Imagine starting a blog with zero overhead. Imagine having a place online to write your thoughts, tips, and learnings and share with a built-in audience and an immediate potential for viral traffic. Imagine a really great writing app.

This is Medium, a blogging platform from the creator of Blogger and Twitter. It’s slick and snappy and could very well be worth a deeper look for digital marketers and first-time bloggers.

We’ve enjoyed experimenting with the best way to use Medium here at Buffer, and we’re eager to learn more about what the best practices might be for helping the Medium community and engaging with an audience. If you’re new to Medium, I’ve collected an overview of resources here in this post, and for those who have been Medium users already, I’ve added several tips and learnings that we’ve discovered along the way.

how to use medium

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Medium

What is Medium?

Medium is a place to write.

One discussion that comes up often about Medium is whether it strives to be a platform or a publisher, i.e. a place for others to share what they think (like Twitter) or a place for Medium to share what it thinks (like BuzzFeed).

The answer isn’t all that important for marketers. Know this, Medium is a cool new place to share your writing or to start your writing, as easy as can be.

How it works—Medium for writers

Anyone (or any brand) can sign up for a free Medium account and start writing.

Writers can publish individual, stand-alone posts or contribute to publications of curated stories or curate a publication themselves.

Posts – Anything goes with the posts on Medium. Written by journalists, bloggers, companies, and brands, the articles on Medium range from short-form to long-form, light to deep, full posts or teasers of existing content elsewhere. The topics cover just about anything.

Here are a few popular Medium posts that highlight the variety of content on the network.

Publications – Formerly called “Collections,” publications collect articles into a curated set of posts. Any one post can only be included in one publication.

Here are a few Medium publications to browse.

How it works—Medium for readers

You’ll find a host of similarities between Medium and anywhere else you read content online. At Medium, you still have the ability to comment on (with a twist), recommend, and share posts, with a few added elements that are unique to Medium.

Find and follow – You can follow individual writers and publications, and the more you follow, the more variety you’ll see on your homepage. The Medium homepage displays recent and popular stories from the writers and publications you follow.

Comment – Medium’s unique approach to comments allows you to leave notes in the margins of the story at the exact location you choose.

notes medium

Here’re a couple of neat ways to use notes:

  • Request notes before you publish. You can invite collaborators and editors to look at your post before hitting publish. These folks can then add notes throughout the article, much like a collaborative document in Google Drive for instance. Bonus: Anyone who contributes to your final article gets a nice automatic mention at the end.
  • Use notes as footnotes. You can leave comments on your own articles, treating these notes as footnotes with extra context.

Recommend – Every post has a recommend button at the end.

Share – You can share to Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Bookmark – Save a post to read later. A reading list appears on your homepage.

Respond – Write a new post in response to an existing post.

Formatting tips

Medium is both a beautiful writing experience for the writers and a beautiful reading experience for readers. Here are a few great example articles that highlight the storytelling design elements you can include in your Medium post.

Writers can choose from a set list of different elements to spice up the design of a post.

First, there are different headline arrangements and styles.

Second, there are several different ways to display photos in your post, either as background images, full-width images, inline images, or aligned images.

All of these formatting options come available while writing and editing by either selecting text or by clicking the “+” button that hovers on the page.

About Medium’s blogging stats and metrics

Another unique thing about Medium is the way that it focuses its stats and metrics for posts. Instead of focusing directly on visits or views, Medium seeks to assess a post’s read ratio.

Julie Neidlinger of CoSchedule has a great way of summarizing the distinction this makes.

Instead of a focus on traffic, Medium is focusing on readers.

1. Medium is basing discovery of your content on whether or not people have read it. Not hits, not sexy headlines. Readability, not gimmicks or tricks, wins.

2. Do you notice how Medium, on its dashboard and elsewhere, does not refer to what you write as blog posts, or content? It calls them stories, and that’s the key here. Medium wants your stories.

One way that Medium emphasizes this focus on readers is in its ubiquitous display of reading time on all posts. Readers can know immediately how much is required of them to read through an entire story.

min read medium

For writers, Medium shows you a 30-day snapshot of all your posts and their views, reads, and recommendations. You can also drill down further into each post to see where the traffic came from.

