Imagine having a quick and simple way to instantly increase the engagement on your social media posts.

We’ve found that oftentimes images are the hook that draws more clicks, shares, and favorites on social media. And a number of marketing studies report the same:

Engagement-grabbing social media images might be the closest thing we have to a magic wand on social media. And to make it even easier to design these images in a snap, we’ve whipped up a new, free tool we’d love to share with you.

Meet Pablo, the easiest way to create engaging social media images.

pablo launch

Creating with Pablo

With Pablo, anyone can create engaging images. No sign-in, no design experience and no money needed—just head over to

Type any text you’d like into the text box (Pablo comes pre-loaded with 130 inspirational quotes we love, in case one of those strikes your fancy) and choose an image as a background.

Pablo comes equipped with a ton of beautiful photos via our friends at UnSplash, or you can upload your own image to use. (Need a great source for images? We’ve got ya covered!)

Now comes the fun part: Styling your image! You can make the text larger or smaller, change your font type or color, switch the photo to blurred or black-and-white, move things around, and add a secondary line of text or even an icon!

When you get your image looking the way you want it, you’re done! With one click, you can share to Twitter, Facebook, or add your creation to your Buffer queue. You can also download the image to use in a blog post, social media post or anywhere you like.

Ready to give it a try?

pablo button

10 fun ways to use Pablo for engaging images

We’ve had a lot of fun exploring different ways to use Pablo, and I thought I might share with you some of our favorites. I bet you can think of lots more!

1. Inspirational quotes

Quotes are super popular online (oh hello, Pinterest!) and can be a great way to connect with your community. Pablo makes it easy to share your favorite uplifting or funny quote:

pablo quote

2. Facts and stats

Got a shocking statistic or a fun fact? Help it spread further with a visual treatment. For instance, let’s see what one of those stats from the beginning of this article looks like in an image.

pablo stats

Share your stats image to social media, or use them in blog posts! At Buffer, we’ll sometimes do full blog posts on interesting stats. They’re often a big hit!

3. Blog post teasers

If you frequent the Buffer blog, you might have noticed that most posts tend to have an image near the beginning of the article that generally sums up what a reader will get from the post. We find these images are really handy to give our audience a visual to share with every post, and Pablo is coming in very handy here!

For example, a recent post on the Buffer Open blog about our company retreats got this accompanying image:

pablo blog teaser

4. Blog post quotes

Got a great interview or experts’ roundup on your blog? Why not share some of those killer quotes with a quick and simple image?

We’ve been employing this practice more and more with our content, both in the posts themselves and as social media extras. They’re also handy when the quote is a bit too long to share as text on Twitter!

For our recent interview with Rand Fishkin, we shared some images like this one with a link back to the article in the body of the update. You could also try adding your website or a custom URL!

pablo blog quotes

5. Facebook preview images

We all want our posts to stand out in Facebook’s crowded News Feed. One big way to do that is to make the most of every link by optimizing your images.

Pablo images are a default size of 1,024 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall – a size that we’ve found works really well for both Twitter and Facebook sharing.

With Pablo’s help, a Facebook link share can go from this:facebook link shareTo this:

pablo Facebook finished

6. Product images

I have a friend who sells jewelry on Etsy, and we’re always discussing new ways she can stand out in a crowded marketplace. I bet many other folks feel the same way.

One idea could be to share some appealing product images via social media, and Pablo can lend a hand:

pablo product pics

You could give this a try for special offers and sales, too!

7. Testimonials

When people give positive reviews of your products or services, why not share them? They’re great examples of social proof.

A few Buffer buddies have taken the time to share some praise for Pablo on social media, and it got me thinking that another fun use of Pablo might be to share short testimonials, both on social media or maybe in a blog post as well.

Here are some fun testimonials I’ve seen so far:


pablo testimonial 2

8. “Conversation starters”

One thing we love to do on social media is share what we call “conversation starters.” They’re not intended to sell anything or promote any content – they’re just to start a fun conversation!

Pablo images are a great way to make these community-engaging posts even more fun:

pablo conversation starter

If you try posting some conversation starters to any of your social media accounts, get ready for some interesting chats!

9. Events and announcements

If you regularly hold webinars, meetups, conferences or other events, you probably rely on a variety of tools to get the word out, perhaps including social media.

