Pinterest is a happening place.

With more than 70 million users and 50 billion Pins, there’s always something new to cook, craft, buy, read or be inspired by on the visual social network.

For businesses or individuals looking to build or grow a presence on Pinterest, consistently posting valuable and interesting Pins is a great strategy to help people discover and share your Pins.

And today we’re thrilled to announce that Buffer is officially partnering with Pinterest to make it even easier to Pin consistently, measure your progress and set your own course for Pinterest success.

Buffer for Pinterest!

Buffer Awesome and Buffer for Business customers can now post and schedule to Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Hooray for one-stop social media publishing!

And the really good news is that we’d love to give anyone the chance to try out this fun new feature! Authorize your Pinterest account now and try scheduling to Pinterest for 7 days free:

Pinterest button

Read on for more details on how to make the most of this new partnership!

Buffer + Pinterest: How does it work?

We wanted to create a way to schedule Pins that feels as simple and fun as Pinterest itself. Using Buffer for Pinterest, you can:

  • Pin from anywhere on the web, or upload your own image
  • Create a variety of unique daily Pinning schedules customized just for you
  • Track and measure repins, likes, and comments

Here’s a quick cruise through some of the ways Buffer and Pinterest work together:

Adding a Pinterest account to Buffer

Authorizing your Pinterest account with Buffer is a quick process. First, log in to Pinterest with the account you’d like to connect – whether it’s personal or business. Then head on over to Buffer.

If you’re new with us, hi there! We’ll walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

If you’ve got an account with us already, head to your dashboard. On the left side you’ll see an option to connect more profiles and pages. Choose Pinterest and then click the Authorize button. Buffer will do the rest and get you all set up with some posting times in place.

authorize a pinterest account with Buffer

Scheduling Pins with Buffer

Scheduling a Pinterest image through Buffer takes just a few clicks. The simplest method might be to install one of Buffer’s handy browser extensions that make sharing a snap.

Once you do, you should see a blue “Share Image” button as you hover over any image on a page. Here’s an example:

Share Image button

Click this button, or right-click on the image you’d like to share, and you’ll see the option to “Buffer This Image.” This brings up the Buffer window where you can choose Pinterest as your social media account of choice, then choose the board you’d like to share to.

By default, Buffer pulls in the article’s headline as your Pin’s description

Let’s see all that in action:

schedule to Pinterest

With the Buffer browser extension installed, you’ll also be able to find great stuff on Pinterest and queue it up to share later. Hover over any image you see on Pinterest and you’ll see a small Buffer icon like so:

Buffer button on Pinterest

Click it to pull up a Buffer window where you can choose your board and share your Pin:

Schedule Pins from Pinterest

The Pin will go into your queue as a scheduled post! (One note here: It won’t look quite the same as a repin from Pinterest itself; more like content you’re Pinning for the first time.)

Finally, you can also upload a new image from your computer to schedule through the Buffer dashboard:

upload new Pinterest image

Optimizing your Pinterest schedule

Customize the specific times and days you Pin to create unique schedules just for you and your Boards, or let Buffer choose your times for you.
set Pinterest schedule

In your Buffer queue, you can view, rearrange and edit your queued posts anytime.

Tracking the performance of your Pins

And to grow your followers and traffic, we’ve got plenty of Pinterest analytics for you to check out.

On the Awesome account, you’ll see stats like repins, comments and likes for each Pin. With Buffer for Business, you can sort by most popular Pins and see follower growth over time.
Pinterest analytics

On your mark, get set, Pin!

The Buffer team has had tons of fun Pinning our hearts out (Connect with us on Pinterest!), and we’re over the moon about the opportunity to be a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner.


We can’t wait to hear how you’ll use this new integration for your social media sharing. Ready to get started?

Pinterest button

For even more optimization tips for using Buffer and Pinterest together, check out our brand-new guide to Pinterest scheduling, timing and frequency.

If you have questions or thoughts on how we can make the combination of Buffer and Pinterest even better, we’d love to hear them! Share in the comments below or email us at [email protected].

P.S. Tons of amazing teammates have made Buffer for Pinterest happen. Huge thanks to Leo (business development); Rodolphe (customer development); Joel and Brian (product); Kevan (marketing); and Sunil, Jose, Mike, and Niel (engineering) for their giant contributions!

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Written by Courtney Seiter

Courtney writes about social media, diversity and workplace culture at Buffer. She runs Girls to the Moon on the side and pets every dog she sees.

  • Piotr

    Amazing! Are you guys planning to add Instagram scheduling anytime soon? That would be awesome 😉

    • We would love to be able to add Instagram, Piotr, that would be awesome!

      • Piotr

        so what’s stopping you? 🙂

        • Heehee, mostly technical things I think! We’d love to keep working to make it happen. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Kramer

    Yay! Thanks for all your hard work to make this a reality. Buffer rocks!

