Since we launched our Pablo image creation product in the spring, Pablo designers have created more than 500,000 images! 

And we’ve been excited to work toward making Pablo even more useful.

Today we’re thrilled to announce Pablo 2.0, the simplest way to create beautiful images that fit every social network perfectly.

We’ve expanded Pablo’s functionality to work with all social media networks – on top of Twitter, you can now create images with the perfect size and format for Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. You can create the visuals, share them across all platforms and then analyze them with Buffer’s analytics to know how well they’re performing. 

I’d love to share all the details about how Pablo 2.0 can best serve you and your social media marketing.

Create the perfect image with Pablo

Pablo 2 launch social media images

Ideal Images for Every Social Network

One of the most popular posts on the Buffer blog from the past few months is our resource on ideal image sizes.

This has me thinking: We’re all keen to know just what images work best on which networks!

We’ve sought to solve this problem a bit by making it simple and smooth to build a perfect social media image for every size and network — without needing to do any research or digging.

With new Pablo 2.0, we’ve got support for all the major image sizes:

  • Tall & vertical: Ideal for Pinterest and Google+
  • Short & horizontal: Ideal for Twitter and Facebook
  • Square: Ideal for Instagram and LinkedIn

Pablo image sizes

We’ve personally found the following sizes to be ideal for each individual social network:

Pablo outputs image sizes at

  • Horizontal – 1,024 x 512
  • Square 1,024 x 1,024
  • Tall – 734 x 1,100

We’ve had great success using these Pablo images for social media updates on all networks (and some of our latest research points to images being a source of maximum engagement). We’d love to hear what you discover by adding a Pablo to your next tweet, pin, or update!

Share and schedule straight to Pinterest

What we’ve found to be a challenge for our Pinterest marketing—and one we’ve heard that other Pinterest marketers share—is having a simple way to quickly create a beautiful, engaging Pin.

With the new layouts in Pablo, designing Pinterest images is a snap. The tall layout in Pablo is perfectly optimized for the ideal size on Pinterest, and you can quickly customize the text, background, and icon/logo on the image to look great.

Beyond creating the image, we also feel that Pablo goes above and beyond as a complete Pinterest solution for the entire Pinterest flow: creating pins, scheduling pins, and analyzing the results.

Here’s how the flow works for sharing and scheduling to Pinterest.

After building your Pablo image:

  1. Click the Share Your Image button.
  2. Select Pin to Pinterest from the list.
  3. The Buffer window pops up where you can select a Pinterest board and share and schedule right to Pinterest.

Share to Pinterest

For following up on the analytics, you can log into your Buffer dashboard to check the comments, repins, and likes.

Build custom images to share on Instagram

We’re excited to include a new ideal image size for Instagram so that you can quickly create perfect Instagram pictures to share.

Now if you have an image idea to post to Instagram, you can jump right into Pablo and build an ideal Instagram pic, perfectly square and perfectly suited to post.

The Instagram process is a bit different than the flows for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, with Instagram being such a great mobile platform. Here’s the quickest way we’ve found to get your beautiful images from Pablo to your Instagram feed.

After building your Pablo image:

  • Click the Download Image button.
  • Next step for uploading is to get the image to your phone. I find that one of the quickest ways to do this is to email the picture to myself or to add to Dropbox.
  • Access the image from your phone and add to your camera roll.
  • Open Instagram and select the photo to share!

Share and schedule straight to Facebook and Twitter

Not only can you build images for Twitter and Facebook right from within Pablo, you can also share and schedule directly to each network in the click of a button.

Here’s the flow for Facebook.

After building your Pablo image:

  1. Click the Share Your Image button.
  2. Select Share to Facebook from the list.
  3. A Facebook share box pops up where you can customize a message and share on your feed.

Pablo share to Facebook

A similar flow works with Twitter as well. After building your Pablo image:

  1. Click the Share Your Image button.
  2. Select Send to Twitter from the list.
  3. The Buffer window pops up where you can share and schedule right to your Twitter feed.

Pablo share to Twitter

The text of the quote is prefilled into the Twitter message, too, so you can share the plain-text version of the quote as your update—or edit the update text to say whatever you want!

If you’re keen to share your Pablo right away, you can click the Buffer dropdown to choose either “Share Now,” which will send it right away, or “Share Next,” which will schedule for the next available slot in your Buffer queue.

