Twitter is a fascinating adventure of relationships, entertainment, education, and fun. Now imagine layering on a few dozen power-ups.

That’s how it feels sometimes when you find just the right Twitter tool. And there’s a tool for practically every desire or whim.

Tools for productivity, for efficiency, for research, and so much more. With such a generous API, Twitter tools have become legion—and we social sharers are better off for it.

At Buffer, we tend to come across a fair share of social media tools. We’ve collected a great bunch to share with you! Here are all the tools we’ve found helpful and many more that we’re excited to try. If there’s a free Twitter tool out there, you’re likely to find a mention here in our list. 


(If I missed any good free Twitter tools, let me know in the comments!)

free twitter tools

The big list of 91 free Twitter tools for marketers

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Twitter Tools for Analytics

Daily 140

UPDATE: If you’re looking for social media analytics, I’d love to share this list of 19 free social media tools with you, too. 🙂

1. Daily 140: Recent follows and favorites of 3 tweeps of your choosing

Find three folks on Twitter, and Daily 140 emails you once-a-day with all the new people they’ve followed and tweets they’ve favorited.

2. My Top Tweet: Your Top 10 list of tweets

Find anyone’s Top 10 tweets, ordered by engagement.

3. SocialBro: Analytics, optimization, and more

A nearly all-in-one platform for all things Twitter. The free plan comes with analytics, best time to tweet, follow/unfollow tools, and community segmentation.

4. Riffle: Data visualizations for any Twitter user

This browser plugin reveals vast insights into any Twitter user you choose. Discover statistics, popular hashtags, most shared links, connected profiles, and much more.

5. Twitonomy: Detailed analytics on users and tweets

A dashboard of analytics for whichever Twitter user you choose (even yours). Analyzes profiles, tweets, engagement, and more.

6. Klout: Twitter scores

Track your influencer score (on a scale of 1-100) and use the Klout dashboard to create and schedule new tweets.

7. SumAll: Email reports for Twitter stats

Sync your Twitter to SumAll, and start seeing daily or weekly emails on how your followers are growing, your mentions, and your engagement.

8. SocialRank: Follower analysis to find your most awesome fans

Receive a sorted list of your best followers, most influential followers, and most engaged followers. Useful to track the important people to engage with on Twitter.

9. Klear: Social media analytics & a Twitter resume

Plug in your Twitter account to see a snapshot of who you follow, which demographics you fit, who’s in your close network, and more.

10. Bluenod: Community visualization

Type in a user or hashtag and see a detailed map or visualization about the community around the user or the people using the hashtag.

11. Twitter account home: The official overview of your Twitter profile

Head to for a detailed overview of all your activity in the past 28 days, including your top tweets, top mentions, and top followers.

12. Social Bearing: Powerful search for tweets and profiles

Search Twitter keywords, locations, usernames, interests, or followers, then use your new-found knowledge to analyze your fellow tweeps or find new ones to follow.

13. Stats for Twitter: Beautiful iOS app to analyze yours and others’s Twitter accounts

See a visual breakdown of all sorts of Twitter stats: Followers analyzed by activity and popularity, competitors shown side-by-side with your account, etc.


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Twitter Tools for Chats


14. Beatstrap: Team liveblogging

Cover live news, sports, and events through Twitter, via hashtags, and collaborate with your team on the coverage. Completed “Beats” come with an embed code.

15. TweetChat: Twitter chat management

Log in to follow a specific hashtag, hang out in a room that collects the hashtagged tweets for you, and reply as you like (with the hashtag added automatically to your tweet).

16. Chat Salad: A calendar of Twitter chats

See upcoming Twitter chats and when they’re scheduled, as well as the hashtags they use (so you can follow along).

17. Twubs: Twitter chat homepages

Register a hashtag for your chat and collect/view the tweets from one location.

18. Nurph: Chat planning and organizing

Nurph channels let you plan and organize your chat, complete with follow-up stats and replays.

19. TwChat: Real-time chat rooms for Twitter chats

Submit your hashtag. Enter your chat room. Have fun!


Twitter Tools for Discovering Fresh Content and Fun Users


20. Nuzzel: Discover what your friends are reading

As described by Twitter’s Joanna Geary, “find out what’s trending among the people the people you follow follow.” Make sense? Translation: Content discovery from friends and friend of friends.