Adding visuals to the mix makes for a simple way to share your news. I can’t wait to have Pablo handy for Buffer’s next meetup!

pablo events

10. Lists/instructions

Sometimes a visual can be quicker and easier to understand than written words – and often a bit more portable as well. Try Pablo for lists of items or even sharing a short instructional process like a recipe:

pablo recipe

Your turn: Share your Pablo creations!

We’re really excited to turn Pablo over to you and see all the fun and creative things you’ll do with it!

pablo button

If you create a Pablo image you’d especially like to share, hashtag it with the phrase #madebypablo and we’ll add it to our image galleries on social media!

And we’re all ears when it comes to making our new pal Pablo even better and more useful for you. Give it a try, and feel free to share any insights or suggestions you might have either in the comments below or on social media anytime.

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Written by Courtney Seiter

Courtney writes about social media, diversity and workplace culture at Buffer. She runs Girls to the Moon on the side and pets every dog she sees.

  • Arp

    Pablo seems to be down, would love to check it out.

    • Hi Arp! Sorry for the trouble here! Working to get this fixed for you! 🙂

      • Arp

        Thanks, looking forward to checking it out!

        • Thanks so much for hanging with us, Arp! I think we might be back online now, if you’d be up for trying again!

          • Arp

            It’s pretty slick!

  • AllisterF

    Nice tool, but clunky as hell and not coping well with demand.

    • Hi Allister! Yikes, sorry for the rough experience here! That’s all on us. Working to get things squared away now!

    • Hi again Allister! Just wanted to send over a quick note that Pablo seems to be up and running a bit better now! 🙂 I’d love to hear any thoughts if you get a chance to explore things again!

  • Very cool tool, yet having some troubles on the launch, I guess. It’s very slow and functionalities like “Upload Photo” seem to be not working

    • Hi Cagri! Thanks so much for giving Pablo a look! Yep, we’re tripping a bit over ourselves this morning. So sorry for the effect this has on Pablo. Hopeful that things will be working 100% smooth real soon!

    • Hi Cagri! Thanks for hanging with us here! Just wanted to quickly mention that things seem to be improving for us here, if you’d be up for giving Pablo another go!

  • Cerasis

    Hey all, great stuff! Question, as you know FB is in favor of copy in the post and letting an image have natural branding with less text. They seem to be throttling reach numbers with images that have text. And now, with video the great next monetizer, photos at all are seeing less reach. What are your thoughts on why Facebook is going against the movement of many other platforms (photos) to video. Is it purely a monetization thing for them? Pablo is a great idea (I use powerpoint, select all, save as picture; if I search a little for Fonts I like, I just install them) and I look forward to using it for my featured images in blog posts and many other areas. I think it will kill on PInterest, Instagram, Twitter and all the others, but I worry about Facebook. Is FB making a grave mistake penalizing photos where everyone else seems to favor them?

    • Hi there! Thanks so much for this question! It’s a real interesting one, and I’m not quite sure I’ve got any concrete answers. My gut is that Facebook has been very conscious about the aesthetics of advertisements (which is why rules are in place for the % of your image that can include text), and I think this has likely carried over a bit into the News Feed. FB gets so much volume of activity compared to other networks, and I imagine that people have been interested to find any route to get their content viewed and acted upon. Images in text could very well be a go-to strategy (I’ve observed it being used in a lot of interesting ways) and perhaps Facebook feels this might distract from the experience they’d like to create for their users. I’m making a lot of assumptions here, and I could be quite wrong! I’d love to know what your take might be on all this, too. 🙂

      • Cerasis

        I think based on reach numbers alone, that they want Pages to share OTHER pages videos. I’ve seen image reach drop significantly since they announced plans of pre-roll video ads. The more videos are shown in the feed, the more FB will monetize. Just look at your personal feed. Take the next 50 posts you see & see the percentage of Video. I am guessing it is quite high vs. other post types. The other post type you will see, if you are like me, are links from publications with very little copy. Think Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Time (now), Huff, Mashable, etc. These are also great FB advertisers. Now, I am not one of those who say this is WRONG. A monetized Facebook supports the social media industry at large. If they are successful, then other platforms are too, in my opinion. And that is not a bad thing given most of the careers of the folks commenting here. In the end, they are all mavens to what is truly important: great content. And again, buffer delivers a tool to make the true greatness shine through better tools of distribution that gets posts actually seen! My favorite new feature though, and a bit off topic, are the new post analytics on Most Popular, etc. THAT IS DYNOMITE! ^Adam Robinson (yes, I was lazy and signed in with my company twitter since I was already logged in! 😉 )

        • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here, Adam! Makes a lot of sense. 🙂

          So happy also that you’re enjoying the sortable analytics. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked to sort over the past couple weeks. It’s amazingly useful!