  • Views – How many people saw your post
  • Reads – How many people saw your post and took the time to read it
  • Read ratio – How many people actually read your post out of all those who saw it
  • Recommendations – The number of people who recommend your post

Each of these factors works into the Medium algorithm, which helps determine the posts that get featured around the site and in email digests.

Time-saving Medium tips

Medium has a full list of keyboard shortcuts for working fast while writing and editing. Here’s a peek at the shortcuts for Windows.

Here’s the list of keyboard shortcuts for Medium on Windows:

Ctrl + Alt + 0 = Starts a new paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + 1 = Turns a text block into / starts a new Heading 1 style
Ctrl + Alt + 2 = Turns a text block into / starts a new Heading 2 style
Ctrl + Alt + 5 = Turns a text block into / starts a new BlockQuote style
Ctrl + Alt + 6 = Turns a text block into / starts a new Code style
Ctrl + Alt + 3 = Turns a text block into / starts a new Heading 3 style

Ctrl + b = Turns selected text into bold style
Ctrl + k = Adds a new link
Ctrl + i = Turns selected text into italic style
Ctrl + e = Centers text. This shortcut presumably replaces the now removed Pullquote shortcut, minus the font size (Ctrl + 7, no longer working)

Ctrl + : = brings up the shortcut menu with most of the keyboard shortcuts (not all).

In addition, Medium supports third party embeds, meaning you can share a URL from a favorite service and the media will be automatically included (in a smooth design) inside your post. Medium supports the following third-party sites:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Kickstarter
  • SoundCloud
  • Instagram
  • Github gists

Here’s an example of an Rdio embed.

rdio embed medium

Best practices for Medium authors

As the network has grown, Medium has done a great job sharing tips and tricks for writers to achieve success on Medium. (Their data post about optimal blog length is one we’ve referenced often.)

This advice took the form of best practices back in 2013, many of which still hold true today. Here’s the list, shared by Medium.

  1. While there is no designated word count for any story on Medium, stories of 400 words and up have generally been the most popular.
  2. Write a headline that best reveals the gist of your story.
  3. Choose a high-quality photo (minimum 900 pixels, or 900×900) for the top of the story. Horizontal images work better than vertical.
  4. Where appropriate, make use of Medium’s formatting features: two levels of headlines, Notes for footnotes, hyperlinks, and section separators.
  5. Get feedback on your draft, and proofread for grammar, punctuation, and formatting.
  6. Submit to relevant Medium collections (now called “publications”).

Should you use Medium for your writing?

As we dive into the stats on Medium (see below for even more), one of the ones that stands out initially is this: Medium has more than 650,000 users.

(All users by default follow the Editors Picks collection, which has 651k followers, we can assume the number is somewhere around there.)

For those just starting out with a blog, Medium has a huge built-in audience. It cuts out the pressure of setting up and maintaining your own blog, and the potential for a viral hit appears to be great with the mechanisms and audience already in place.

For those who are new to blogging, Medium is a great choice to get started.

For those who already have a blogging presence online, there’s likely more to consider.

One of the most interesting discussions I’ve heard on the topic is the idea of sharecropping (HT to Julie Neidlinger for the term). Sharecropping is publishing some place you don’t control.

It’s a question of owned media (a blog on your own server) versus earned media.

I like the way that Ann Friedman puts it in this answer about where she publishes her uncompensated work.

I try to only publish uncompensated work on platforms that I own myself. I’ll post something to my own blog, for example, rather than have it run for free on the Huffington Post or Medium, because I want people to at least see my name at the top of the site, and perhaps look at more of my work—which is an advantage I don’t enjoy if I write for free on someone else’s site.

Should you join Medium if you have a separate, owned channel to share your writing? I can definitely see the case for either way, and as you’ll read below, there may even be some good go-between options that cover both sides.

The Medium Guide for Marketers

The amount of traffic you can expect on a new post

What kind of traffic can you expect to get from Medium?

Actual numbers on this are a bit hard to come by. A few folks have been kind to share their stats, and I’ve bundled up all the stats from our various team member posts here at Buffer to help give you an idea of the volume that’s out there at Medium.

A few of the posts we’ve written have taken off more so than others. There’s a pretty good representation of a variety of success here in the list. Take a look.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.36.04 PM

How well does content do on Medium? Or, does it do well enough to publish your stuff there?