21. BuzzSumo: Find influencers, topic-by-topic

Type in a keyword to see which voices get the most shares on Twitter. Find influencers, sniff out headline ideas, and learn what works on Twitter and who’s working it.

22. Swayy: What your followers are interested in

See the content that your followers recommend plus the topics they most enjoy. View it all via the dashboard or from a daily email digest.

23. Twipho: Searchable Twitter feed of photos

Search by keyword or by location to find photos shared on Twitter.

24. Topsy: A search engine for social

The most recent and most relevant tweets (and other social updates) based on a keyword search. Also shows keyword volume, sentiment score, and other analytics.

Update: Topsy shut down in December 2015

25. Digg Deeper: The best stories from your friends

An algorithmic display of the top articles and links that your Twitter followees have shared. Pair with a daily email newsletter of what your friends share on Twitter.

26. The Latest: A museum for the day’s best Twitter links

A real-time, constantly updated list of the most interesting links on Twitter, culled from the accounts of interesting people

27. Twurly: Daily email of top Twitter links

An easy way to stay on top of the best links in your timeline. Twurly analyzes the popularity and page authority of the links so you only see the best.

28. Filta: Bio search all your followers

Curious which of your followers are into football? Use Filta to search the bios of all your followers for any keyword you want.

29. Hash: Top stories on Twitter

A visual look at the leading stories and hashtags on Twitter. Available on the web and as an iOS app.

30. Brook: Customized Twitter digests of top tweets from top tweeps

Receive a daily email of the five best tweets from the Twitter users you choose.


Twitter Tools for Following & Unfollowing


31. Crowdfire: Powerful follower management

Prune your list of those you follow by seeing who follows you back, who’s recently unfollowed you, and who’s inactive, plus build a whitelist of accounts you’d always like to follow no matter what.

32. ManageFlitter: Follow/unfollow in bulk

Segment your followers according to a number of factors: last tweet, follower count, location, language and whether or not they follow you back.

33. Tweepi: Tidy up who you follow

Cleanup inactive follows, flush those who don’t follow back, and reciprocate someone else’s follow—all done in bulk and with a few clicks of a checkbox.

34. Unfollowers: In-depth follow/unfollow

Get a complete breakdown of those you follow, and unfollow with ease.

35. DoesFollow: See who follows whom

Does A follow B? Does Bill Gates follow Skrillex? Does Guy Kawasaki follow Jay Baer?

36. Complete follower management dashboard

See all the information on all your followers – top tweets, influence, and more.

37. T.U.N.S.: Twitter Unfollow Notification Service

Receive an email every time someone unfollows you.

38. Twindr: Tindr for unfollowing people (iOS)

Swipe left to unfollow, swipe right to keep following.

39. Twitter toolset for finding people to follow or unfollow

Simple tools to grow your followers. Copy the follow list of another user, find users to follow based on keyword or device.

40. Linkreaser: Grow your following by finding accounts based on keyword

Share a keyword, and Linkreaser will find tweets and influencers you might like to see and follow.

41. FollowFly: What else are Twitter users sharing?

Search Twitter users, find their best content on Twitter and beyond – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reddit AMAs are currently supported.


Twitter Tools for Hashtags

Rite Tag

42. Rite tag: Hashtag recommender

Plug in a hashtag and see feedback on the tag’s reach and popularity as well as suggestions for some alternatives to try. Complete with pretty colors to see at-a-glance which hashtags are best.

43. Complete analytics into any hashtag

Enter a hashtag to discover related tags, recent conversations, usage patterns, and influencers.

44. Seen: Hashtag-based curation

Collect the media that was shared with a certain hashtag, then rank the results. Share your curation with friends and followers.

45. Tagboard: Mood boards for hashtags

Enter in a hashtag and Tagboard will pull all the most recent and relevant content into a highly useful board of tweets and visuals.


Twitter Tools for Images

Pablo screenshot

46. Pablo: Create beautiful social media images in 30 seconds

A tool we build here at Buffer, Pablo lets you quickly share a quote or build an image with beautiful backgrounds from UnSplash and the best, catchiest fonts. Customize with your logo, too.

