Social media expert Rebekah Radice joined us for Bufferchat to look back at social media trends in 2014 and look ahead for the best tips for your 2015 strategy.

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new social media strategy

Why is a social media strategy important?

From Rebekah:

  • A social media strategy allows you to be intentional and strategic, giving you focus and purpose.
  • Strategy means you’re productive, not busy. You implement a daily plan that propels your business forward.
  • Strategy focuses on telling your story, encouraging deeper, more significant relationships.

Other great insights:

  • “Without strategy – you lack a roadmap, you lack purpose.” @CBarrows
  • “Strategy for ANYTHING is paramount to success. How can you achieve a goal if you don’t know how to get there?” @ThinkSEM
  • “Strategy is important because it focuses on the “why” you’re doing what you’re doing in the short-term or day-to-day” @BarbaraDiGangi
  • “It’s important to be working towards specific outcomes…and that our entire team & our clients are on board with those” @apartmentalist
  • “Here: Law & Order has no real story arch, but Breaking Bad had one from beginning to end. Later is considered the best ever.” @DomGarrett

What are some key statistics to reflect on in the past year?

From Rebekah:

  • There’s 80 million US millennials – 63% say they keep up with companies on social. How are you staying relevant?
  • Pinterest is a mover and a shaker grabbing 41% of the ecommerce traffic compared to Facebook’s 37%.
  • Content with images get 94% more views than those without. Consider this as you look to spread your message.

Other great insights:

What were some surprising social media trends of 2014?

From Rebekah:

  • Businesses learned to “show, not tell” as users continue to trend towards a visual marketing experience.
  • Companies finally realized that investing time and money into social media is a requirement, not a luxury.
  • Competition for attention is fierce and mobile is the driving force in capturing consumer attention.

Other great insights:

  • “Don’t know if it’s surprising but employee advocacy and personal branding have exploded” @TeriMKojetin
  • “The resurgence of podcasting. Everyone is telling you that you need a podcast :)” @jeffsieh
  • “Turning off comments on your blog was something I noticed as a big topic of discussion. Not sure it was a “trend” though.” @kristinlinde
  • “Failed hashtags, security leaks, privacy changes and mass success movements like ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!” @socialbaconorg
  • “I love how #twitterchats are the new chat rooms but with more focus!” @_MariaJuan
  • “Increase in power and transparency. SM can make or break businesses these days.” @MackSnapMatt

What are some trends for 2015 in social media marketing?

From Rebekah:

  • Brands will be more available than ever to their audience, engaging in meaningful two-way conversations.
  • Content marketing is no longer an outsourced concept, but moves in-house as a joint companywide/unified effort.
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile! Mobile departments will grow as app and ad development continues to expand.
  • Pinterest! It’s now the 2nd largest driver of social media traffic after Facebook.

Other great insights:

  • “The rise of “adaptive” content and more personalized marketing” @MikeHale
  • “With the #Instagram number news, I think we’ll see folks give it another/better chance for business purposes.” @gotweetsgo
  • “Deeper customization/integration for major social media platforms. More availability of specialized social media tools.” @morganandrewv
  • “Trend for 2015: Better integration of social and selling: social selling, native social commerce.” @KimReynolds
  • “Even @BuzzFeed is going into new territory w/ longer, more newsworthy articles. Content is about to get more sophisticated.” @Outsider_NYC

What platforms might be more important to focus on in 2015?

From Rebekah:

  • Instagram has emerged as exceptional opportunity, no matter the industry. It’s time companies take a 2nd look.
  • Snapchat, the little app that gained big exposure in 2014 will continue to become a brand fave.

Other great insights:

  • “LinkedIn/SlideShare, Pinterest and Instagram – 2015 social stars.” @PegFitzpatrick
  • “Depends on your business. FB/G+/Twitter/LI aren’t going away, but might be time to look at Pinterest & Instagram in 2015!” @iagdotme
  • “Never underestimate the power of Tumblr with millenials and teens.” @cadchica

What is key in crafting attainable social media goals?

From Rebekah:

  • Know what you want to get out of social media. You can’t set attainable goals without a destination in mind.
  • Research your keywords and create a hashtag strategy around them. Get targeted in your conversations!
  • Know your customer and create content they (not YOU) want to read and share.

Other great insights:

  • “Social goals should always be tied in with the intrinsic brand rather than current know-how of whatever’s happening” @bhaesa
  • “Being realistic and defining what achievement of goals looks like is key to setting goals in social media” @ceQuilibria
  • “Designing your social strategy with measurable goals/milestones & designing flex in the strategy …so when things change….” @CASUDI
  • “Making them after reviewing previous behaviors. Aim for the stars, yet make them realistic.” @NikkiFica
  • “Honesty. Honesty in yourself and in your product. Make ever follow count. Every like have meaning. Be ORGANIC.” @TheCodyVision

What are the top three blogs to follow in 2015?

From Rebekah:

Other great insights:

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Image sources: The Noun Project, Blurgrounds, Unsplash

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