There is a big thing happening right now I believe: the web is going all in with pictures. It’s something you have probably already discovered.

Instagram, Pinterest, 9GAG are the top sites who have embraced this and made it super simple to work with pictures in an enjoyable way.

At the same time, pictures on Facebook for example, continue to drive the most engagement. And frankly, we can’t blame anyone.

Pictures are just awesome!

They carry a message over to you in just a second, this is certainly a very welcome development I feel.

So today, we have added Buffering of pictures for all of your Social Media profiles in Buffer. You can easily add them in, for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share the picture awesomeness with your friends and followers.


Adding pictures to your Buffer queue with one click

Whenever you are adding a new update for your Buffer, all you have to do is click the little photo icon on the bottom left. This works of course for both the Buffer browser extensions and the web interface.

You can then either drag and drop a picture in or click and find the picture from your computer. It works just like you would expect or how you upload a picture to Facebook already.


Adding your comment and links to photos

Now, you can of course easily add a description and links to your pictures, to make it more engaging for your friends and followers. Any added link will still show up, it obviously just won’t expand into thumbnail and preview:

Adding a bunch of pictures for your week is very easy, here is how this then looks like:

Why should you Buffer pictures?

Whilst we have been testing this Buffer picture feature internally here at Buffer HQ, we found something quite stunning and surprising.

Posting pictures alongside a link, instead of thumbnails and preview gets us a lot more engagement. Of course, this appears to be obvious, yet at the same time, it isn’t something I tended to do.

Now, whenever I see a blogpost with a compelling picture, I rather go and share the picture itself alongside the link, just because this attracts a lot more engagement, clicks and shares.

Here is an example of when this worked very well with a blogpost:


That’s it again, I hope this feature will make sharing for you a little easier and smarter again. We have lots of plans to make picture sharing even easier for the future, I think this will be huge.

Over to you now. Have you been sharing more pictures lately than a few years ago? How do you think this can help with your Twitter and Facebook results?

Photocredit: owenbrown

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • I have just been noticing that my graphics linked to posts do better than just links alone. I am glad to see Buffer staying on top of the trends and giving us such an awesome and powerful tool!


    • Anonymous

      Awesome Susan, yep, that is a great point, so glad you noticed it too! It will be very interesting to see how this will work out for others too. 🙂 

  • Is there a way to email a picture to my buffer?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nate, great to see you here. That’s a wonderful idea, it isn’t quite possible yet, but I will add this to our list! 🙂 

      • Scorpion

        +1 on this one , most of the time i use buffer via email, sending photos via email will be superb!

      • me

        2 years later…
        …op surely deliver

      • ruvido

        still waiting … it isn’t hard … come on!

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hey all; just wanted to update you on this and let you know that this is possible now! Here’s the guide: Does that help?

      • trisys

        Sorry, but that does not help as there is no image setting in that page. The question above is e-mailing an image and having it appear on twitter.

  • Awesome!

    FYI – the chrome extension gives a popup saying that a photo and a link can’t be added together… but it worked perfectly from admin.

  • Eveliina

    Thanks! This is very cool! Will you be adding this to the Android app too?

  • What a great feature, thanks guys!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Kevin, thanks for stopping by and so glad you like this one! 🙂 

  • Great. A nice idea: fetch like facebook a main-picture of a link… as an option maybe.

    • Anonymous

      Hi @dworni:disqus , glad you like it and love this idea, fetching the main pic through a link is actually one of our next steps, keep an eye out for that! 🙂 

  • Awesome feature for better sharing good stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, that’s what we all about, making sharing good stuff easier. 🙂 

  • Great feature… now I just need to find some images to share! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      awesome Jo, glad this one is useful, yep, that’s all that is left! 🙂 

  • Great news Leo. I’m glad to see that we can add the link alongside the image. That will make a big difference on Facebook posts. Thank you!

  • Keith Ratner

    Leo, that’s an excellent addition. Buffer continues to be quite possibly my favorite app yet – and that’s saying a lot. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Hey Leo
    That’s a great addition and it’s going to be super useful….Wondering is this feature is added into your iPhone app or not ?

  • Hello Leo 🙂

    This is way too cool 😀 I think now I can gear up for some more buffer posts 😉
    Great going guys

    Happy Buffering 🙂

  • Thanks for the article – I just dragged on to Buffer my Daily Positive Inspirations  – so very easy and clear!  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! 

  • Totally Bufferable content! Thanks for sharing your research – I see others are Buffering it too! 