47. Spruce: Text over image

Create an attention-getting image with Spruce’s simple and quick image-making app.

48. Twitshot: See & share the images from any web page

Give Twitshot a URL, and it will pull in all the images associated with that page, giving you an easy option to see what to share.

49. Share As Image: Highlight text, create image

Highlight text from whatever page you’re on and click the Share As Image bookmarklet to toss that text directly into an eye-catching image.

50. Finch: Discover and curate images on Twitter

Finch turns Twitter into streams of endless photos of anything.


Twitter Tools for Mentions & Monitoring


50. Warble: Alerts every time your blog posts are shared

Get an email whenever someone shares from your website—even if they don’t mention your username or if they use a link shortener. Warble also does full keyword, mention, and hashtag tracking.

51. Keyhole: LIke Google Alerts for Twitter

Ask Keyhole to notify you whenever a particular keyword, hashtag, or URL is mentioned. Helpful to track mentions of your own name or your company’s blog or campaign.

52. The One Million Tweetmap: Geolocated, real-time tweet monitoring

Track and follow keywords as they’re tweeted in real-time and at real places. Zoom in to a geotargeted area for super fine results.

53. Twilert: Real-time email alerts for keywords

Track keywords on Twitter and receive an email notification every time they’re mentioned. Great for keeping an eye on company names, new products, and branded hashtags.

54. Mention: Monitor your mentions

A listening tool for keeping up with all your mentions on Twitter. Tracks, analyzes, and displays any number of keywords via the Mention dashboard or via email digests.

55. MentionMapp: The web of you and those you mention

Get a visualization map of you and all the people you mention (and they people they mention).

56. Twazzup: Real-time keyword monitoring

Search and track any keyword, username, or hashtag. See a results page full of relevant tweets, user accounts, and influencers.


Twitter Tools for Scheduling Tweets


57. Buffer: Schedule your tweets (plus a whole lot more)

Simple social media management. Fill a queue of tweets, analyze their performance, and find new, hand-picked stories to share.

We also take a lot of inspiration from the great work of Hootsuite and Sprout Social, which offer an amazing list of management tools.

58. Tweet4me: Scheduled tweets via DM

Send a direct message to the Tweet4me account, use shorthand and prefixes to denote when to share, and let Tweet4me schedule and send the tweet for you.


Twitter Tools for Timing

Followerwonk screenshot 2

59. Followerwonk: Search Twitter bios and analyze your followers

Every analysis imaginable for your Twitter feed, your profile, your followers, and your competitors.

60. Tweriod: Find the best times to tweet

Tweriod analyzes the tweets you send and your followers’s tweets to find the optimal time for engagement.


Twitter Tools for Trending Topics


61. Trends24: Detailed breakdowns of trending terms

See trending terms from the last—you guessed it—24 hours, broken out hour-by-hour and country-by-country. Enlightening for social media campaigns and geographic/timing research.

62. Trendsmap: Monitoring for local Twitter trends

A zoomable map that shows popular hashtags and terms from anywhere in the world with easy-click buttons to hone in on My City, My Region, and more.

63. iTrended: Did it trend?

Search the past 15 days to find whether certain keywords trended or not.


Top Twitter Clients


64. Tweetdeck: The king of Twitter clients

Via the app or the web, stay on top of your Twitter stream with Tweetdeck’s organization and tracking tools. Split your stream into segmented columns to stay engaged with what’s important.

65. YoruFukurou – Twitter client

A native Twitter client for Mac OS X. Dashboard views of incoming tweets, lists, and searches, split across multiple tabs. Comes highly recommended from

66. Happy Friends: Mailbox-type reader

Pick the friends you want to hear from. Never miss their tweets. View all their activity via an inbox-style layout with nested updates.

67. Twitterific: Twitter client for iOS

Powerful Twitter client for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, with cool features like color-coded timelines and muffled keywords or hashtags.

68. Twitter Dashboard: Connecting businesses with their fans, customers, and community.

Twitter’s own client for businesses to manage their accounts, schedule tweets, view analytics and much more.

69. Hash: Today’s talking points

Hash is a Twitter client that focuses on key topics people are talking about in real-time


Miscellaneous Twitter Tools

Like Explorer

70. Like Explorer: See shares per article

Type in a URL. See the share numbers. Simple.