  • This is really great news 🙂 thank you & keep it up

  • Best news I’ve read all day 🙂

  • So, this is exciting!!! I have the Awesome plan, how many pins would I be able to schedule? Still within the 100 overall posts?

    • jaz

      I’m very interested in this as well. So excited to see that you are Pinterest now!

    • Great question, thanks so much for bringing this up! Yup, it will roll into your overall queue so within the 100 overall posts. 🙂

      • Thanks for the clarification! Sorry, one more question Courtney (my FB groups are ga ga right now!). When I try to Buffer a pin using the Chrome extension from my blog, the alt-text doesn’t pull with it. Is there a way to ensure that happens?

        • Another great one, Cristina; keep ’em coming! Yup, Buffer will pull the headline by default as opposed to Pinterest, which pulls the alt text. One thing you might try, if you use captions on your blog, is to highlight that text before you pin using the extension. That way Buffer will pick up that text as the caption instead. Does that help at all?

          • This…#mindblown. Thank you!

          • YAY!

          • This is amazing!! I am so excited!!

          • Elizabeth Kramer

            I am really enjoying the headline pull. Many sites don’t optimize alt text or it’s very short. I’m usually copy/pasting headlines into all my captions. Once again, Buffer making my life easier. 🙂

          • BlogALiving

            Speaking for myself, no. Everyone has set their alt-text to be the ideal pin text. Buffer’s setup forces you to take an extra step because it doesn’t conform with how Ahalogy, Tailwind and all the rest are doing. As you can imagine, when you’re setting about 25 posts a day (what Ahalogy recommends; several experts recommend pinning far more often), each little extra step adds up.

  • This is _absolutely_ amazing – okay, I am going for the awesome plan right away 😀

    • Let me know if we can help you out at all, Marcel!

      • Thanks, Courtney – no worries from my side; I just had to take a short break due to financial restraints but now it’s back to Buffering wildly 😀 I really missed using your awesome service but with Pinterest now?

        _awesomez_ !

  • RivkaK

    So, so, so excited!! 🙂

  • This is a good occasion to revive the concern (really, criticism) that Buffer’s ten-account maximum for even PAID subscriptions is dramatically below the competition’s customer-friendly limits. It is either arbitrary, or coercive toward making us upgrade to dramatically more expensive tiers of service. With the launch of this new feature, I bet that almost all users basically met it with both delight and frustration/anger, realizing they’d need to delete an account or more from their profile to make room for Pinterest posting.

    The time is now, without the boilerplate reply that customers can pay more for it, nor the boilerplate reply that it will be taken into consideration with a big smile. Even bumping up slightly to 15 accounts, corresponding with this launch, would go a long way toward making Buffer customers dedicated and happy to pay.

    • Hey there, thanks for bringing this up. I agree, It is a big jump from $10 to $50.

      We didn’t discuss this for the Pinterest launch but it seems like this change makes it a great time to review things. I’ll bring this up with the team, and then I’d love to report back to you, if that might work.

  • nicooprat

    Is it possible to auto-publish on Pinterest with a feed ?

    • Feeds are not quite available for Pinterest profiles yet; we’d love to hear how you might like to see them in Buffer for your workflow if you’re up for sharing!

      • nicooprat

        I would like to auto-pin photos posted by me and others on my recipes blog. I would like to bind my RSS feed to a specific board on my Pinterest profile. Seems possible ? I think Pinterest offers no API to do that for the moment.

    • Duncan Rice

      You could probably use IFTTT for that now. RSS > Buffer > Pinterest

      • nicooprat

        I’ll try that, thanks !

  • Excellent. Have just tested out the new functionality. All works fine other than when you try and click on the link once pinned on a board, you get the following error message from Pinterest: “Sorry, we blocked this link because it may lead to spam. Learn more.” Is there a fix for this?

    • Oh no, so sorry to hear this! Pinterest doesn’t allow any services that “scrape” images, because it could be a bot trying to copy their service. So, when we try to pull the image to get the link preview, it gives that scary warning.

      Instead of pasting a link into Buffer, here’s what we might work better for Buffering Pins.

      1. First, do you have the Buffer browser extension installed? This will work if you do. :)If not, visit and install that. (Firefox or Chrome.)

      2. Then, when you’re on pinterest, instead of copying the link, right-click the image and one of the options should be “Buffer this image.” Do you see that?

      Here’s a screenshot to illustrate:

      Does that work better for you? 🙂 Let me know if it’s still giving you any trouble at all.

      • Hi Courtney, I have the browser extension already. Pinning via Buffer is fine – have a look at one of my test pins:

        Try clicking on the link in that pin – do you get the blocked link message?

        • Oh, got it Andrew! So sorry my first reply was quite far off base. Yup, this does appear to be going on for quite a few people; we are looking into it! Hope to report back very soon with good news.