    • Anonymous

      awesome Gary, so glad you like it! 🙂 

      • All in one night I began a buffering virgin, and a blogger virgin. lol Young people help my brain feel young. Old people are boring to me. Sad to say, but that is life at 54 yrs old. I know what makes my blood flow lol. Besides needing to get my butt on my treadmill!!! Hi Leo u a cutie. I just can’t help myself lol.

  • This is huge – great job! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yay, glad it is useful Keri! 🙂 

  • Scott Kelley

    Is this just for paid members?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Scott, nope this feature is available for everyone! 🙂 

      • Scott Kelley

         The reason I asked was because I did not see the the extension in the buffer browser. Maybe it will show up. Nice feature though!

  • Love, love this. Will change my weekend completely because I am always featuring pictures from our linky party. I feel like angels are singing. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that is so great to hear Tabitha, really glad we can make your life a little easier there, and have all your pictures from your linky party Buffered! 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    Nice job Leo, this will definitely save me some

    • Anonymous

      awesome Andrew, exactly what was intended. Give me a shout if you ever have any questions for us! 🙂 

  • Where are the pictures stored once uploaded? Can you see what you have uploaded?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Maureen, great to see you here. 

      Yes, so the pictures are temporarily stored on Amazon before going live. And you can always see them in your Buffer dashboard before they go live and change them! 🙂

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions. 

      • Fabi

        I’m posting for a LinkedIn company page. When I add a picture to my post via Bufferapp, an URL named “Photo” appears next to the picture. How can I delete or hide this link?

  • This is great – will be very useful when integrated into the iphone app as most of my image centred tweets come from my phone.

    Would also be useful if the feature could attach a photo from a link featured in a tweet. For example if I tweet out a link to an old blog post that has a hero image, would be nice if buffer could scoop that image and attach it to the tweet. After all the image is there on the blog to persuade the reader to read the post, so it would be very helpful for it to be on a tweet too.

  • you guys are right on with the power of pictures… so glad you added this! BUT I noticed it isn’t available yet for the mobile app…? That would make it even more awesome! I tend to buffer things from my phone early in the morning while I’m studying and listening to music. It’s handy when I don’t want to get out my computer.

    Just a bug in your ear…hope that’s next!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Daphne,

      Great to see you here and so glad it is useful. You are absolutely right, adding it to mobile is absolutely needed, especially as a lot of picture sharing happens there. We definitely want to add this real soon, I’ll keep you posted! 🙂 

  • Thanks! Love it! Can you hook up with HootSuite and make social media life perfect?

    • Anonymous

      We would love to do that, maybe it will be possible soon! 🙂 

  • I’m excited about this feature, guys. I saw your tweet about it yesterday and promptly filled up my Buffer with pictures. I love how easy it is!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mandy, always a pleasure to see your friendly face here. That is really great to hear, we tried to make it as easy as possible, glad it works well for you! 🙂 

  • Nice feature at least buffer is coming up with pinterest.

    • Anonymous

      yep, we’d love to add pinterest, just have to wait until their API is out! 🙂 

  • This would make the MOBILE app a dream. Great step forward. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Andy, thanks for stopping by and great point, we definitely want to add this to mobile! 🙂 

  • I hate to be a parrot, but the people talking about how you need this on the mobile app are right. The number of pictures I share on my computer vs. my phone is a no-brainer. Without this being on the mobile app, I doubt I’ll ever use it.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jonathan, great to see you here and you are absolutely right, we definitely want to add this to the mobile version too, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  • Question not addressed in the post – When posting to Twitter does the image upload to the default Twitter image posting service or use one of the various and sundry (and unappealing) 3rd party services like Yfrog?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Steve, great to hear from you, yes, so for Twitter, it will be posted to Twitter’s image posting service! 🙂 

      • Jen

        Is there a way to locate the address in buffer? I like to reuse a posts at different times in the day and I would prefer not to have the same image in my twitter album multiple times…

  • Great idea… people in Social spaces online love photos!
    I’m off to chatter about this on our blog … we’ll send some peeps over! :o)

  • Jocelyn Wilhelm

    Happy about this feature!  WTG guys!

    • Jocelyn Wilhelm

      Sorry about that.  Didn’t mean to attach an image.  Thought that was going in as a profile pix.  🙂

  • No doubt awesome feature.. keep it up.

  • Sono alcuni studenti delle scuole professionali piace molto il tuo sito

  • A. U.

    My typical feeling is very lonely, since facebook came up, no one wants to meet face to face anymore.  That is fact.  Am I alone with that problem?