          • Cerasis

            Kevan, I am just trying to be like you when I grow up. Question, on your scrolled trigger box, how did you get it all customized? I have the paid plugin, however, mine don’t look as purty as yours. You can see ours at Do you in fact use the Scrolled Trigger Box plugin?

          • Ah, great question! Yep, we use Dreamgrow’s Scroll Triggered Box:

            We’re in version 1.3.1, and we’ve got the Grass Green template. 🙂 Hope this helps!

          • Cerasis

            Ha, it’s what I am using. Just needed to look at the darn settings. Shoot, this vet made a rookie mistake! LOL. Have a good one buddy. I followed you on twitter from my personal account. You helped a lot! Reminded me to look at settings.

  • Dennis Bohs

    wow what a great tool. Just created my first post with Pablo and it won’t be my last.

    • Hooray! Thanks so much for giving Pablo a look, Dennis!

  • KyleJeffreyKranz

    This looks fantastic, thank you.
    I do have a few suggestions/questions:

    1. Is there a recommended image size that I should be uploading? I just uploaded a 2048×1323, threw on some text and the final product appears to be pixelated. Every image I’ve uploaded has come out unusable, actually. I almost feel like when I upload it to Pablo the image is resized smaller and then when I download the image from Pablo it has been enlarged from that resized upload. (did that make sense?)
    2. Any chance of being able to modify the photo size? It would be fantastic if we could select a dropdown with options like “twitter stream” or “facebook page header” or put in our own size. I’d love to be able to create these for use on Instagram, and often blogs require specific image sizes.
    3. I cannot seem to zoom in or out of an uploaded photo, only move it around?

    Not trying to be picky, but Pablo is so close to being just what I’ve been looking for.

    • Hi there Kyle! Thanks so much for taking Pablo for a test drive! So sorry for our failing to get a usable image created for you. This feels like an area we can definitely improve upon. Keen to get this sorted for you!

      I’d be happy to share a bit about the way Pablo handles image uploads/downloads, if that might help at all!

      For image uploads, we render things at 1024×512 (a 2:1 aspect ratio), and I’ve found that the closer I can get to those dimensions with my upload, the less pixelation I’ve noticed with images. The downloadable image is also 1024×512.

      Modifying the photo size seems like a great one for us to dig into! Love your ideas to select by “twitter stream” or “facebook page”! I can also see maybe some value in a vertical image as well as horizontal!

      And yep, I think we’ve not quite added zoom in/out capabilities for images yet either, just the ability to move it around. Happy to pass this one along to see what we can accomplish for you here!

      We’re eager to keep improving on Pablo, and your feedback here is amazingly helpful! Thanks again! Feel free to shout with any other Qs!

      • KyleJeffreyKranz

        Many thanks for the reply!

        The only concern I would have with pre-selected image sizes “Twitter Stream” is that they can unexpectedly change, which could cause some issues for customers between the time of change and when your team is able to update the sizes.

        Anyway, I uploaded a 1024×512 sized image and as you can see comparing it to the original on the right, it still doesn’t look correct when posted on Facebook.

        Is anyone else experiencing this or can give me some pointers?

        • Hi Kyle! Great point about “twitter stream”! Yep, I can see we’d definitely need to be on top of best sizes there.

          And so sorry for the continued problems with the images. I think I might have missed the link to your Facebook comparison. Sorry, I’d love to take a deeper look there!

          If it’s helpful to see, here’s a quick one I whipped up with an uploaded image.

          • KyleJeffreyKranz

            The comparison should be showing up as my attached image.

            I’m going to assume your uploaded image was high quality when uploaded, but looking at the ruler, appears a bit pixelated, am I wrong?

          • Ah, yep, I see the comparison now! Definitely notice the difference there! Sorry we haven’t got that one right for you!