See how far your Pablo images spread

We’ve found social media images to be so great and helpful for maximizing engagement. In some cases, we’ve seen up to double the engagement when sharing

One way to check to see the effect of images on your social media updates is to follow along with the analytics afterward.

With Buffer integration into Pablo, you can share a Pablo-created image right away to any social network by using the Share button, you can add it next in your queue, or you can schedule the image update for later on to land at the perfect time.

Share Next

Buffer sends the image just how you’d like, and it stores all the clicks, reshares, comments, and likes that your update receives.

Pablo image stats

You can log into your Buffer dashboard after to see the performance of your update and how it compares to non-image updates as well.

Bonus: Access Pablo 2.0 from any web page

The Buffer extension now supercharges Pablo’s power, no matter where you are. With the extension installed, you can access Pablo from any web page and use the elements of the page as the elements of your next Pablo image.

Right-click on text anywhere on the web to use the text as the quote for your Pablo image.

Screen Recording 2015-10-14 at 02.45 PM

Right-click on an image anywhere online to make it your background for a new Pablo image.

Create Image with Pablo extension

We find these shortcuts super handy for creating teaser images for blog posts or pulling a great quote out of a story for social sharing.

Additional new enhancements:

  • Brand new layout: Redesigned Pablo with vertical image previews and a more intuitive design
  • New text design styles: Want your text centered or right justified? Pablo’s gotcha covered.
  • More quotes: We’ve added 50+ inspirational quotes that you can add directly to a Pablo image.

Create the perfect image with Pablo

We’d love to see what you create!

It’d be amazing to have your feedback on this latest edition of Pablo and to see the awesome social media images that you design!

We’d love to encourage any thoughts at all here in the comments and to invite you to follow the discussion over at Product Hunt as well.

Grateful for the chance to share this and help make your social media sharing a little big smoother!

Image sources: PlaceIt, Unsplash, Pablo

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Fantástico! Muy buen trabajo chicos. Usamos buffer en nuestro día a día y esta mejora de Pablo ahorrará mucho tiempo. Gracias.

    • Tan grande al saber que Pablo es útil para todos ustedes ! Muchas gracias por la nota y por el aliento . 🙂

  • Seem like a VERY great, time saving program/app to use. Thanks so much!

    • Great to hear from you, Candace! So happy to know Pablo could be useful for you. It’s definitely saved me tons of time! (I build most all my blog post teaser images there) 🙂

  • Amanda Thomas

    I am super excited to use Pablo! I downloaded an image and a quote i put in but now it wont let me change any of the text on the next one. Do we only get one sample? 🙁

    • Hi there Amanda! Thanks so much for spending some time with Pablo today. So sorry we dropped the ball here! We definitely want to make it smooth to create as many Pablos as you’d like, no limits at all. 🙂 Curious, is there a certain type of web browser you’re using? Or would you be up for sharing a bit more of your flow? I’d love to get this one fixed for you!

  • Thank you Buffer for adding RTL, if you add 2 more feature it will be perfect:

    1- Cropping, the possibility to adjust the uploaded image to zoom in and out.
    2- add 2 or more Arabic fonts 🙂

    Love Pablo

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Hadi! Really happy to hear you’re enjoying RTL. 🙂 Great ideas for future features. Those feel like great ones to keep in mind!

  • This is more than a feature. This is a product in itself. It was good, but now its useful as well and easy to integrate into any workflow. Congratulations guys and gals!

    • Thanks so much, Miguel! Awesome to hear from you!

  • Jeff Pelizzaro

    Kevan, Just used it for the 1st time and it is awesome. I couldn’t figure out how the custom logo feature works though. I assume I can use it to put my logo on the images? Can you point me in a direction on some details for this? Thanks

    • Hi there Jeff! Amazing, so great to hear that you’ve got a chance to check it out! Yes, great question about the logos. That’s one I find is really fun to use, I’d love to help get it working for you! Here’s a quick screencast I put together real fast:

      There’s also a bit of info on my personal process here: (I tend to use icons rather than logos, just a personal preference thing!)

      • Jeff Pelizzaro

        Awesome. Thanks. I’ll try it out.

  • Don’t mind me, just testing the right click -> create Pablo image here.

    • Nice! One of my favorite new features. 🙂

    • lol

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    • Katie Erdman


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  • Looks to be a great tool, seems to have passed me by before, but will for sure take a look now.

    • Sounds great, Keith! Thanks so much for the comment and for giving Pablo a look!