The answer will likely depend on what you’re able to get on your personal blog.

Mike Essex tested the results for his writing on Medium and found that publishing there was well worth his time.

Within 6 hours my post on Medium had surpassed the average number of views a post on my site would get in its entire lifetime. Within 24 hours those numbers quadrupled.

Medium Stats

How to write a Medium headline

Another unique part of Medium is the way that headlines are built. The SEO headline is less common on Medium than on other blogs around the Internet. Since content is found inside the network, it’s more about writing a headline that resonates with the reader.

For this reason, the Top 100 list of Medium posts will have a wide assortment of different types of headlines.

  • How to
  • Full sentences
  • Super short
  • Super long

I pulled a list of the character counts for the Top 100 stories from January and found that the average length is 42 characters. For reference, this headline from the Top 100 is 41 characters:

I Almost Let My Failed Startup Destroy Me

And of course, one of our best headline tips for headlines anywhere (blogs or tweets, etc.) is that your first three words and your last three words will be noticed the most. Make those six words count.

The average length of the most-read stories

Likewise, I also looked at the reading lengths of the Top 100 Medium stories from January. Since reading time carries such an emphasis on the network, it might seem that there’d be a good recommendation on exactly how long to write a Medium post.

The average length of a Top 100 post: 7.25 minutes

There was a huge amount of variety on this list as well (the median was 6 minutes). In the Top 10, there were posts as short as 3 minutes and as long as 28.

Also, some of the best advice on length, timing, etc. with Medium posts comes from the Medium data team. There is a direct correlation to how long people spend on their posts and how well the posts perform. Quality trumps all.

5 Growth Hacks for Medium

1. Repost your content on Medium

One of the most obvious growth hacks—and one that we’ve tried ourselves at Buffer—is to repost your content on Medium. You expose it to a new audience and give it a chance to gain traction anew.

The team at Unbounce tried this on a recent post and received 144 additional views, a great number for little effort.

Other places that aim for this include The Physics ArXiv Blog, Edible Manhattan and Fader.

2. Link back to your website or blog

Medium gives you huge amounts of creative liberties with the way you create your posts. One interesting method that I’ve seen used a lot is to leverage the end of your post as a place to link back and share a call-to-action or a referral to your blog.

KISSmetrics shared a neat example from Raymmar Tirado who links to his website at the end of each article, and he sometimes includes links to his site in the middle of his posts.

Tirado says:

[One thing I appreciate about Medium] is the ability to link to content outside of Medium inside of my articles. This allows me to drive little pockets of highly engaged traffic to places on my website that correlate with the information inside of the article.

You can also think about adding a CTA to follow on social media or join an emailing list or try out a new product/download.

follow on social medium

3. Create a publication for your brand

We’ve built a Buffer publication where we house the articles written by the team at Buffer.

You can do the same for your brand, creating a publication of content from your team, content on a particular topic, or any other theme you can imagine.

The Physics ArXiv Blog made Medium its permanent home. The List is another site that does this.

4. Explore visual content

Medium is for writers. Writers can be visual artists.

Some of the popular content on Medium amounts to little more than a cartoon or series of images. This visual content is striking in its place beside written content. It looks great beside articles of 5 to 7 minutes, while it stands at 2.

Check out comics from Gemma Correll or the I Love Charts publication for some inspiration.

gemma correll

5. Track visits back to your website with UTM parameters

Another great tip from Chloe Mason Gray at KISSmetrics is to see which posts on Medium are bringing the most traffic back to your website by tracking with UTM parameters.

Go to Google’s UTM tool to place tracking links on the URLs that link back to your site.

This can be helpful in iterating on the text in your calls-to-action as well as finding the spots within your post (in the intro, in callouts, etc.) that are best used for links back to your page.


Medium is a really unique part of the social tools landscape—a mix of collaborative software like Blogger and social reading experiences like Twitter and others.

For those just starting out with blogging, Medium is a simple and easy place to get going.

For brands looking to expand their reach to a built-in audience, there are some really neat ways to do so with Medium.

For others curious about what Medium offers, feel free to grab your name and reserve your spot and build a bit of a presence by reposting content or engaging with your audience that’s on there.

What has been your experience on Medium so far? Any tips to share? Feel free to share in the comments.