71. Twitter Feed – Serve your feed automatically to Twitter (and others)

Post a new article on your site. Send a tweet automatically.

72. TW Birthday: Dig up the date someone joined Twitter (even if they won’t say)

For those who omit the “date joined” on their profile, there’s still a way to discover it. See how long your new favorite follow has been tweeting or when a new profile officially landed.

73. Bio is Changed: be alerted when someone changes their Twitter bio (good for job moves)

Rather self-descriptive, this tool updates you when someone changes their Twitter bio. Useful if you’d like to track job moves and major news or even to learn from how people craft unique Twitter bios.

74. and 75. IFTTT & Zapier: Automate your tweeting

Connect multiple apps in unique ways to your Twitter account. For example, post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter photos.

76. Be Present: Track how fast you respond on Twitter

Real-time reports on your response time, response rate, and performance based on industry benchmarks. Also, really pretty to look at.


77. SavePublishing: Tweetable snippets on any website

Install the bookmarklet, and you can reveal any tweetable sentences (140 characters or fewer) from any article.

78. GroupTweet: Collaborate with teammates on one account

Let your teammates and coworkers share to the same account automatically with zero password-sharing. GroupTweet can even append usernames on to the end of individual tweets.

79. Storify: Beautiful Twitter storytelling

Grab any number of tweets and media elements, and place them all into a Storify collection that you can embed and share anywhere.

80. Tweet Topic Explorer: A word cloud per user

Discover the most-used words of any user you choose (even you).

81. Listen to Twitter: Listen to the sentiment of tweets

Type in a keyword and hear an audio track based on the sentiment of the tweets with that keyword.

80. Squall: Write more than 140 characters

Write however long you want, and Squall takes your text and turns it into an image to share with your tweet.

Update: It seems that Squall is no longer around. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

82. Thunderclap: Automated advocacy

Start a new campaign on Thunderclap, and if you get enough supporters to signup, Thunderclap will send your message out automatically through all your supporters’s Twitter accounts.

83. Periscope & Meerkat: Livestreaming

Live stream video of whatever you’re up to.

84. Twitterfav: Automatic favorites and RTs

Preselect tweets to be favorites or RT’ed based on rules you create.

85. Click to Tweet: Get people tweeting your content

Add a highlighted snippet of easily-tweetable text to your website or blog post.

86. Bedazzle: Rich text editor for Twitter, using unicode

Tons of options to make what looks like fancy fonts and styles in your tweet text (it’s really just unicode characters). Looks great on Macs, and perhaps not so much on Windows PCs.

87. Pullquote: Grab quotes of text from any web page and share easily

Available as Chrome extension, iOS app, and bookmarklet.

88. Who Tweeted It First: Find a story’s origin

Enter a keyword to see which person was the first to tweet it.

89. Little Pork Chop: Tweet storm

Write more than 140 characters, and Little Pork Chop chops your text into Twitter-sized snippets, posting them all one after the other.

90. Hubbble: Favorite reminder system

Favorite as many things as you’d like, and Hubbble will email you later to remind you to follow up on your faves.

91. Nudge: Reminders to engage on Twitter

Select tweets that you can boomerang back for followup later on.

92.  SocialHunt: Track all activity for up to 5 tweeps

Receive an email every time someone shares to Twitter. Set the frequency from “now” to “daily.”

93. Twitter Bookmarks: Save your favorite tweets

Twitter Bookmarks is an easy way to create bookmarks to your favorite things on Twitter.

Additional resources:

What are your go-to Twitter tools?

Which tools are must-haves for you with your Twitter experience?

Which Twitter tools have you already used today?

My mornings always start with a read of (the email version of Digg Deeper) and a dip into Buffer to check some stats. I spend most of my Twitter time replying to others directly from the native web app. In the evenings, I’ll grab some content suggestions from Buffer, Swayy, BuzzSumo, and a couple others and fill the Twitter queue for the next day.

I’d love to hear about your favorite Twitter tools in the comments!

Image credits: Riffle, Markus Spiske, Tweetdeck, Happy Friends

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Alicia Hurst

    Just signed up for a SumAll account. Thanks for the share! Never heard of them before and it looks really awesome!

