It’s one of those big mysteries that a lot of people on Twitter (myself included) desperately want to know:

“When is the best time for me to Tweet?”

To get an awesome and accurate answer for this question isn’t always easy. So I am very excited to tell you about an awesome new partnership we have done recently.

Teaming up Tweriod & Buffer is one of those matches you have probably already thought about once.

Tweriod analyses your Twitter followers, past Tweets and the people you follow and gives you the best times to Tweet.

Buffer lets you easily share Tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates at set times. All you do is click “add to Buffer” and one more update is in the queue.

A lot of people have already told us this: “You know, I first go and get my Tweriod report, then I take those times and set them up inside Buffer.”

And now, you can do this with one click in Tweriod, you are able to start Tweeting at optimal times inside Buffer.


How to get your best Tweeting times in Tweriod

Tweriod is one of those one-click setup apps. All you have to do is clicks “sign-in” with Twitter and you are done.

The app will automatically generate a report for you and show you the best times to Tweet. What I really love is that it gives you different results for different days of the week. Just like you would expect.

Click on “My account analysis” and you will immediately get the all your results displayed on one page:


Setting up your optimal posting times inside Buffer

This always felt very natural. Now you know your best times to Tweet. Why not start Tweeting then? By integrating Buffer right into Tweriod, this is now just one button away:

You can now see your existing Buffer schedule on the left and then your new Tweriod times on the right. By clicking “send to Buffer”, your times will be updated with the new, optimized Tweriod times.

In case you have a different Buffering pattern setup for your weekend, as you can see below, Tweriod also allows you to setup those times.

And that’s it, you are done. Of  course, as your followers grow, your optimal posting times will change. You can just go into Tweriod and request a new analysis anytime for this.


The Tweriod algorithm – why it rocks & what you need to know about it

Although there exist other algorithms out there, I am a big fan of how Tweriod approaches the problem. They have designed one of the most transparent and effective algorithms to come up with your optimal timings.

Here is a quick breakdown of the key components:

  • Analyse the performance of your past 200 Tweets: This is pretty standard for most timing optimization apps. Getting your past 200 Tweets and see at what times they performed best, is a great start I believe.
  • Analyse your followers and their past Tweets: Now this is where it gets interesting. Tweriod, also goes ahead and looks at the performance of your followers past Tweets. Whenever they Tweet the most and are therefore online, will be a major aspect of your optimal Tweeting times.
  • Exclude automation apps such as Twitterfeed,, etc.: Here is where it gets even more interesting. Tweriod, on top of analyzing your and your followers past Tweets, excludes any Tweets coming automation apps. The reason is very simple, a user isn’t online if a Tweet goes out via this app, so any results would be very deceiving.
  • Get different suggested schedules for different days: As already pointed out, your best Tweeting times are different for each day. And Tweriod is one of the few apps, who both shows you this and lets you schedule the different days in inside Buffer.


Ok, that’s it. I have to say, I am very excited about this integration. I believe it will help lots of Twitter user out there to get more engagement on their Tweets – with just one smart click.

What about you? What do you think of this integration and optimal timing of your Tweets? Let me know your thoughts below.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • This is great!

    I wonder now, will there ever be an option to automate this? To have your servers poll your Tweriod every now and then and update your posting times?

    It would be immensely useful I believe. Especially if you can set the maximum number of posts per day you’d like to send. That way, you can only think about keeping it ‘topped up’ and nothing else!

    • Great idea! Perhaps a premium version?

      • Anonymous

        Awesome idea Joe! We definitely want to see if we can take this further, having it all automated sounds amazing, will see what we can do here. 🙂

        Awesome to see you here @dannybrown:disqus . Yep, that could work really well! 🙂 

  • Wouw it works like a charm 🙂

    But which twitter analyzing tool gives the most realiable results for when to tweet – Tweriod or SocialBro?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Torben, great to see you here and awesome it works all nicely!

      That’s a great questions! Well, maybe you could test it out and share it as a guestpost for us here? 🙂 

  • Joe and Danny. Glad you liked it 🙂 We love working with Buffer so we will see if there is any more we can do.

    • Anonymous

      so glad to see you here Phil, it’s been awesome working with you! 🙂 

  • You always have the best advice…so glad I am following you 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yay, so glad to hear it Amber! 🙂 

  • That’s certainly a big news for twitter user, as they can easily save time for finding and scheduling their tweets  at right time.

  • Now if only Tweriod didn’t ask for excessive Twitter permissions that it doesn’t need (“follow new people”, “Update your profile”, “Post Tweets for you”).

  • Thx for sharing, Checking it out…  I’m using Timely.

  • This is great. I was using SocialBro before, but this might be another good way- and it has some major advantages.

    You didn’t mention that Tweriod isn’t free for some of the best features, but it is very cheap.

    I’m confused as to how Tweriod sends the details to Buffer. How can I get Tweriod to send a specific number of updates per day (for example, how do I say I want 10 or 20 updates per day). Also how do I get Tweriod to send to Buffer a different schedule for each day of the week? Do I have to set a different schedule per day in Buffer first and then get Tweriod to update these? It’s a bit confusing.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ian, 

      Great to see you here and thanks a lot for the great comment.

      Yes, so the way it works is that you can just send your Tweriod times to Buffer. From then onwards, anything you add to your Buffer will be posted at this Tweriod optimized timings.  Does that make more sense at all?

      • Hi Leo. Thanks for your reply. 

        I understand that you connect Tweriod to Buffer and then Tweriod sends the optimised timings to Buffer. However, I paid for a premium analysis which gives different settings for each day of the week.

        When I connect to Buffer I get two schedules, one for Mon-Fri and one for the weekend. Tweriod comes up with 18 times for Mon-Fri and 2 times for Sat-Sun.

        My questions are:
        1) How does Tweriod work out how many times to Tweet? Does it get this info from my current schedule on Buffer? If (for example) I want to increase the number of times I tweet to 20, what should I do? Should I increase the number of times in Buffer first before I connect it to Tweriod?
        2) How do I get Tweriod to send a different schedule for each day of the week? Again, do I need to set up the schedules first in Buffer and then connect Tweriod with it?

        I hope I am making sense!

  • Oh just when you thought Buff couldn’t get any Buffer then BAM, this comes along and proves ya wrong. Excellent partnership guys. Happy to be following the both of you and Buffer

    • Anonymous

      awesome, so glad this is useful Emma! 🙂 

  • My tweets are now gold

  • I got a jumbled up timing report from Tweriod with the time jumping all over the place – AM, then PM, thejn maybe PM, then maybe AM? Is this right? I have emailed for an answer but nobody is getting beck to me.

    • Anonymous

      Hi John,

      Great to hear from you and thanks for the shout. Yes, that’s a great point, the best thing to do is to just follow the results, Tweet and then analyse if it worked! I’ve found that even though they can alternate PM and AM throughout the results, that just means these times are the top posting times every day! 🙂 

  • BlueCat

    It would be nice to know which data is more reliable – SocialBro or Tweriod. Does anyone have an further info?

  • Works like a charm – setup is done – now just waiting to check over the week – how is it working – once again thanks a lot for the good work and integration.

  • This is cool, but it’s too much work. It should “just work” inside Buffer. I’d love to see this integrated right into Buffer. Timely already does some of this, FYI. In the meantime I’ll check out this approach.

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  • Chris Wigginton

    Tweriod is great…when it works. Was paying for it but it keeps “breaking” so we had to discontinue use.