  • Ryan Mitchell

    Two things that aren’t clear to me: 1. is this free or is there a cost (I have a paid account with buffer)? 2. How do we get to Pablo from our buffer account or is a separate website entirely?

    • Hi there Ryan, thanks so much for the comment. These are great questions, sorry for not being clearer earlier! Yes, Pablo is completely free, both for Buffer users and non-Buffer users. We’ve yet to tie it directly into the Buffer dashboard, sorry! Typing in is how I get there, and it feels like we could really improve that flow!

  • Craig O’Donnell

    OK, pretty cool. But when it creates the horizontal image I can’t recenter the background. Poor guy’s head is cut off. Am I missing something? I can move the text around just fine.

    • Hi Craig! Oh, yikes! So sorry about that. You’re exactly right, there’s currently no way to move the image around on the background. I can see how this can certainly cause some problems! I’ll definitely surface this one with the team here. Thanks so much for the feedback on this!

      • This is what I meant in my previous comment “the possibility to adjust the uploaded image to zoom in and out”.

      • +1 on repositioning images. Given the dimensions of landscape (FB and Twitter) vs. square (Instagram) vs. portrait (many of folks’ uploaded photos I’m sure), repositioning for each platform would be the only way to meet the Rule of Thirds.

        • Debbie Discovers

          Totally agree!!!! Tested this out in depth and if you follow rule of thirds but just use a 2×3 instead of a 3×3 you can use one image to post across all channels!

      • +1: Pablo is a really cool tool! However, without the ability to adjust image crop, it lacks a critical feature imho. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to seeing this functionality in the future ?

    • Agree, really needs the feature to adjust the background. Otherise I’m spending more time in another pogram like photoshop and I might as well add my text layer there rather than flipping between applications.

  • Dave Nussbaum

    What I’d really love is if the image had the same ability to double as a link, like with OneShot screenshots. That way I can save 22 precious characters on twitter. Besides that, it’s fantastic.

    • Hi Dave! Thanks for the comment. OneShot looks really fascinating! We’d love to take some inspiration there, and thanks a million for the great idea on how to save a few characters. 🙂

  • Let us save image library & create template and you can take my money

    • Thanks, Aaron! We’d love to keep improving Pablo for you – these are great suggestions. 🙂

  • Hi, Kevan, I’ve been taking Pablo 2.0 for a test drive, and it looks great! One thing, though, how can I delete the quotations? If I want words on an image I’d prefer to use my own.

    • NancySchirm

      yes that’s my issue too Carol and the only hold up in purchase

    • Hey Carol and Nancy, great question! We could probably have made it clearer. Up for double-clicking the text to see if you can edit the text? 🙂

  • Laura

    What are the copyright rules for images created with Pablo?

    • Ryan Mitchell

      I was wondering that too

    • Hi Laura! Thanks so much for the comment. That’s a really great question and one we’ve not fully sorted out ourselves. All the images on Unsplash (the service we use to pull in those default images in Pablo) are copyright free and available for anyone to use any way they’d like. My sense is that you’d be able to do whatever suits you best with anything you create with Pablo!

  • Laura

    I’d love it if we didn’t have to “dim” the whole image (using contrast), but could create a semi-transparent overlay for the text, like Pagemodo.

    • Great one! Thanks so much for the idea, that sounds like it would help create some amazing images. 🙂

  • Pablo

    Use canva for work, its better and free.

    • Canva’s such a great one. We get tons of use out of that one at Buffer (it’s a go-to for a lot of the graphics I make for blog posts)!

    • Oh! Canva for Work isn’t free .. it’s a small amount per month ($10??) but not free. Normal Canva is free unless you buy their images, but you have to resize manually. BTW Canva for Work has an NFP price, if that is relevant to you. 🙂

  • William E

    For people new to this, the functionality is amazing–try highlighting text, right click “create image with Pablo,” then buffer the image using the original link and text and you’ve got an engaging, image-based share in barely more time than without a image.

    Kevan, I don’t see a way to tie this into an IOS browser like Safari. Would be great to beable to roll from Feedly to article to Pablo to buffer, all while on the iPad. Am I missing how to do this?

    • Hi William! Thanks for the comment. Really neat of you to mention the mobile workflow here. We’re currently exploring what Pablo might look like on mobile, so this information is hugely helpful! Feel free to pass along any other ideas. You’ve not missed anything at all here, we’re working to get there!

      • William E

        Can’t wait!