    • sam_rye

      I use SumAll religiously – don’t just rely on the emails – the dashboard is super powerful and easy to use as well!

      • Great to hear this! SumAll is a really enjoyable tool. I’ve loved seeing their daily emails. Gonna have to dig in to the dashboard, too!

  • Jo Harrison

    I have tried many of these, but I will definitely be trying out some more… a never ending list of tools in this business! 🙂

    • Awesome to hear it, Jo!

  • Duncan Rice

    Tagboard is great for viewing hashtags across all networks, not just Twitter.

    Another useful one for seeing the top tweets from your network is Brook ( which gives you an email summary of the top posts.

    • Hi Duncan! Thanks so much for these additions! Checking them out now… 🙂

  • Melissa Judy

    I use Twitterfall for chats a lot – I love being able to color code users/hashtags and the feed refreshes in real time!

    • Thanks, Melissa! Adding Twitterfall to my “to-try” list!

  • As usual, great content Kevan! I may have missed it, but the one issue I have with Twitter is the lack of support for URLs in Direct Messages. I know that some sites are white listed and there are some hacks that can be used. I’d be interested to see if anyone has found an elegant solution to this problem. Thanks!

    • Hi Scott! Thanks for the comment! I haven’t seen a URL-in-DM tool as of yet, but I’ll keep my eyes out for one!

  • Cody Beck

    Awesome list! How do you feel about favoriting tools such as Target Pattern?

    • Hi Cody! Thanks for the comment! Target Pattern is a new one to me. Am I understanding correctly that it can automate the favoriting on Twitter?

      • Cody Beck

        Sort of! You type in a few keywords (startup, marketing, etc). TargetPattern then aggregates relevant tweets with those terms and allows you to then favorite those tweets or disregard them with a single keystroke. It will then give you the stats as far on how many followers you are gaining by favoriting tweets w/ your specific keywords. Similar to FollowGen- which did incredibly well, but had some “ethical” issues. Just curious as to your thoughts on such tools. Love the article, as usual!

        • Interesting! I think that tool sounds really neat. 🙂 Seems like favoriting is one of those areas that has yet to settle on best practices. If you can favorite some tweets to get more followers, it could very well be worth it. Neat that Target Pattern makes it so easy. 🙂

  • Comprehensive as always. I’m a big fan of Riffle, and also use Bluenod so funny to see our logo in the example! I also love the “WhatFont” and “Awesome ColorPicker” Chrome extensions. Great when doing some design work on the fly.

    • Hi Andrew! Indeed! Yours was one of the bigger logos in my Bluenod visualization!

  • sam_rye

    This is great folks, thanks!

    I’d suggest Tagboard for Hashtag curation as well.

  • TakeActionWAHM

    I use Tweetdeck as my main Twitter connection. Swayy to schedule interesting posts. ManageFlitter and JustUnfollow to manage my follows/unfollows and find new people to follow. Blog plugins for sharing my own stuff.

    • Awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

    • mariya4563

      Six months ago I lost my job and after that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a great website which literally saved me. I started working for them online and in a short time after I’ve started averaging 15k a month… The best thing was that cause I am not that computer savvy all I needed was some basic typing skills and internet access to start… This is where to start—————————,.,..

  • Awesome list Kevan, I just use buffer 😛

    • Hi Vinay! Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear it!

  • Renée Daniëls

    I use some of the ones you’ve listed, together with Hootsuite and – as simple as it is effective – Twuffer.

  • ImAndreaGlass

    Awesome list, as usual! I especially appreciate that you provided category links.

    • You got it, Andrea! Thanks!

  • You’d think that I’d explored almost every Twitter tool out there by now, but you had many I haven’t heard of yet! Thanks for the list! I’m off to go check out all these new tools!

    • Hi Maureen! Hope you have a great time trying out some new ones!

  • Ray

    I think you missed one. People would love to change their twitter cover and bsckground as well.

    • Hi Ray! Excited to check out Twitrcovers! I’ve used Canva before to create optimal-sized images for Twitter, too!

      • SES_Elizabeth

        I just discovered Canva recently (I think through a different Buffer post, actually) and I love it.

