using our Buffer browser extension. Now, you can enjoy this cool tool from the comfort of your favorite Twitter app!


Full iOS 8 support. Upgrade and enjoy!

With the release of the brand new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple also sent out a brand new version of the operating system for its phones and tablets. One of the biggest features from this release is the in-app sharing that we’ve highlighted above.

In addition to the big-ticket features in iOS 8, the new Buffer app also takes advantage of the other improvements to the operating system.

  • Optimized for the new, larger iPhones
  • Speed improvements throughout the app
  • Lean code for the smallest demand on your device

You can learn more about these features straight from our iOS developer Andrew Yates. Here’s his inside look at creating the new Buffer for iPad and iPhone. Future tweaks and improvements are on deck as well. Keep updated with the latest improvements by downloading the new version of the app.

Note for Android users: The next big release of the Android operating system, Android 5, will bring with it a revamped Buffer for Android app, taking full advantage of the slick new animations and improvements that will be possible with the release. Stay tuned for updates as the OS launch date nears.

Download now: One-stop sharing on any mobile device

No matter where you are or what device you’re using, Buffer’s got you covered with the new Buffer app for iOS.

If you love to surf and share from your iPad, you can enjoy the inaugural tablet version of our much-loved app.

If you seem to always find awesome links inside Safari and Chrome, you can share seamlessly to Buffer without ever leaving the browser.

Use Buffer to share natively from anywhere on the web right from your phone or tablet. Multiple social networks, multiple accounts…it’s all there.

Download the new app for iPhone and iPad, and experience new and improved social media sharing on iOS!

Download the free app for iPad and iPhone!

Image sources:, Andrew Yates

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Shurmano reshulón

    Looks neat!

    Hopefully you also develop a better OS X app with extension support for Yosemite! That would be great!

    • Thanks, Shurmano! So glad you’re digging the new iOS app!

      I’ll definitely pass along your support for OS X! So great to hear the validation for this. 🙂

  • Well done Buffer! Improved iPad app is great news.

    • Thanks so much, Paul! Really glad this one hit the mark for you. 🙂 I tend to get a lot of my reading/sharing done on iPad. You?

  • ImAndreaGlass

    This is fantastic! I’ve been wishing for a feature like this, can’t wait to try it out! This along with the new Chrome browser feature is like Christmas at Buffer! 🙂

    • Hooray! Thanks so much, Andrea! So happy to hear you’re enjoying these new releases. 🙂

  • chsweb

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time (relatively long). Thanks for making this a priority!

    • Absolutely! Really glad to get this one out for you, Jono! 🙂

  • AMAZING updates, Buffer Team!! I am hugging you from here!

  • Cathleen Rucheli Berry

    Amazing, I was just wondering when the Share to Buffer feature would be out. Thanks guys, makes social life a little easier 😉

    • Hi Cathleen! Thanks so much for the comment! I hope I’m on the right track here. I think that Share to Buffer should be active now for iOS8 users and those with the latest version of the Buffer app. Hoping this is the case for you! Definitely let us know if not.

      If you’re looking for the setup for, let’s say, Safari, here’s what might work for you:

      Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

      Tap the share button.

      Swipe the top row, and tap more.

      Enable “Buffer.”

      Move “Buffer” to the top of the list.

      Tap Done.

      • Cathleen Rucheli Berry

        My comment came across wrong 😉 I meant ‘just wondering’ as in ‘just recently wondering’ and you all nailed it. Was thinking about this a few days ago, glad to see it’s out!

        • Oh, totally! That’s all my fault for mis-reading that one! Thanks for the kind words about the app. Sounds like serendipitous timing!

  • Now THAT is Buffer AWESOMENESS!!! This just get’s better and better – well done team Buffer!

    • Haha, thanks Dean!

  • Albert Freeman

    I was hoping you had been working on this, so it’s great to see that you were.