    • Underscore what William said: the holy grail for me is Feedly to article to Pablo to Buffer – but that requires, as I mentioned above, the ability to maintain clickable links as well.

  • Such a great new tool! Congrats on rolling out the update! One last critical wish for me, though, is to be able to keep my own customizations tied to subsequent Pablo 2.0 calls. That is, my logo and background uploads, and my customized quotes, should be available on-demand so long as I’m logged into my Buffer account. In the works?

    • Great idea here! That seems like a great one for us to address. We’re currently taking in all feedback for this to see where Pablo will go next – can totally see the value in what you’ve described here!

  • Lisa Jordie

    Kevan, this looks awesome! I’m looking forward to testing this out. It is pretty time consuming re-sizing the same image 5+ times just for one post. Thank you guys so much for realizing this was a something that social media marketers and bloggers desperately needed.

    • Thanks for the comment, Lisa! So grateful for your support here. It’s been awesome to use Pablo for our own workflows at Buffer – hoping you find a lot of value also!

  • Deidre

    Love it. I’m a writer and have never been much of an image person, but I’ve made my first image and I feel like a pro. Thanks!

    • This is so amazing to hear, Deidre! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  • Tamar Cerafici

    Yes, I did this, with a picture of milkweed from my very own farm field…

  • Thanks! Kevan for valuable information. Buffer fans are waiting to integration of Instagram with Buffer like Hootsuite.

  • Kevan! This changes everything!

    I love Buffer. I love Pablo and now I think I love them more than my own dog!

    This rocks. I love the additional sizes and integrations and the workaround for Instagram makes sense to me.

    The winner has to be the Buffer extension upgrade though. Being able to add any image to Pablo via the extension is a great move.

    One thing I’ll be doing is copy pasting the title from blog posts and Buffering to Pablo with that text. I think that’ll make my social shares look awesome.

    So often the best shares are because of a great image and text combo but you rely on the original content creator to have created them. Now I can simply do it for them – awesome!

    Will you be creating an option to use Pablo via the iOS App soon? I can see that being the next logical step? Maybe pass that one onto the team for whiteboard thoughts? The option to Buffer an article via iOS and then select the image is awesome and I use it a lot!

    Big love to the guys at Buffer. We’re constantly telling people to use it and getting great feedback when they do!

    Cheers, Kevan.

  • Evonne

    I am excited to starting using this! Thanks

  • David Zetter

    What about an app so we can do this on our phone?

  • Well, I got all excited by the new capabilities since 1.0, and went to upload my first – only to remember why I dropped 1.0. Unless I’m missing something, I can’t embed a link within my message.

    This means it’s limited just to those little wisdom messages, and not useful for linking to broader content. Since 99% of what I do on Twitter and LinkedIn is send links to longer content (I confess, I consider all cat-memes and ‘wisdom’ quips to fall in the same category of generally useless information), this leaves me titillated, but quite unsatisfied.

    I hope I’m missing something, and will be thrilled and delighted to be corrected, but as I understand it, I can’t use links or links shorteners with Pablo. Yes no?

    • Debbie Discovers

      Yeah I was gonna say, is it possible to automatically add the title and URL if you add image from any website? Otherwise you’re just saving / cropping an image.

  • Victoria Martinez

    I was a big fan of the original Pablo, and I’m excited for the new one, but double-clicking isn’t letting me change up the text any more! 🙁

  • Nicolas

    Is really amazing guys! congrats, I was looking for something like Pablo’s!

    But, today I can not change the text, I can’t start to write after my double clic… there is some restriction to de free versión?

    In additional I wolud be great a fusion or someting to access from Buffer, and REALLY GREAT if you can make an APP for Android.

    • Debbie Discovers

      I can’t change text either

  • It’s a great tool, but I agree with others that you should address control of the image crop with the next iteration (however, when I’m on desktop/laptop, I’ve saved your suggested image sizes as a Photoshop template – easy enough ?). Other than that, it works better on my phone than before, and highlighting text to start creations is awesome. Buffer is my go-to social media tool for years now…keep up the great work.

    PS – Any thoughts on creating a categorized page of Pablo creations? It could be user submitted, so we’d power the content and images could be upvoted/downvoted, etc. Just a thought, but I’m sure it’s something you’ve thought of…perhaps I’ve missed this somewhere?

  • Debbie Discovers

    Great tool!!! The ability to add an image from any web page is definitely a winner!!