  • Great List Kevan 🙂
    TweetChup is also one tool which can be under Analytics. Works similar to Twitonomy

    • Thanks, Omkar! Going to look into TweetChup now!

  • Another great read Kevan, awesome list!
    Thanks for mentioning Swayy 😀

  • Jan Zając

    Great post! I use Tweetdeck, FollowerWonk & Twittonomy!
    You can also add our tool Sotrender – analytics with data-driven recommendations tailored to each campaign. It’s free for bloggers and NGOs!

    • Hi Jan! Thanks for the lead on Sotrender!

  • Steve

    I use Polarbear app to tweet longer than 140 characters.

    • Interesting, Steve! Going to look into that one!

    • Tonys

      Hi, i would like to use a free service which you can write longer tweets (whole text in a single paragraph) without advertisements and external links.

      Please advise!

  • Paulie Scanlon

    Here’s a cute little info graphic generator using your twitter/tweet activity:

    • Thanks, Paulie! Love that it doesn’t require a Twitter authentication to use. Super simple and fun!

      • femalefaust

        i wonder if it takes into account all tweets or only the latest, from the results i got….

  • Gord Smith 

    Have you tried Tweex for iPad? Perfect twitter companion while watching TV.

    Just set the Tweet Clock back and you can sync to your recorded show and replay the tweets in real time! No spoilers!

  • Tyler Knudtson

    Awesome list Kevan! Will be trying more than one of these now.
    I use to turn various RSS feeds into automated tweets. This is the only free tool I’ve found for this, and it has some great fine-tuning features: Add a prefix/suffix to the tweet, include/exclude keyword filtering to only let certain posts through, use various link shorteners, and the option to post to other social networks.
    My latest favorite use is creating an RSS feed of youtube channels and playlists to automatically tweet when a new video is posted — which automatically expands in users twitter timelines. Great for engagement!
    [ Here’s the link for YouTube RSS feed for any channel: ]

  • Catbones

    Really ? Tweetbits never made it to this list. 🙁

  • Bill Blevins

    I use TweetAdder ( to sort my followers and the people I’m following multiple ways. It could be much better but out of all of the ones I’ve tried, and many from your awesome list, it is the one I keep coming back to use most regularly.

  • Thanks for including on your list! If you need a seamless way to allow multiple contributors to Tweet from a single Twitter account without sharing the password, check us out.

    One of GroupTweet’s best features is that contributors can use the native Twitter app (or any other they prefer) and don’t have to login/out of multiple different apps to Tweet from multiple accounts.

    I’m happy to answer any questions! 🙂

  • These are so helpful and will definitely be put to the test! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Kevan, have you seen ? Lets you post personalised links on Twitter.

  • Try us! Visit for top tweets about trends and top tweets today.

  • Michalis Tiritas

    Hi Kevan, what an awesome list! You’ve missed which I use a lot. It enables me to keep track of my followers and build relationships. For example, it shows most-engaged members, supporters and followers, suggests follow friday people to mention, shows who you haven’t replied to, and now even shows who’s not following you back (I also use sometimes for just this feature.) More about it in this article and Buffer gets a mention too!

  • Jochem Rutte

    Hi Kevan, Great list of social media tools! I’d like to give you one more to check out, SocialSensr. It allows users more control and the ability to monitor, engage, create content and analyze the success of engagement–all in one tool! Again, we are the new kid on the block, so we would love it if you try us out

  • Wonderful list as always. Love buffer’s content.

  • Linkreaser

    Try us! Visit for curated tweets and account proposal that best match your interests.

  • Tatiana21

    Hi Kevan. Great list! And thanks for including 🙂

  • Jon

    I need a tool that will allow me to create topic or vendor related groups. So if I want to tweet about the latest product release from say Apple, and I only want that tweet to go to my clients that’s use Apple products I can have a group for that. Any ideas or recommendations? Can this be done in Buffer for Business?

  • Jon

    I need a tool that will allow me to create topic or vendor related groups. So if I want to tweet about the latest product release from say Apple, and I only want that tweet to go to my clients that’s use Apple products I can have a group for that. Any ideas or recommendations? Can this be done in Buffer for Business?