            I’d love to have this working well and will pass it along to our team here. It feels like the way we handle image quality in cases like this could be a big one to get right! One thing I’ve tried in the meantime with some of the images I’ve made is to check the box for “Increased Contrast,” which adds the darker layer to the image. Although I think that might not be quite what you’re after, thought I’d mention it just in case!

  • Simply Awesome!!! Love you guys!

    • Woohoo! Thanks so much for the support, Judy! So glad you’re digging Pablo. 🙂

  • JD Rose

    Exactly what I wanted. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this tool!

  • Thank you so much! I love Pablo already.

    • We’re growing quite fond of him as well. Thanks for checking out our new tool!

  • Kevin

    Facebook recognizes the link to the image and will display it inline. I don’t think twitter will do the same because it is looking for the twitter card markup. When sending this image to Twitter through Buffer, does it upload the image first as an attachment?

    • Hi there Kevin! Thanks so much for taking Pablo for a spin! We’re super grateful for your time and support. 🙂

      And yes, you’re exactly right about sharing direct to Twitter. Awesome catch! We’re keen to keep improving what Pablo can do for you, and this seems like a great area to hone. Thanks so much for the nudge!

      And yeah, sharing via Buffer will treat the image like an attachment, so you can add this to your Twitter queue and it will appear as a tweet w/ image. Thanks for helping me clarify that! Definitely feel free to reach out with any other questions!

    • Thanks so much for the heads up on this, Kevin! We made a slight change to the Twitter sharing option so that it will go through Buffer and attach the image while we look into other ways we might make this a smoother experience. Really appreciate your nudge on this!

  • SES_Elizabeth

    I am excited to test this out! I have been using Share as Image for this purpose for awhile, which has some great features and some limitations.
    In total agreement with others that the ability to crop an images would be an awesome addition!
    Increased contrast options is not something I’ve seen with other tools. Nice work! It really helps make the text more readable for a ton of images. I would love to see an option for less blurred, or maybe be able to add an outline text color too.

    • Great, great suggestions, Elizabeth! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out Pablo and give us some feedback; this will be so invaluable in making Pablo even better!

  • I already created a graphic and tweeted it. This is a quick alternative to Canva. I love how you guys positioned it. Create graphics in under 30 seconds. Pure Genius. I’m a customer and a fan. Kudos!

    • Woohoo, Chip! So glad you’re finding Pablo handy and quick! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that!

    • Cerasis

      Chip, agreed!

  • This is a fantastic tool – really useful! Look forward to playing about with it.

  • Britney @beeluko

    I seem to get less contrast (or a transparent gray layer) with the “increase contrast” box checked, and more contrast with the box left unchecked =) Small detail, but a bit odd for those with any photography background.

    • Britney

      Can’t wait to see how the Pablo tool continues to evolve!

    • Chip Street

      I thought so too, then realized I *think* what they mean is “increase the contrast between the pic and the text.” Ticking the box seems to gray down the image so the text pops better against it.

      • Oh great spot Britney and Chip! I think we could definitely word this a bit better and a good one for us to fix up so it’s clearer on our end what that changes. 🙂

    • Oh, how odd! Thanks for letting us know; we’ll check and see what might be going on there!

  • Very nice indeed. We will be taking advantage of this in our campaigns.

    • Please do; it would be our privilege to help out there!

      • This might be too soon but I assume there is a plan integration with the Buffer app?

        • Great question Michael, we’ve started talking about this quite a bit! Could definitely see it being really helpful to have this available right in the app and we’re definitely keen to explore that soon. 🙂

  • Much better than others! Tried it out this morning and am hooked! Thank you, Buffer and team.

  • this! When I tried a simple quote and used Buffer, it posted to my Fan page (of which I am a fan) but didn’t show up in my personal news feed, but the picture showed up beautiful in Twitter. So I sent another one with the share button to Facebook (which usually shows up in my news feed and forwards to Twitter), it showed up on my page, not my news feed and in Twitter just showed the quote, not the picture! Hope this makes sense, lol

    • Hmm, interesting finds there, Anne! Thanks so much for sharing your experience; looks like there’s a few items we can check into there! Appreciate you moving us forward!

    • Yikes, really sorry about the disjointed experience we gave you there Anne! That’s a great one for us to improve, hoping to get that all smoothed out really soon. 🙂

  • FANTASTIC! that is all.