    Why do you say Facebook posts are best wide and horizontal? Always thought the conventional view was that it was square.

    Couple of suggestions in order of my imagined ease of implementation:

    (A) a PixaBay API integration will give you a lot more pictures and ability to search – many IOS apps like Typorama and WordDream have a PixaBay integration (which in the last 12 months has added photos from almost all the cool free stock picture sites including Unsplash, Ryan McGuire from Gratistography, Startupstockphotos, Foundry, etc…. ) and best of all an integration with their API is free of charge.

    (B) Ability to crop and resize (as mentioned below) – Snappa has the same problem;

    (C) More fonts plus the ability to use fonts installed on your computer – BeFunky’s desktop version has that functionality which is amazing for font addicts like me (and here’s another tip: you can download the 1,000+ Google font library onto your desktop with one-click thanks to Peter Stacho and Quinton Pike – search for it at Github)

    (D) Mobile solution is essential for Instagram domination – right now too many steps required to create, download, upload

    Hope this is helpful, love Buffer, love Pablo!!

  • This is awesome! Not being able to use Pablo other social networks was a pain, especially given how much it helps with Twitter. Thanks for this 🙂

  • I love Pablo and appreciate the updates made to it. The one request I have is to bring back free form writing. I use Pablo to share quotes and I often like to change how the quotes look within Pablo. In the previous version I could. In this version, I can’t.

    • Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who had problems with it. Double-click on the quotes to change or delete. ; )

      • KenFlottSB

        nope, that doesn’t work

  • Am I hallucinating or didn’t the previous version just let you type in your meme without having to choose a canned one or installing and applet to right-click on something that someone else already published?

  • Sandy Tomsu Faust

    I like it!!! Looking forward to it’s debut!

  • Cathy

    I use another program that does a similar service and unlike their’s, on Pablo I can’t remove the quote. I would like to be able to just have the image, then if I want to add text, such as my website address, then I can add it. I also am not understanding where the 500,000 images are…I can only see the left line of images, which is about 20 or so.

  • Debbie Discovers

    How I add Tumblr &, Google Plus with secret Buffer email 🙂

  • All recommendations say horizontal for Facebook – I know that’s true for ads. But look at your News Feed and you’ll see MANY square images appearing in full. Do these really not perform as well as narrow horizontal ones?

    Also, Twitter — the way an image appears in feed is different for mobile/app and desktop. So if you have text on the image, you’ll lose some of it in either mobile or desktop. It seems the default settings posted here are best for desktop display but in fact most people access Twitter via mobile/app.

    Thoughts? Square on Facebook or no? IS there a size that works on both desktop + app (without having to click to expand) on Twitter?

  • Given that Canva now has a WordPress plugin, any chance you guys will be doing the same, to edit direct from the WP post?

  • Alistair Dunsmuir

    It’s not possible to add your own text on a phone or tablet anymore?

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  • Hello Buffer, here I’m posting my own source of free images: I’d be very happy to see your works!

  • I’ve been loving Pablo since you launched it. I thin Pablo 2.0 is a great interface too but just wondering if there is a cap on image creation?

    One of the things that has stopped working for me is the option to edit text. Double clicking is not working.
    The other thing that is gone is the ability to tweak text colours.

    Am I being short sighted and missing something? Are these premium features now?

  • Looks good on the surface. Pity you can’t save uploaded images in your account to reuse and also downloaded images vanish into cyberspace. Appears to be no way to actually make the image available for uploading to Instagram.

  • Peter Gorne

    Love it! but seems like the text editor is not working in Chrome, while in Firefox I can double click and edit without a problem… is this a bug or anything to do with the Chrome browser configuration?

    • I’m also seeing this bug in Chrome and haven’t been able to track down its exact cause yet. I’ve been able to click to edit the text on some occasions, but on others it doesn’t work. All other functionality (upload new image, blur, black&white, move text box, change size, etc.) seem to work fine every time.

      If someone’s able to track this down, I’d love to know the solution. Cheers!

  • Amy Innerfield

    This is a fantastic tool. Trying to figure out how to delete the quote all together. I have uploaded an image including text. When I delete the quote and download, the quote re-appears? Is there anyway to do this?

  • Really really like Pablo, but I see I’m not the only one who cannot edit text on Chrome. 🙁 Sad.

  • Stuart Miles

    Hi, Your pablo users are welcome to use images from my gallery at for making their quote cards

  • Esperando la aplicación para #Android.