Image sources: IconFinder, Blurgrounds, Unsplash

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Oh! I re-started blogging on Medium and then I dedicated a whole ode to it 🙂
    It got 18 recs and 150+ views on that without any effort. It’s amazing how the community embraces you there! I love it.
    Thanks for sharing the tips, Kevan!

    • Great to hear that!

    • Great stuff, Mariam! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      • Adytssu Cretsu

        Thanks for the great post. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

    • Half a minute read: It’s 3 am. My wife and kid are asleep. While surfing, I literally stumbled upon my only Medium post from a year ago, which I kind of forgot about, so it was almost a message-in-a-bottle experience! Tomorrow I’ll retype my high school short film screenplay (if I find it:) And why am I writing this here? I’ve found your medium story warm. Thx. Here’s mine:

      • Alison

        A really good website. I found a lot of useful information. Definitely will come back and read your future articles.

  • Shannon Lewis

    Does Medium support the rel=canonical tag? If not won’t Google penalize you for duplicate content on your website? How do you get around that?

    • Hey Shannon! Great question! Not sure how others are doing this, but we tend to do more recruitment type posts on Medium. We’ll actually publish them there first and then add canonical tags on our own site. So a bit unorthodox, but that’s how we’re doing it. 🙂

      • Shannon Lewis

        thanks. I am curious to hear how other are doing it as well. I keep reading about reposting your content and how it’s a great way to increase traffic, but then I hear the horror stories of Google penalizing you for it if the rel=canonical tag isn’t used.

    • Jon Beaty

      On a search, Google isn’t going to show both posts. They’d rank the post that has higher authority. I understand they probably won’t penalize you unless you’re spam posting or keyword stuffing.

      The other consideration is where you expect to get your traffic from. If I can get 100 referrals from Medium on a duplicate post, where I might only get 10 from Google search results to a post on my blog, I’m going to take the risk of duplicating a post on Medium.

    • Publish on the site you want to show in Google FIRST. Then a day or two later publish elsewhere. I cross-post to medium and syndicate on 5-10 other sites (depending on the piece) and Google doesn’t publish. It tends to lead with the URL the story first appeared unless the piece goes crazy on another publication.

    • Shannon Lewis

      Thanks everyone. What caught my attention was this article: where Neil said they received a big hit from Google search when reposting.

      To quote Neil “What I learned is that reposting your content on sites more authoritative than yours, even if you publish it first on your blog and have them link back, can cause a duplicate content penalty.”

      But it sounds like folks have been doing this successfully so I think I will give it a try.

      • Thanks for sharing that quote from Neil! :)I’d love to hear how the reposting goes for you. Let us know if we can help in any way!

  • Is Buffer only reposting its own content on Medium, or does Buffer post original content there as well (or content modified from the Buffer blog to better suit Medium)?

    Is there any research to show which type tends to garner more views and engagement on Medium?

    • Hi there Blake! Thanks for the question. We often post new, original content to our Medium publication then re-post to our own blog with canonical tags.

      In my experience, we’re somewhat unique in doing that. I more often see it happening in reverse – first on your own blog, then on Medium.

      I haven’t quite seen any research on which type of content – reposted vs. original – does better. My intuition is that original content would do slightly better, although I’d imagine the difference wouldn’t be significant. Hope this helps!

  • Great Post, Kevan! Like always.

    And, I even started with Medium, still have concern on re-posting the content. Obviously, I won’t prefer to publish my content on medium first, then on my personal blog.

    • Hi Hassaan! Thanks for the comment! I’d love to hear what you end up deciding here! 🙂

  • I use medium for most things I write that aren’t exclusive to another publication. I did a test last weekend and instead of posting an article directly into my newsletter, I shared a wind-up and a link to the post on medium.

    End result was the post hitting #2 on all of medium and 25,000 views in a few days. I think when you combine the traction you can get from your audience, with the traction high ranking stories get on medium, it can be a wonderful thing.

    Here’s the piece (currently at 628 recommends):

    • Nice, I’ll try that for our newsletter! Thanks for sharing, Paul.

    • Thanks so much for sharing the stats for this, Paul! Love the idea of combining forces of distribution.

    • Guest

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  • Great post! We just started reposting our blog posts on Medium last month at a rate of one post per day. We got 2300 views from that. with the number of views per post widely fluctuating.