    • Thanks, Clark! You were with us from early days on this one; glad it’s meeting your expectations!

  • Pam Hornett

    I’m excited about this… I already love buffer. But one major problem nothing will post for me. I’ve tried via phone and my computer. It just skins

    • Oh no, so sorry to have created such a disappointing experience, Pam. I think we encountered a bit of a rush this morning; would love for you to give it another try at your leisure!

  • I <3 Pablo.. but please add option to select custom dimensions.. hehehehe .. you guys rock! SIMPLE WINS

  • Looks great and easy to use! Looking forward to use it to scale up my Tweets. Thanks!

  • Pablo is my new love! Do not tell my hubby! A very sleek and simple applications. It will certainly make my social media life easier and less stressful.

    • Haha your secret is safe with us! So glad you’re enjoying it!

      • Courtney, I’m almost ready to follow you on regular basis. Not going to miss your blog posts on Buffer Blog.

  • Can’t wait to use this app on a regular basis. Much faster and easier than PicMonkey. Here’s the first one I made:

    • Wow, so cool! Grateful to have learned that lovely word today; thank you for sharing!

    • SpiritualNurse Sandy


    • It almost beats Spruce tool. Looking forward to use it.

  • SpiritualNurse Sandy

    Something Rev said in service last night … #madebypablo Thank you for this great tool! Would appreciate more text colors if possible. 🙂

    • Nice; looks great! More text colors is a great suggestion; totally agree that would be super handy to have. 🙂

  • Meredith Gould

    Terrific addition to the toolkit! Just edged out Canva. Would love it if you’d add a “center” option for formatting. Love love LOVE the Buffer team.

    • Hi Meredith! Thanks so much for the support! Very happy to hear that Pablo is useful for you. 🙂 And what an awesome idea to include some bonus formatting features. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sweet! I’ve used Canva and Spruce to create images for posts but having something integrated directly in Buffer will save me a couple steps.

    • Hi Tony! Thanks so much! Great question here. 🙂 Yes, you’re exactly right. To include a Pablo image in a link embed on FB, I think there might be a couple options: 1) you can add the Pablo image to the blog post and Buffer will present this as an option when you share, or 2) you can share the link directly to Facebook and add the custom Pablo image from there!

      Hope this info helps! Happy to dig in further on this one for you!

      • Thanks for following up! 🙂

        Regarding #2, I’d love to see this being supported directly within Buffer in the future. Sometimes the links we’d like to share don’t contain a suitable image and/or an alternative image would tell a better story.

        • Wow, great point here Tony, I think that could be really useful!

  • jaz

    So excited for this! Already did one and can see us using this regularly. Thanks for the great tool.

    • So great to hear! Thanks!

  • SES_Elizabeth

    Any plans to make a Pablo extension? If I could R-click on an image to “Pablo” it, that would be slick!

  • I’m just ready for this. Great timing. Thank you!!

  • Jerry Lentz

    OMG! I <3 Pablo!!! Well, not in a gay way… NO! In fact, I do LOVE Pablo in a GAY way and I am proud of how easy and fast and beautiful this app is! Thank you to all the people that are on Team Pablo for making it!

  • Keith

    tried to use Pablo. It would not upload my image. Ideas???

    • So sorry about this Keith, that’s totally on our end! I think our servers might have had a bit of troubles yesterday, would love to hear if things are any smoother now. Really appreciate you checking out Pablo! 🙂

  • Angela Booth

    Love it. Pablo’s so clever. It’s inspiring — and so fast. Thank. you. 🙂

  • Stephen Mayall

    Love it trying it out now, it looks a little like Spruce any relation?

  • Ben Lowndes

    Looks great and simple to use although I’m struggling to upload any images to adapt; any suggestions?

    • Yikes, really sorry about the rocky start to your experience, Ben! We had a few server troubles yesterday, I wonder if you might be up for giving this another go? Currently Pablo can handle images up to about 3MB, we’re working on making that a bit clearer on our end too. 🙂

  • With all the tools out right now it’s about finding the mix that is easy to use and easy to get value from. Like Buffer and now Pablo. Here is my first #MadebyPablo

  • CanadianCountryWoman

    I love Pablo! Have already created a couple of ads – with immediate results! Thank you. 🙂

  • With all the tools out right now it’s about finding the mix that is easy to use and easy to get value from. Like Buffer and now Pablo. Here is my first #MadebyPablo

    • Wow awesome work James, thanks os much for checking out Pablo! 🙂

  • Awesome tool – love how easy it is to share to Buffer. Just a couple of requests for feature updates (they’re probably in the works anyway, but wanted to feedback).

