Introducing Buffer GroupsSocial media managers work pretty darn hard.

You’re keeping up with all the latest changes to Facebook and Twitter (and LinkedIn and Pinterest and Instagram). You’re checking out emerging new platforms. You’re posting links, answering questions, and engaging communities all over the place.

And when you’re doing all this with an ever-growing list of social media accounts, things can get kinda crazy.

We wondered if we could make things a little easier for all you hard-working, multi-tasking social media managers out there.

That’s where Buffer’s new feature, Groups, comes in. It makes it one-click simple to gather selected accounts into a handy bundle so you save time and energy when you’re posting to social media. And it’s available right now for all Buffer Business customers! Let’s take a closer look.

How Groups work

Sometimes I want to post to all my personal social media accounts. Sometimes I want to post to all Buffer’s social media accounts. Sometimes I want to post to all those places. Does this sound familiar to you?

With Groups, I can streamline this process by bundling all the social media accounts I have access to in just the way I like. When I compose an update I want to send to all my personal accounts, I can post to all three by selecting my group up top:

groups-select my accounts


I can do the same thing for Buffer’s social media accounts, to post to all four of these sites in one click:

Groups-Buffer accounts

Now the groupings I create every day as I post to social media are already saved for me in advance. All I have to do is think about my message, then click once to share!

How to create Groups

Buffer Business users will find Groups waiting for you in the composer window of any account you choose (and also within your browser extension). Click to create a new update and at the top left of the window, you’ll see a prompt to create your first group. Add all the accounts you like, name your group and save your changes.

You’ll see your new group show up along the left sidebar in the Groups popup, and this new group will be available for you to choose alongside your individual accounts when you head back in to compose an update.



Make as many groups as you like, sliced and diced just the way you want them. You can separate personal and business accounts, create groups for each client’s social media accounts, group by team members and much more. The power is all yours!

Once you’ve created a few, you can select or de-select Groups for each update in any combination you like:


We’ve been experimenting with this new addition to Buffer Business for a while now, and lots of you have helped us make sure everything was shipshape so we could launch it today (thanks a bunch!). In fact, 2,700 groups have already been created!

Take Groups for a spin!

As busy social media managers ourselves, we’ve had the pleasure of working with this Groups feature and noticing firsthand how much time it saves over the course of a busy day, week, or month. Sharing with one click is as easy as it gets, and the clicks you save sure do add up!

How might Groups make your social sharing easier and more efficient?

Those with Buffer for Business accounts can give Groups a go at any time (maybe you already have!). Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to sign up for a free, no-risk trial of Buffer for Business can also get a peek at Groups during their trial. Take Groups for a spin and see how it might fit in your workflow!

We’d love to know how we could make Groups even better and easier for you. Let us know what you think in the comments or by emailing us at [email protected].

Happy sharing!

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Written by Courtney Seiter

Courtney writes about social media, diversity and workplace culture at Buffer. She runs Girls to the Moon on the side and pets every dog she sees.

  • Awesome! Been waiting for this for a long time! Glad it’s finally here 🙂

    • Courtney Seiter

      Woohoo; so glad to hear that! Enjoy, and I’d love to hear any impressions or feedback! 🙂

  • Karen McCamy

    This is a great idea! Since I’m a freelancer (read: “1-person business), with only 4 social accounts (all for business), it would be great to have a mini-group version in either the FREE or the AWESOME plans. I’d pay extra on the FREE plan to add grouping capability…I have a pretty narrow niche and send the same content to all my account queues, so rather than duplicate all of them, it would be great if I could post to them all at once. Maybe I already can just don’t know it? 😉

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Karen! Thanks a ton for this feedback; it’s so helpful to hear! Does it work for you to click the icons for each of your accounts and post to all of them at once that way? It’s a few clicks more than with Groups but might help you skip a few steps at least. 🙂

  • Awesome new feature. I’m on the upgraded plan, but not on business. This is a huge bummer as I would love to cover my personal posting and work at the same time. I end up using buffer for the 4 “work” accounts and they don’t use buffer for my personal at all. Given the small scale, jumping to a $50 plan would not make sense. I’d love a groups feature in the awesome plan. It would bring my personal postings into one place.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hey Paul! I hear ya; I can certainly see how that would be handy for you. From what you’ve mentioned here, it sounds like you’re on the Awesome plan? If you’re willing to share, I’d love to hear why using your personal accounts on that plan hasn’t been a good fit for you; I’m sure there’s something we can learn from your case that will be super helpful for us!

      • Paul Pedrazzi

        Hi Courtney – Two issues (one related and one not).

        1. If I put all personal and corporate accounts (8 in total) in one buffer account it’s ok. Just a lot of extra clicks. I’d have to “de-select” 4 accounts each time I wanted to selectively post – which is every time.