  • naturalfitfoodie

    This is great news! I already use buffer for facebook and twitter so it would be great to have everything under one roof.. 🙂 Question- how many pins do you get to schedule with the buffer awesome plan?

    • Awesome to hear that this could be handy for you! With the Awesome account, you can have up to 100 posts of all types in your Buffer. You can grab a bit more info at 🙂

  • Elizabeth Kramer

    Any plans to add a more Pinterest-friendly dimensions to Pablo? Pablo -> Buffer -> Pinterest would make a great workflow!

    • Yes! We wanted to turn this around really quickly to get Pinterest into our customers’ hands but in the future we’d love to make Pablo a bit more Pinterest friendly. I agree; it has the potential to be a killer combo!

  • Amazing! And HOORAY for the big pinnable image on the article.

    • Haha; yup it’s been a blast to learn lots more about the best practices for Pinterest! You’ll be seeing lots more on the blog! 🙂

  • Will you eventually have an option to schedule pins through the Pinterest app? Thank you!

    • Hey there! With the Buffer browser extension, you should be able to do that right now! If you hover over an image on Pinterest, you should see the option to Buffer it as seen here. Does that help at all?

      • Alicialm

        I have the Buffer browser extension, but don’t see the icon

        • Hey there Alicia! Yup, so sorry there’s a small bug preventing you and some other folks from seeing it at the moment. We’re working on it right now!

          • Alicialm

            thanks for the reply! I’m so excited to be able to use Buffer for Pinterest.

        • Elizabeth Kramer

          This is what I was coming to say too. Glad it’s not just me! Thanks Courtney for the follow-up!

      • Oops sorry! I meant the mobile app! 🙂

        • Ohhh, great one! Yup, I know we’d love to make that happen in the future!

  • Excellent news, Courtney. Shared in my Twitter handle.

  • Heck to the yes! I’ve wanted this forever. Thank you so much.

    Thumbs up!

  • Love this. Was waiting for it! 🙂

  • Alicialm

    I have the buffer extension, but am not seeing the buffer icon on the pinterest images. I do see my tailwind icon. Is there a conflict, or maybe something else that I’m doing wrong?

    • Oh no, so sorry to hear that Alicia! One fix that might work: When you go to your “Extensions” page on Chrome, you will see an “Options” text link right close the Buffer extension. If you go to the “Options” page and press “Save” does it then start showing up?

      • Alicialm

        Yes, that did the trick. Thanks!

  • Matt Aunger

    Amazing! You guys have just made a whole load of people incredibly happy!

    • It feels amazing to be able to lend a hand this way; the whole team is on Cloud 9 today!

  • This is so much awesome!! Congratulations on another great addition, great work Buffer team 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Lee! Checking out your blog post today; thanks for sending it my way!

      • No problem, I have a feeling my Pinterest activity will increase now! Oh cool 🙂 I hope its ok

  • Matt Aunger

    It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts my use of the Pinterest Chrome extension in comparison with the Buffer extension.

  • Skyler Hendricks

    YES! Exactly what I’ve been waiting for! More awesomeness from Buffer! Thanks so much.

    • Yay, so happy this will be handy for you, Skyler!

      • Hey Courtney! I want to use IFTTT to set up a Twitter to Buffer to Pinterest but posting but can’t seem to find how. Please help.

  • Holy hell, this is going to be awesome. You guys are ON it! 🙂

  • Emily P.

    I was so excited when I saw this news, but I was immediately disappointed when I logged in and discovered that it wasn’t available to free users. I’d gladly pay for this feature, but more along the $5 per month line. Any chance of a paid account that’s limited in features, but provides the Pinterest options?

    • Hey there Emily, so sorry to have caused you such an emotional turn there. Adding a new feature this big seems like a good time to revisit our pricing structure, I agree that would be a good thing for us to do. I’d love to keep you posted with what we might come up with there. 🙂

  • I JUST JOINED and was considering another for the P and then you guys go and do THIS like it’s my birthday next month (which it is). You are AWEsome. SO MANY KINDS of AWESOME. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (I have a thing for 8) Anyway, seriously. Thank you. I am going to be busy buffering now. Good day to you. 🙂

    • Yay <3 <3 <3! So happy to be able to get you set up on Pinterest right away, Sandra!

  • David Barton

    Very disappointing that this is only avialable on the Awesome plan (ie paid!!!)

    • So sorry to cause a disappointing experience for you, David! I’ll definitely share your thoughts with the team.

  • LOVE it! I am about giddy with how excited I am about this one!!!!

  • Melissa J

    I have been hoping for this! Thank you!