    – Option to change image alignment
    – More colour options (some given backgrounds simply don’t display well with any of the four colours)

    But yes, love the tool and how quick it will be to add an image to most posts now! Would also be awesome if you could have a lightbox popup Pablo straight from Buffer so you can add images while scheduling.

    • Wow, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here Becky! That makes a lot of sense, can definitely see how having more color choices for the fonts would help them stand out better against more backgrounds.

      Also love the idea of having Pablo integrated right into Buffer, you’re reading our minds I think! 🙂

  • adspedia

    Compared to Canva you’re surely lot quicker and better composition effects. I love the ability to upload your own logo.

    Can’t the logo be moved, only resized?


    • Great question! It might be possible to move the logo by clicking on it in the “Preview” image and dragging it around, would love to hear if that works for you. Thanks so much for checking out Pablo! 🙂

      • adspedia

        Not working. But love it anyways 🙂

  • Dave Cornett

    I love Pablo, good work guys. I would like to adjust level of blur though please

    • Awesome point Dave, this has been a popular request and makes a ton of sense! Definitely a good one for us to dig into. 🙂

  • Buffer continues to impress me. I always recommend Buffer on my personal blog. Love to share value with readers. 🙂

    • Wow, you rock Hassaan! Thanks so much for the kind comment and for sharing the word about Buffer, that means the world to us!

  • Having fun with Pablo and I do like the ease & speed of it. Watching to see how this is integrated into the Buffer platform. I’m sure you guys are in the laboratory thinking up really cool ideas just like the ones in this post 😉

    • Definitely, thanks so much for checking this out Tanya! 🙂

  • CanadianCountryWoman

    Is there a way to access Pablo from my Bufferapp dashboard? I feel like I’m missing something. Thanks for a fantastic tool! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, you’re not missing a thing! We’re currently keeping Pablo a bit “stand-alone” at the moment while we improve it, I think we’ll be quite keen to integrate it with the app in a easier way soon. 🙂

      • OnTheOtherHand

        OK, but the question is how to get to Pablo. I can’t.

  • Andres Mendez

    Neato! Finally something I can integrate into my workflow!

    How did you guys align the text on some of the graphics? I only get left-justified.

    Thanks for the awesomeness!

    • Thanks for checking Pablo out, Andres! Would you be keen for other alignment options, or maybe something instead of left-justified text? This is one that’s come up a few times and would love to hear your thoughts here!

      • Andres Mendez

        I’d say left, right and center per line would be awesome.

        Center for the quote, right-justified for the author.

  • Meg

    One of the most useful posts I have read on the Buffer Blog. Thanks.

    • Thanks so much, Meg!

  • sparklenation

    I love it. No more PicMonkey and others. The options are endless, and its fast.
    Here is my first.

  • OnTheOtherHand

    I feel like such a dodo, but I can’t find find Pablo. It doesn’t appear as an option where I write posts. I can’t find it as an app to download. I can’t figure out how to get to Pablo when I’m in Buffer. Help. It looks like such a good option.

    • Hi! So sorry for the troubles here. Pablo is a standalone site for now (meaning it isn’t anywhere in the Buffer app itself, or in any app stores). We’d love to explore these possibilities in the future!

      If you’d like to try out Pablo, I think this link should get you there:

  • Is there an App for this Pablo?

    • Hi Daryoosh! Thanks for the comment! Currently, Pablo is available at, and we’re looking into possibly bringing it elsewhere! 🙂

  • These days Events and announcements
    are best in social media. Thanks to writer for pointing out these imp. tips. HSC Result 2015

  • This is very cool, and very well executed. Question, though: I already use Buffer regularly, e.g. using the Buffer Chrome button. How can I integrate Pablo into my already semi-automatic process? I don’t want to have to go all outside of my scheduled Buffer process to access Pablo and then come back in and re-integrate the posts back into my buffer schedule.

    • Hi there Charles! Thanks for the comment (and for your Buffer support)!

