We tend to read a lot of content at Buffer. And I mean a lot.

Inside the Buffer product, we aim to solve the problem of “what should I share next?” by providing the content suggestions for you—25 of them, each and every day, hand-picked by Courtney and our suggestions team.

We share 25 stories per day. We read even more that don’t make the cut.

Where do we turn to find so much shareable content?

I’ll be happy to let you in on our not-so-secret sources—some of our favorite newsletters, tools, and apps for finding and sharing our favorite stories. If you’ve got a source that didn’t make our list, feel free to add it in the comments! We’re always on the lookout for new places to hunt.

1. Daily by Buffer

First off, let’s start with one of the places where our suggestions end up: our new iOS app, Daily by Buffer. You can think of the Daily app as Tinder for content. We’ll show you a pile of suggestions, and you swipe each story left or right to discard it or to share it via your Buffer queue. The app has built-in abilities to read the stories you want and to sort suggestions via topic.

daily by buffer

2. SmartBrief

SmartBrief boasts more than 225 unique newsletters, broken down into 40+ topics. Whatever your specific industry or niche, chances are that SmartBrief will have a newsletter for you—chock full of curated news and information. If you’re into marketing and social media (like we are), I’d suggest browsing their marketing newsletters to begin with.


3. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn has expanded rapidly as a content platform, encouraging its influencers and members to share and publish content directly on the network. As such, there are enough good stories on LinkedIn to make their Pulse page a fantastic source of solid content.

Pulse includes customized stories according to those whom you follow on LinkedIn (following is different than connecting; you can follow folks to see their stories without having them in your LinkedIn network.) You can also receive Pulse via email: weekly, daily, or as soon as new content is posted. To turn on the LinkedIn Pulse email, visit your Email Frequency settings, and change the settings for Updates and News.

LinkedIn Pulse

4. News.me

This daily newsletter collects the stories that have been shared most often by those you follow on Facebook and Twitter. Your digest then becomes a reflection of the content that is most important to your audience—a pretty good indicator that you’re onto something good to share. You can edit the News.me settings to receive five, 10, or 15 stories each day.

5. Swayy

Another content source that taps into your audience, Swayy connects to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to discover the topics and stories that are trending among your circles or being shared by your community. You can access this content directly from the Swayy dashboard (as well as view analytics on what you’ve shared via Swayy), or you can see stories via the Swayy daily email.


6. Sharebloc

You can follow topics and influencers on Sharebloc to receive a customized flow of stories, which you can then vote up or share directly from Sharebloc. If you’re feeling particularly helpful, you can submit articles, too.

7. NY Times: What We’re Reading

New York Times editors and reporters would probably have good taste in content, right? It’s likely so, which is why their twice weekly email, What We’re Reading, has such value. The email is available for home delivery and digital subscribers. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can find some of this same NYT-curated content via the free NYT Now app. The app highlights the best content from the New York Times and around the web, delivered in easy-to-read briefings.


8. MediaREDEF

Jason Hirschhorn of MediaREDEF curates a daily newsletter described as “a mix of media + tech + pop content.” The interesting mix leads to some interesting discoveries, and Jason’s tastes (as a former executive at MTV and MySpace) make for some unique content that you’re not likely to get in other newsletters.

9. Inbound.org Digest

A collaboration between the heads of Hubspot and Moz, Inbound.org is a type of Hacker News for inbound marketing. Stories on SEO, social media, case studies, strategies, and more are submitted and voted upon by users. Five of the best stories get emailed out every day (or weekly, if you so choose) via the Inbound Digest email.

inbound.org daily email

10. Digg

Since its relaunch, Digg seems to be doing everything right in terms of content. They’ve built an incredibly useful and entertaining main page of noteworthy stories. They provide an RSS reader for those of us who still like to surf our content that way. And their most recent addition, Digg Deeper, places the top stories from those you follow on social right onto your Digg homepage (the guts behind this service is none other than the News.me app mentioned above).

Digg Deeper

11. Medium

Stories on Medium pop up at least weekly inside our Buffer content suggestions. How do we find them? Browsing the collections and the trending lists straight from Medium is one way. Following our favorite writers is another. Based on whom you follow, Medium sends emails with content it thinks you might like.