        2. The other issue is that if I am on and buffering interesting content say from my personal account, I can’t buffer to my other accounts since the login to buffer is via Twitter Oauth. Perhaps this is solved another way, but also ends up limiting my usage of buffer for personal.

        Regardless, I love the product. Just a few thoughts.


        • Courtney Seiter

          This is super feedback, Paul! Thanks a ton for elaborating on how you use Buffer; it’s really helpful to know so we can create a better experience for you!

  • Great new feature.. Any plans of making it available on the ‘Awesome’ plan as yet?

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hey Omkar! Glad you’re digging it! I’m not sure if we plan on rolling this out to Awesome users, but it’s great to hear that it would be helpful for you. I’ll make sure to share that with the team!

  • Matt

    I have been in contact with team member Dave on questions I have and I think I will be paying for the “Awesome Plan” as it will cover my posting need just barely. Will this ever be available on that plan? I run about 9 social media sites for about 4 brands I came up with so it would be nice to group them together:)

    Please tell me I will get to use this feature on the Awesome Plan! That will truly make it awesome!

    On a side note I am happy I found you guys:)

    Gob Bless – Matt

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Matt! So great that you got to chat with Dave; he’s awesome! I can definitely see how having Groups on Awesome plans would be really useful. I can tell you that we’re always listening to the insights of our amazing customers; so anything is possible!

      • Matt

        Thanks for getting back to me:) I hope groups is something that will be put in place for Awesome plan since it is a pay account. I want to grow and part of that is making it easier for me. Groups would help big time! Once I grow then my plan will need to grow;)

        Matt – Home Farm/Science/Survival Ideas

  • Katya Pavlopoulos

    This is an exciting development! I can definitely imagine it saving a ton of time for someone who is managing an online presence across multiple platforms! Just curious, is there any progress on Buffer support for Google+ profiles (I know it currently supports G+ pages)? Is it a possibility for the near future?

    Also, is there any talk on the team of growing Buffer to support sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr? Or any other social networks?

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Katya; awesome questions! I’d love if we could post to ALL of those channels from Buffer! I don’t think any of those channels allow other apps to post to them just yet, so we’re not able to do this right now. Hopefully they will consider opening this up down the road. Fingers crossed!

      • Instagram tools are sorely lacking, but it does seem to be possible somehow, since WhoSay does it. I would LOVE to post to instagram from Buffer. Likewise, ViralTag allows scheduling pins to Pinterest, so it must be possible.

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • This is a fantastic feature – will it be available for Awesome plans? Many of us smaller startups on the Awesome plan use Buffer similarly and this would be a huge help!

    • Hi Ashley! Thanks for the comment! It’s really helpful to hear that this would be a useful addition to your Awesome plan. We’re exploring lots of ways to make Groups better, and I’ll be sure to pass along your thoughts here as we continue to improve!

      • Corbb O’Connor

        When will this be added to the Awesome plan?

    • Can I second that motion? This is a must have for the AwesomePlan.

  • Bree

    AWESOME feature guys! Buffer probably doesn’t want to say it so I will: This feature makes Buffer better than Hootsuite and all the other players! If you’re a pro Social Marketer or an agency, this feature is huge! I’ll be signing up for a business account shortly.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Awesome, Bree; I’m so glad Groups is going to be a great fit for you! Let me know if you have any questions as you get going with a business account; I’d love to help out!

    • mariya4563

      Six months ago I lost my job and after that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a great website which literally saved me. I started working for them online and in a short time after I’ve started averaging 15k a month… The best thing was that cause I am not that computer savvy all I needed was some basic typing skills and internet access to start… This is where to start———–,.,..

  • Jon

    Boom! Love this!

  • So how do you schedule posts during the day for different groups? If you can, it isn’t intuitive how to do it.

    • Hi Ross! Thanks so much for this feedback! It’s really invaluable for us to hear what is and isn’t working for our customers. Each account within a Group has its own posting schedule that you can customize by going to the Schedule tab. I can definitely see how that might not feel super clear. I think we can do some work to improve that language and experience. Thanks so much for the nudge!

  • Love group! However, I can’t figure out how to edit (change) them or delete them. Help.

    • Hi Gina! So sorry we made that a bit confusing for you! As you use the extension, you should see your groups in the popup that will appear. If you hover over the group you’d like to edit, you should see an “Edit” link you can click at the top of the group. Click there and you should be able to edit! Does that help? Would love to hear how we can make this simpler for you!

  • Théo Blochet

    Fantastic feature that would totally deserve to be part of the Awesome plan, for all reasons mentionned in the other comments of this thread 😉

  • TC

    Groups still feels a little confusing to manage. Colour coding different groups would help. Would also be great if you can see all your posts on a calendar. Suggestions should be relevant to group/brand (especially when managing multiple groups).