  • OMG, thanks for sharing your research guys! WTG Buffer Team! This will really be helpful to me. I share pictures a LOT! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nika, awesome to hear, so glad this is a useful feature for you! 🙂 

  • Megumi

     Man this is great! I am quite pleased with your service and this makes it even better! Is it possible to do so by email too? I live in China so it’s so hard for me to keep my Twitter and Facebook updated, so I usually buffer stuff through your email service.

  • Chris

    Is there a problem with Photos and Pages right now? I keep getting asked to reconnect anytime a photo goes out. 

  • Is there a way to upload a bunch of pictures and have them post to a page one at a time?

  • Erika

    This is great. 🙂 But why can’t I add FB groups to my Buffer account?

  • I love the tip about adding the photo alongside the link. I can see how that would get more interaction because I’m drawn to photos more too! Great idea.

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  • Adam Littlechild

    Hi Leo…

    It’s great you can add pics through a browser, however are you planning to add a picture function for the mobile App?

    I’m desperate for this!

    • Adam Littlechild

      Just read the other responses… please ignore this Leo!

      However do you have an ETA on the release of this functionality?

  • Great work Buffer team.  Your app continues to impress.  Perhaps you can assist…

    I’d like to buffer images only (for my biz FB page) but the app is requiring I write text as well.  Is there a way to post images w/o text?  Big thanks in advance.

  • Rich

    Is this possible with the Buffer iPhone App?

    • Adding this to the iphone app is my #1 feature request!

    • it’s possible !

  • Please allow me to only post a picture without any text. We have a facebook page where we only post pictures, mostly without text. This is not possible with buffer yet.

  • love again my dear

  • ça fonctionne ?

  • I am hoping that Buffer will offer me a solution for a long-troublesome problem. I have loads of photos I want to share on Facebook, but rarely have time to sit down and actually do it. Looking for a way to spread them out automatically, and it looks like I have found it.

    One question: is there a way to batch upload a bunch of photos at once? It seems that I can only do one at a time. Is batch uploading possible?

    For example, I have 127 of my favorite photos from 2012 that I want to share 1 per hour. I don’t want to add a link or comment to each one, but I want to batch upload them, set them to “share one per hour…go!” and sit back and watch the awesomeness.

    Is this possible? Thanks!

    • @Buffer this is the number one gripe on twitter, you did what I asked for uploading four images possibly tagging. This should be the next thing.

  • AsuntosDigitales

    Hi. We’re having issues posting images through BufferApp. Basically images lose their quality, sometimes changing corporate colours of logos, etc. How can we avoid that?

    • carokopp

      Hi there! Oh wow, I’m so very sorry for the delay here! You’ve probably long forgotten about this comment. But in case not, this may be due to us converting it to a jpg. Do you mind emailing us the image so we can take a peek? Thanks, and again, so sorry for missing this one!

      • Caroline Baudin

        Hi! I have eaxctly the same issue with JPG/sRGB images that are really optimized no to be too heavy (thus not having to be further compressed) : 1024×512 @ 72 dpi / ~130ko. Whenever I upload them you can see the jpg artifact + colors changing (from bright pink to dull pink, bright red to a very sad one and so on). What’s your advice? Thanks a million!

  • Heather

    I wanted to post a photo using buffer but every time I upload it the colours change. It’s a photo I’ve created and even edited it to use ‘web only colours’. How can I correct this?

    • carokopp

      Hi Heather! So sorry for the trouble here and for the delay. This may be due to us converting it to a jpeg. Do you mind emailing us the image and we’ll give it a try on our end? Also, if you happen to have a screenshot of how it looks before and after, that would be amazing! But we’ll want to test it anyway so you can just send it along if you don’t mind. 🙂 [email protected]. Thanks, Heather!

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  • slconfidential

    Today on Twitter I am not seeing any photos already opened using FireFox, but I open Chrome browser and went to Twitter and photos were showing there, even the ones I posted. 09/17/2014 Why is it not working with FF??

  • This is a unique automated marketing opportunity. Thank you!

  • This thread looks tremendously old, but I’ll try anyway as I got already NO feedback at all by Buffer – and it doesn’t look really nice, as I’d like to purchase the Awesome plan but…

    That said, would it be possible to set the “Facebook destination album” when buffering photos to Facebook? I tried with the Free plan but it uploads them in the general FB Photos section.

    Thank you

  • Leon

    I’ts an old topic but I still hope you people from Buffer can reply to me. I want to change the thumbnail of a link I will post on LinkedIn. Am I able to change the thumbnail to a picture of my choice (browse)? Thanks in advance.

  • It is good trick for sharing photos on social media like Facebook , tweeter , G+1 and other more.