  • As much as I love Buffer, and am excited you have added Pinterest scheduling, the 200 posts in your awesome plan isn’t enough for me, and I suspect for many avid Pinterest users. I currently use Tailwind for my Pinterest scheduling and can schedule an unlimited number of pins. At any one time I have over 1,000 pins scheduled as I like to schedule a month in advance. Any plans on making this more flexible, reasonable?

    • Wow, this is really awesome information to have, Jennifer; thank you so much for helping us out with this! I’ll definitely share this with the team and see if we can make any changes here.

  • Julie Bogen

    Does it also measure clicks and traffic?

  • LYF Solutions

    Great work buffer 🙂

  • DigDug

    This is phenomenal. Our Pinterest marketing has always been minimal at best because Pinterest is such a pain to use. I am so looking forward to this!

  • Janet Napora

    Sounds awesome. I’d love everything under one roof. Pinterest doesn’t have “pages” I have two pinterest accounts for different niches can you connect two accounts?

    • Yup, you should be able to add more than one account with no problem, Janet!

  • YAY! I have been waiting for this and got a Tailwind account to tide me over. So happy I can move to Buffer now for Pinterest (nothing against the Tailwind service, but as a Buffer fan I like to stick with you guys whenever possible)

    • That means the world to us, Kate. 🙂 So happy to make life a little easier for ya!

      • I can’t wait to see what Buffer will do with Pinterest 🙂 I’m already using the feature in combination with Tailwind (there are a few features there we don’t yet have on Buffer, hopefully in the future!)

      • I appreciate all the hard work the Buffer team does!

  • So glad to see this happening!

    I came across something when trying this out, not sure if anyone else mentioned it yet…

    I used the chrome extension and did the following:

    1. highlighted text on the blog post page.

    2. right clicked over the image I wanted to pin

    3. selected my Pinterest account and posted it to Pinterest

    In the pin description (not the image source), the URL that links to the original pin URL contains UTM parameters. However, when I looked closer at the tag I noticed that the “” when it should be “”.

    any chance of getting this fixed so this data does not get mixed into Linkedin data?

    • Oh wow, that’s so interesting, Chris! Thanks so much for sharing what’s going on in such detail; this info will certainly help us get to the bottom of this bug!

  • Perfect! We’ve been waiting for this!

  • awesome guys! finally!

  • Would you consider Wechat too, it’s huge over here in Asia as Pinterest doesn’t load very well for us ;(

  • Great news, thanks a lot guys! Not I can refresh pinning for my company with no effort 🙂 The next one is Instagram support right? 🙂

    • Oh man I hope so! I’d love that, Petr! I know lots of other people would, too!

  • This is brilliant. Best new social media tool I’ve seen in ages!

  • Why? Pinterest is collecting and storing, not so much social sharing. Why would I schedule storing images in my collection making it more complicated? Do not get this. Better make G+ profile (not page) working. That’s I miss a lot.

    • Hey Michael, thanks so much for your honest feedback here! It’s great to know Google+ profiles would be most useful for you; we’d love to be able to add them one day!

  • Helton Minardi E Talita

    Any plans to add INSTAGRAM?

    • We’d love to add Instagram; very hopeful for the future!

  • It´s great to have the option to use Buffer+Pinterest. This will help us to save a lot of time. Thx!!

  • Duncan Rice

    I know it’s only been a day, but would be interesting to know if this will be added to the app?

    • Hiya Duncan, do you possibly mean the mobile app? Yup, we’d love to get it there really soon!

  • Helen Neale

    This is BRILLIANT – does this mean that if I schedule a pin through buffer I can schedule repins as well…or would that not work?

    • Hi there Helen! Indeed, you can schedule repins from Pinterest! However, the way Buffer processes them they won’t look like “native repins” if that makes sense–they’ll look like new content you’re posting for the first time.

      • Helen Neale

        Ooh thanks, Courtney – does that mean they don’t count as repins in terms of Pinterest pin ranking, and your analytics?

  • Booyah!!!!!!

  • Lee-Ann Romy Palm

    Fantastic! Is it available on iphone and ipad?

    • Not yet but very soon!

      • Lee-Ann Romy Palm

        Thanks Courtney cant wait! My only complaint now pinning with buffer, it doesnt alert me that a pin has already been pinned to a board

  • Lee-Ann Romy Palm

    Fantastic love it! is it available on iphone and ipad buffer

  • Tyler J Nicholas

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  • It would be great if have a developer API for that..

  • Paresh

    I use Feedly Pro to curate content and add to Buffer queue. I selected Pinterest but it kept asking me to select an image. I couldn’t figure out why. Why isn’t it selected the main image. Help section was no help. I then found the article on Buffer blog. Apparently, I have to go one step further then I am used to. Disappointed…

    • So sorry to have given you such a disappointing experience, Paresh! We are working on Round 2 for Pinterest right now and I hope we’ll be able to make some changes that make it better for you!

  • Aditya
  • Williams Morgan

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