    One question though. Can we Buffer native retweets from the official iPad Twitter app? I can’t see a way of calling up the Buffer option in that app.

    • Hi Albert, excellent question! I don’t believe the Twitter app supports that yet, but you should be able to go to in Safari and have it work there. Hope that might be a workaround that could help out a little; sorry for that extra step there!

      • Albert Freeman

        Oh yes, so it does. The extra steps from the app to get the tweet in Safari are a bit fiddly though.

        Does the ‘mail to’ my personal Buffer email address still work? I used to use that to schedule retweets, but I stopped because it started turning native retweets into manual RT retweets.

  • Jessica Waters

    Great idea and I love buffer but I can’t use the app. It wouldn’t log in to Twitter and when I finally logged in with Facebook, I tried adding accounts and it keeps crashing. Not great really.

    • Hi Jessica, I’m so sorry you’ve been having a not-awesome experience with our new app! I can see how that would be really frustrating! We’re hoping to push some fixes really soon that should make the experience a lot better!

    • I had the same problem and then tried logging in with my email address and that seemed to sort things out. 🙂

  • Mark

    Really pleased to see this. I’d been very much looking forward to it since iOS 8 was released.

    I do have one small query though. If I share a page via Safari it pulls in the page title and the URL – which is exactly what you would expect. However if I share via Chrome it only pulls in the URL. This isn’t a big problem as I can always copy and paste the title, or type my own but I was wondering if this was a limitation of Chrome or something else? Is this something that will be coming in a future update perhaps? The bookmarklet used to pull in the title and URL successfully.

    As Chrome is my primary browser on iOS it would be great if it pulled in the title automatically too.

    A very small thing, but in every other respect this update is great. Thanks for the hard work guys.

    • Hi Mark! Thanks for the love, and for sharing this question with us. I can definitely understand how getting your Chrome experience up to par would be super handy for you! Would you possibly be up for emailing our Happiness Heroes with this issue at [email protected]? I know they’d love the opportunity to dig into this and see if we can create a better experience for you!

  • Love the updates guys and gals – thanks. Means I can switch to using Tweetbot and Buffer rather than Hootsuite. Only thing though, when using Tweetbot app doesn’t seem to provide option to post to Buffer as mentioned above. Am I missing something? Only app I’ve got it working for is Echofon. Any help much appreciated.

    • Hi David! Hmm, I’m not sure why that could be happening. Would you possibly be up for emailing our Happiness Heroes at [email protected]? I know they’d be keen to dig into it and see if we can’t get Tweetbot working with Buffer as it should!

  • Ranya Williams

    I have a iPhone 6 but can’t get buffer app to work on it. I am lost without it!! It keeps failing to log me in. Are others having this problem? I’ve deleted and reinstalled it twice. To no avail. Any advice is welcome!

    • Oh no, Rayna! So sorry to hear you’re having these issues, that doesn’t sound like much fun at all! Would you possibly be able to email our Happiness Heroes at [email protected]? I know they’d love the opportunity to get this sorted for you!

  • Yes!!! This is the best. Love you guys, you’re one of my top tools.

  • Cool, i try this app in my ipad before that i am using Hoot suite, i drop feedback asap.

  • James martin

    Thanks Kevan to share this amazing content.I am sharing a social app for those loving legends who are not with us.Take a look

    on this and give reviews.

  • JGB

    Am I able to ‘Buffer this Image’ through IPad? Would’ve to be able to!

  • Shurmano reshulón

    Hi there, Buffer team! Any news on an updated OS X app that integrates with the system share sheet? ^_^

  • Hi there , I have been reading article from feedly and sharing the post through iPhone via buffer , but I discover that the links does not shorten even though I have Enable the function . What could be the problem ?

  • I recently got an iPhone and I have to admit it took some figuring out how to use buffer the retweet. This page helped but can you make it more accessible for deaf and hard of hearing users by adding captioning to your video here? It would save more time and make your video more inclusive. Thanks.