      I can definitely see how it’d be great to keep your workflow in place as much as possible. We’re eager to explore some ways to further integrate Pablo with Buffer. 🙂

      For the time being, I’d be happy to share a bit about how I use Pablo + Buffer. I imagine you may have tried some of these already also. Sorry if I’m repeating anything.

      1) I’ll schedule all the great content I find into my Buffer queue. Then I’ll go into Pablo separately and create the images, download them to my desktop, and hop back into Buffer to edit my scheduled posts and add Pablo images.

      2) I’ll create the image in Pablo and click the Buffer button. In the popup window, I’ll add the link and text I want to share, and the Pablo image will be already attached. 🙂

      Hope these might trigger some ideas! I’d love to brainstorm further if it’d be helpful to you!

  • Pugboy

    Pablo gives me the functionality like Share As Image fully integrated with Buffer for free? I’m in. My only question is when do we get Pablo in the Buffer app? That would be awesome!

    • Great use of Pablo! 🙂 We’re eager to work toward deeper Pablo+Buffer integration as well. Thanks for the nudge!

  • DrShamsaldeen

    ّI need to have right and centered aligmnet for Arabic language

    • Thanks for the feedback! Seems like this would be a great one to work on. 🙂

  • Denedriane Dean

    Thank you for this addition to Buffer app! I am looking forward to trying it out.

  • BluePi

    This tool works great…thanks for offering so easy to use tool.

  • Essentially Golf

    Can’t upload image. Keeps redirecting back to original source.

    • Sorry about the trouble we’ve caused here with the uploads! We had a few server troubles early on, I wonder if you might be up for giving this another go? Currently Pablo can handle images up to about 3MB, we’re working on making that a bit clearer on our end too. 🙂

  • Sally Seu InternCoordinator Pe

    Love it! But is there way it can be downloaded as jpg instead of through Adobe?

    • Hi Sally! Thanks so much for the comment. I think currently the way it’s set up is to download as a .png file. I’ve found a lot of use out of to convert files types, if that’d be helpful at all!

      • Sally Seu InternCoordinator Pe

        Thanks! This is awesome information and great to know! I’ll have to share it!

  • Antonio Fernandez

    Love this! You guys are so Youtility!

  • Baffled

    You say that no sign in is required yet before I can even look at it I have to sign up!

    Have I missed something?

    • No longer baffled

      Whoops, yes I missed something! Sorry, and thanks!

      • So glad this started working for you. 🙂

        Happy Pablo-ing!

  • SES_Elizabeth

    As I’ve been using this, it’s exciting to think of all the ways Buffer could build on it! I would love to have the option to add an image from a URL, and to add a background color instead of an image. Keep up the great work Buffer!

  • Mothering Day coming up in the UK:

    I’d like a possibility to control the size of the image in Pablo: Didn’t find it?
    If the original photo is large it would be nice to be able to choose which part will be used for the actual Pablo crop.

    Otherwise, great stuff, love it! 🙂

  • Saskia van Berkel

    Hi there! I’m really excited to try out this tool, however the upload image button isn’t working for me! When I click it nothing happens :(. Any tips?

  • Created my first ‘Pablo’ and posted it on my LinkedIn profile – yay! By the way: did you guys name the app like the famous artist? 🙂 Good call.

  • GTO

    Thanks for the nifty tool! #madebypablo

  • Lacivetta

    Hi – I’m having difficulty uploading a small image – it’s a straightforward, small .jpg file but it consistently won’t upload?

  • Apologies for commenting on the old post, but is there a step by step anywhere for creating the Facebook image like in Idea #5? I’ve tried downloading the image, posting straight to FB, sending it to Buffer and editing it… without much luck. Might this have been affected by the Facebook Terms kerfluffle?

    Any guidance would help, and many thanks for this tool!

  • Sean Haley

    How do you get rid of the quotes already on the templates?

  • francescafabbri

    Hey guys, great job as always! Is there any way to browse all the available images? Am I missing something? Thanks!

  • Gie

    i really enjoy using this but i think Pablo would be better if there would be like a stand aone app or something.

  • Courtney, I’ve tried both Canva and PicMonkey and struggled to integrate them into my marketing plans – I’ve learned it’s more productive to stick to my go-to app, Buffer, and Pablo – Picasso ?