    Our most successful post got a bit over 1000 views:

    Our least successful post got… 4 views!

    It has also generated some leads for our company, so the effort/reward ratio is still good. I’m sure with a bit of tweaking and optimization much better results are possible.

    Will definitely try the strategy Paul Jarvis has mentioned here in his comment.

    • Thanks, Ramin! Really appreciate your sharing these stats with us. Best of luck with the Medium posting!

  • kanupriyasindhu

    Great post! The mistake that I was doing on Medium was that I was posting original content on medium and giving a link of it on my personal blog. Reversed the strategy now. Posting on my blog and then cross posting it on medium. Works better now.

    • Thanks for sharing this experience! Awesome to hear that you’ve found a good flow. 🙂

  • Recently started posting on Medium while the blog is under construction. I’ve seen varied action, and although some of that has to do with how often/where I publicize it, my favorite feature in the stats is the read rate.

    For example, one of my popular posts has 98 views, but only about 50% of folks have gotten all the way through it.

    Another one of my less popular posts has under 40 views, but 80% of people read all the way to the end. (That one is also my most recommended post.)

    They are both about the same length, so this allows me to examine what I’ve done differently (if anything) that keeps people on the hook. I love that!

    Posts below:
    More popular –

    Less popular –

  • I thought Medium was for people who want to write? It’s right there in your article itself — “Medium is a place to write.”

    When did it become “yet another place on the internet we can’t escape from marketing shit?”

    • Hi there Khurt! Sorry this topic missed the mark for you. I can definitely see how approaching Medium from a marketing angle might feel a bit off from the “just write” mindset. Thanks for sharing this perspective!

  • Nicole

    I have had the opposite experience to most people. I have been putting all of my blog posts on Medium with nothing? Nada. Not even one view. Just don’t know what I”m doing wrong? I think my Blog Active Patience is OK and my pictures are good too, I just don’t see what everyone else see’s in Medium.

    • Hi Nicole! Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear you’ve yet to see much impact from Medium. My sense is that with Medium being a relatively newer channel that there could be quite the wide range of experiences here for bloggers. I’d love to know if you notice any change if you continue to write and share!

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  • Olivia Ianculescu

    How can you create a publication for your brand? Since there is no login option to medium apart from Twitter and Facebook?

    And how do you customise your profile into something cool, like what you’ve done here: — instead of the usual layout of latest stories, recommends, etc?


  • Nate Briggs

    I’m just mystified by what Medium is supposed to do – and information about the machinery is thin. It’s my perception that only material recommended by Medium staff – meaning material written by them – appears on the “main feed”. Everything else gets shelved in the “stacks”, like a library. It can be located…but it’s not highly visible.

    True or not true: to get on the main feed – to get exposure – you have to be working for Medium?

    • Alison

      Thanks for allowing me to speak my opinion on this topic. I hope your shares, will always be interesting in the future. Thanks again to the team Bufferapp.

  • Great article Kevan. I am curious how this affects SEO if you are re-posting to Medium from your own blog. Medium doesn’t appear to have a canonical option. I know a lot of guys reposting on there simply include a link back to original… But that is kind of risky. You are hoping that Google will figure out based on dates when it crawls that your blog has the original content still. I would hate to put effort into an article just for Medium to overtake the ranking for the post… since their domain authority is so crazy high.

  • I cross-post to medium and syndicate on 5-10 other sites (depending on the piece) and Google doesn’t publish.

    happy wheels| cool math games| 8 ball pool| sudoku| yoob

  • Steven Pesavento

    If you’re posting the same article on Medium and your own blog, as mentioned above, is there negative SEO implications we should be considering?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Yes, because medium doesn’t allow you to place the rel=canonical link back to the original post in the ; duplicate content penalty should be considered here.

      • Steven Pesavento

        Thanks a ton Danielle, I thought that might be the case. I guess you’ll have to weigh that when deciding to double post!

  • I am curious how this affects SEO if you are re-posting to Medium from your own blog. Medium doesn’t appear to have a canonical option. I know a lot of guys reposting on there simply include a link back to original… But that is kind of risky. You are hoping that Google will figure out based on dates when it crawls that your blog has the original content still.

    My wife and kid are asleep. While surfing, I literally stumbled upon my only Medium post from a year ago, which I kind of forgot about, so it was almost a message-in-a-bottle experience!