  • WuzzAppDoc

    great list, but as always free isn´t really free – a lot of these tools only offer a free trial 🙁

  • My friend own tool twitter stats check it 🙂

  • Wally Wiki

    A little known & most useful Twitter Feature is “Twitter-Chat-Rooms’.

    There are 2 types of “Twitter-Chat-Rooms’:

    The one most frequently used has a predetermined time & date to meet.

    But the most interesting & beneficial one is open 24/7 so people can drop by any time & enter act.

    The 24/7 Twitter-Chat-Room is the one I (& most of you audience) would like more information about. How do you set-up such a Room & any other details?

    Twitter as a whole is one big ‘Chat Room’ with billions of people chatting about millions of Topics/Niches. Having a “Twitter-Chat-Rooms’ would be only for people with the same Interest/Niche… much more interesting & beneficial.

    Give us a Tutorial about “24/7 Twitter-Chat-Rooms’, please.


    Wally Wiki ( wally.kenimer [at] )

  • Excellent list! Pretty helpful. I’ve been using tweepi and tweetdeck for a while.

  • Love all the resources, and definitely found some new ones that I’ll be using (like Sonar Solo and Followerwonk). I have to say that SocialBro covers a lot of these areas for people (best time to tweet, recent unfollows, etc) and is an indispensable tool for me to get all my twitter (and instagram) info in one place.

  • Logan Mayville

    Tweetbot (iOS) is my favorite for personal use.

  • Majid

    Private Tweets
    Make your mentione private

    Private tweets are messages that can only be viewed by the people you mentioned

  • I wrote an app called Happy Cyborg that uses AI to find Twitter users who share your interests.

  • Ankita Garg

    Very helpful list 😀

    I think you could include @JustUnfollow ( too, for keeping a count of follow/ unfollow. I am a regular user of this app, thus talking about it.

    • SES_Elizabeth

      I have used JustUnfollow too, and it does a good job.

  • Twidium

    Bluenod is best tool!

    Also you can using Twidium ( This tools 7 days for free.

  • Majid

    60 – Private Tweets :

    Private tweets are messages that can only be viewed by the people you mentioned

  • femalefaust

    do you know of a service that makes it possible for non-users to tweet (anonymously if they wish) via a portal frame embedded in a blog or website? i thought i knew of one once, cannot find it again, didn’t understand enough then to enable me to recall, now, how such a thing was possible.

  • femalefaust

    oh and ps thanks for the wonderful list!

  • James

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    Great list Kevan. There are some fantastic Twitter tools here and I also think deserves a mention. It was launched recently and you can search and filter tweets, user streams, followers, mentions etc. with plenty of stats and graphs

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    What about @entourageio? It shows your most influential Twitter and Instagram followers

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    I’m looking for a tool that tells you the age of your follower. Not how old they are, but how long they have been following you for. And put all the data into a bar graph or something. I want to see how loyal my fans are, and select the older ones for more benefits and offers.

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    I use TwitterFav for about 2 weeks already and really enjoy how simple and easy to use it is. It is mainly for setting up automatic retweets, automatic favorites and automatic favorite removal. I have to say out of all these tools TwitterFav has the cleanest UI and it works beautifully. Here is their website

    • I’ll check this one out, Steve! Thanks for the tip!

      • Steve Toner

        Thanks Kevan 🙂 it is awesome!

  • Chris Raymond

    Social Sonar has the most annoying UX in recent memory. Every time you click back to the page you get a huge modal window to upgrade for business, which you have to close every single time. UX FAIL I will scratch that tool off my list.

    Also, SocialBro doesn’t seem to have a free plan, only a “free trial” for which you have to enter all your payment info. Perhaps it was free when you wrote this post.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback on these tools, Chris!

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    A very thorough list, nice work Kevan. I just launched Electoral ( last week focused on Twitter List building and discovery. Here’s a quick look at Buffer’s public Lists

  • DiscoverText

    You may also want to add Sifter ( for free estimates from the full history of Twitter using powerful Gnip PowerTrack operators and DiscoverText ( for a #freemium connection to the Twitter Search API with text analytics tools.

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    Do you have any recommendations for grabbing analytics of Lists you’ve curated? For example, which user in the List has the strongest Klout score? Or greatest following? etc.

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