The Social Media Manager’s Daily, Weekly, Monthly Checklist

Hmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something. 

OK, where to begin?

These thoughts will sometimes race through my head when I’m sitting down to focus on social media time. I’ll fire up Twitter and Facebook and Buffer and want really bad to ensure that I’m covering all my bases and spending time in the best way possible.

And on the good days, I’m right into the groove where I know exactly what to do next and what are the most important tasks that need to get done.

The difference for me is with making a checklist for my social media activities.

I’m happy to share with you all of the tasks I have on my checklist at Buffer and also the ones that social media managers around the web have on their daily, weekly, monthly checklists. And if I’ve left out a favorite to-do item of yours, I’d be so grateful to hear from you in the comments!

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Why Do People Share What They Do? Here’s What Neuroscience, Psychology, and Relationships Tell Us About Highly Shareable Content

What makes you stop scrolling through an article, open up a social media app and hit the share button?

Is it logic, emotion, or something else?

Turns out, there’s more to social sharing than just measuring metrics: Psychology.

The strange nature of our brains is the reason we hotly debate the color of a dress or why we freely and emotionally share a post by a grieving widow after the death of her husband or why we feel an urgent need to pass on that video of the ice-cream eating dog to our animal-loving father-in-law. (Guilty!)

It’s not logic that guides those shares; it’s emotion. How else can you explain 8.2 million hits to a YouTube music video that a majority of people claim to have not liked?

If you want your content to be shared and shared regularly, understanding the “why” and “how” behind social shares can go a long way in showing you how to craft the perfect post for your audience. In order to do so, you might want to:

  1. Understand why people share content
  2. Know what kind of content they’re more likely to share
  3. Set about the task of creating content that satisfies those emotions

We’ve put together a few handy tips on how to understand what your audience wants and start the process of delivering it to them.

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How to Tell What’s Working on Social Media: An Introduction to Social Media Stats and Reports

How are things going for you on social media?

I remember sometimes being a bit fuzzy with my answer to that question. I’ll have been really enjoying sharing and engaging with people, forgetting completely about the awesome stats and analysis at my fingertips. And knowing these social media stats can be incredibly valuable—for connecting deeper with my audience, for curating finely-tuned content, and for growing a following and a brand.

So where do you go for these important social media stats?

And what do you do with them once you’ve found them?

I’ve been fortunate to spend some time hunting, gathering, exporting, and exploring the social media stats for myself and for Buffer. I’d love to share what I’ve learned along the way about finding the best social media stats and creating some cool reports.

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How’d They Do That? Learn the Techniques of Social Media’s Most Successful Sharers

People are brilliant and amazing.

I’ll often run across an incredibly cool social media strategy or format or tool or link and think to myself, “Whoa, how’d they do that?”

There are things like shortened custom URLs, evergreen queues, personalized recommendations, and more. And I’m so inspired by the cleverness and resourcefulness—not to mention the great value and utility—of these methods.

So I’ve gone about trying to figure them all out.

Check out my DIY tips below for putting together each of these strategies. It’s felt great to do a few video tutorials for these steps also! I’m excited to hear what you think.

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How to Make Sales on Instagram in 3 Easy Steps (Full-Strategy Infographic!)


Social media is constantly evolving. As soon as you feel like you’ve got Facebook and Twitter figured out, suddenly there’s Vine and Snapchat and a whole bunch of exciting new stuff to learn.

It keeps things interesting, and keeps social media managers on our toes.

Lately it seems like more and more social media managers are enthusiastic about Instagram and the opportunities there to engage with fans and share great photos and videos.

And the opportunities are big! With more than 300 million active users, Instagram …

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The Psychology of Social Media: The Deep Impulses That Drive Us Online

What would happen if you were to “like” everything you saw on social media?

The developer Rameet Chawla found out when he built a script that liked every photo that passed through his Instagram feed.

He grew his followers by about 30 a day
He got invited to more parties
He got stopped on the street by people who recognized him from Instagram
He got message after message from friends encouraging him to post more. He said it was “almost like they …

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New Social Media Strategies Email Course: Join Us for 25 Days of Social Media Tips

What are you working on today?

One of our goals at Buffer is to always be iterating and experimenting with what we do on social media. We’re up for trying all sorts of different strategies! And many of these end up revealing great opportunities to growth.

What are you working on today? This week? This month?

We’d love to help with some ideas!

We’ve collected all our best and favorite social media strategies—real-life tips that people are trying today on social media, and finding great success! We’re excited to deliver these strategies to you in a free daily email.

Join us for 25 days of social media strategies!

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How to Hire a Social Media Manager: The 12 Bedrock Habits That the Best Managers Have in Common

What makes a great social media manager?

More specifically, what habits make an effective social media manager?

What do the best social media managers practice every day that makes them amazing at what they do?

There seems to be a lot of good advice out there about the best social media tactics used by marketers—tactics that might work great right away but are often not sustainable.

I was keen to find the best habits. And to understand what traits would help a person become more effective as a social media manager. I’m excited to share with you what I found.

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The Ultimate List of Product Hunt Collections for Marketers

Say you want to get started on a new marketing strategy—collecting customer research, or creating cool images, or measuring ROI.

Where do you go first to find the tools that’ll make your job as smooth as can be?

I often turn to listicles and roundups that bundle together a big handful of helpful tools. And this is maybe why I love Product Hunt’s collections so much. Their collections are user-generated tools lists that are easy to browse and simple to find just the tools that I need.

I’m happy to share with you some of my favorite collections, and I went ahead and turned many of the most popular Buffer tools posts into collections also. Hopefully for any social media marketing strategy you’re keen to try next, there’ll be some useful ideas here in these collections!

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25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today [Free Ebook!]

We’re incredibly grateful to have the chance to learn from others and experiment for ourselves with what works best on social media.

And we’re so very happy to share our best strategies with you!

To collect all these favorite tips in one place, we’ve compiled our top 25 social media strategies into a free ebook that you can download below. We’ve included strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more—all of which you can implement today, in just a few minutes and just a few clicks.

Get your free copy of the Social Media Strategies ebook!

Read further for a full list of the strategies that are included as well as a sample page from the book.

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