  • BM

    Hi Kevan,

    Great article, in fact most useful I’ve found on Medium!

    Would you say there was an optimum time of day or week to post on Medium, I know you mentioned posting once a day.



    • DenyDeea

      Great information. I recently found your website and I read your articles. I thought I would leave my first comment. Thank you and we hope that God will help us!

  • Jordan T. McBride

    Kevan thank you for this article. It really answered all the question marks I had about Medium from a Marketer stand-point.

  • Timothy Woods

    Hey Buffer guys,

    I recently began using Medium. just one thing though that I am not sure of (and petrified of) – will republishing from your blog or wherever, on Medium not be penalized by Google? Especially if there are backlinks in there, will it not be the case that Google will see there is duplicate content and punish the site involved and rank Medium higher for the post as it has a stronger domain? I’ve seen some conflicting views on republishing and if it actually detrimentally affects your rank or not. Would be brilliant of you can shed some light on it. Thanks

    • This is exactly what I am wondering about, I am concerned about this.

      • Timothy Woods

        Holly check out Steve’s reply above.

      • Kate H

        See my reply above for a link to a post that explained everything — I did the research when I had similar concerns about duplicate content 🙂

        • kevinmcnamara

          Thanks for that Kate!

    • Timothy, there’s no penalty at all for having the same content on different websites. The only penalty with respect to duplicate content is if you’re trying to deliberately hoodwink Google by having very similar content on lots of different pages on your own website (eg. just changing a keyword on each one).

      However, if Google finds two or more versions of the same content out there, it will judge which it deems to be the original, and display that one, ignoring the other. The risk is that if you republish directly from your blog onto Medium, that they may give the credit for the content to Medium – i.e. display that version, rather than the version on your own blog.

      You can mitigate this by linking back to the original blog post from the Medium version, but it’s not guaranteed.

      My preferred approach is to repurpose the blog content for Medium. That way I stand the chance of both (different) versions of the content gaining traction in search independently.

      Plus, it’s a different environment, and what might work well on your blog might not work as well with Medium’s audience. For example, 2000+ words might be best for your blog, but 1000-1500+ words might gain most engagement on Medium.

      • Timothy Woods

        Awesome, Steve. Thanks a mil for your reply.

      • Kate H

        To follow up on Steve’s reply, to avoid duplicate content issues you should indicate to Google which is the original content (usually the blog on your blog post, not on Medium) via a canonical link:

        “Search engines use canonical links to determine and prioritize the ultimate source of content, removing confusion when there are multiple copies of the same document in different locations.”

        The quote above is from this post, that talks specifically about concerns of duplicate content when reposting on Medium:

        If you aren’t sure about the specifics of canonical links, the Medium import tool does it automatically for you.

        • CimexDan

          Does a canonical link apply when the content’s sitting on a different domain?

      • Alison

        I like this a lot. Thank you for sharing. I’m always looking for
        upcycles like this. In the end, you don’t know it was a shipping pallet
        to begin with!

      • Alison

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  • is it just me or do you also find it confusing and illogical that Comments are called Articles on my profile in Medium. When I look at my articles I have to mentally separate which ones are just comments and which are articles. I get that by commenting I am part of a conversation, however, I think there must be a billion better ways to create and explore that idea rather than just dumping comments on others articles together with my articles that I start. I like the editing of Medium (except the no full screen image and the new editing is a few steps backwards) but I hope this isn’t our most popular blogging platform because the commenting system is crazy, all I do is click ‘more comments’ to see another two. I also find it a labyrinth to simply see comments on an article and reveal the comments that are replies of another comment. I understand that Medium is trying to solve the staggered reply problem (and timeline issues) but I think they made it worse.

  • zakman2902
  • Dude, I loved this article! You have been so thorough here. You even have a perfect image to pin this to a pinterest board…..dang I love you.

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  • Jessie Beck

    Question about publications: we work with a group of freelancers (some of whom are no longer with us, and most of whom aren’t active on Medium, sadly) and want to republish their work on our publication. Is it OK to have our authorship remain as our brand name? Or should we really try to get human names attached to each post?

    In other words, when you come to our publication, you’ll see that all posts are authored by the brand itself — not “Jessie Beck”. Is that OK?

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