Medium email

12. Ed Yong

For something a little different—yet still entirely fascinating and shareable—try Ed Yong’s blog and email list. His blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science, covers all things science in an approachable, understandable way. His weekly newsletter, The Ed’s Up, covers science and more—journalism, writing, “heh/wow/huh,” and a list of top picks spanning a wide variety of topics.

The Ed's Up

13. Sidebar.io

One of our five content suggestion categories is design, and we’re grateful for tools like Sidebar.io that focus directly on the topic. Their daily list of top links is created by a handful of human editors who upvote submitted links to determine what reaches the Sidebar homepage on any given day. The results (up to five links) are posted on the site and sent out via email.

Sidebar dot io

14. Panda

One of the most beautiful sites we’ve found for discovering new content is the collection at Panda. The site collects the top stories and top visuals from some of the best communities on the web and delivers the content in an easy-to-browse layout (or via email, if you’d prefer). You can cycle among a handful of different sites without ever leaving the Panda homepage.

  • Hacker News
  • Growth Hackers
  • Designer News
  • Sidebar.io
  • Product Hunt
  • Lobsters
  • Dribbble
  • Behance
  • Awwwards

Panda homepage

15. Prismatic

One of the top reviews on the Prismatic iOS app calls it “a killer app for curious people.” Certainly, Prismatic helps sate a bit of curiosity by delivering a personalized, social news stream of interesting links based on those you follow on your favorite social networks and on your chosen categories and topics of interest. The content discovery carries over to the web, too, where you can browse stories and edit your interests and followers.

Update: Prismatic shut its news app down on December 20, 2015.

16. Contently

The content-focused team at Contently runs a couple of unique online magazines focused on the stories, resources, tips, and strategies for online creators. Our favorite is the Content Strategist, a collection of articles about storytelling and the future of content. You can browse directly from the main page or sign up for a daily email.


17. Nuzzel

Nuzzel is another one of the “news from your friends” apps, letting you connect your social profiles in order to surface the stories that your circles are sharing. A few neat features of Nuzzel include:

  • Not only news from friends but also news from friends of friends
  • A list of replies and tweets referring to the top content shared by friends
  • A boomerang feature: stories that might have slipped your attention

18. Quibb

Unique among these free and open content sources, Quibb is invite-only—and it’s a tough invite at that. Once you apply for membership, your application gets manually reviewed by the Quibb team; the current acceptance rate sits at 38 percent. Once you’re in, you can enjoy a platform that lets you share industry news and analysis and see what others are reading. The select nature of the service ensures that the content that gets shared and talked about is of the utmost quality.

19. BuzzSumo

Where can you find the most shared content on the web? Try BuzzSumo. Simply input a topic, keyword, or competitor, and BuzzSumo shows a list of posts ranked by the amount of social shares each receives. We’ve found this to be an ideal tool to not only evaluate blog post ideas but also to find new content. If you’ve got a particular topic in mind, BuzzSumo can be a handy resource to discover which articles might be most shareable.


20. The Moz Top 10

The semi-monthly email newsletter from Moz covers the best stories on inbound marketing, SEO, and social, as chosen by the Moz editorial team.

Moz Top 10

21. 99U newsletter

The weekly email from the 99U blog includes the top stories published on 99U over the past week as well as a handful of chosen links from outside the friendly confines of 99U. You can subscribe via any article page on the 99u website.

99u newsletter

22. Brain Food – Farnam Street Weekly

The Farnam Street blog covers topics like personal improvement, discipline, learning, and growth, and the weekly newsletter is no different. Blogger Shane Parrish shares the best links from his blog over the past seven days as well as a lengthy section on the most interesting stories he’s read across the Internet.

23. NewsCred

Creators of content marketing sotware, NewsCred also runs a highly entertaining, informative blog made up of original content and syndicated stories from across the web (full disclosure: some Buffer articles have appeared there before). Their daily newsletter contains three or more of the best pieces of content that appear on the blog each day.

NewsCred screens

24. Digiday

Digiday’s daily newsletter is chock full of thought leadership and the latest trends on digital media, advertising, and marketing. With multiple new stories every day (and fun visuals to go alongside the stories), Digiday offers a little something different to share beyond the typical listicles and how-to posts.

25. The Verge

The daily newsletter from The Verge includes their latest stories on technology, science, art, and culture. The Verge likely gained its notoriety for its in-depth product reviews, but the site covers so much more than that: the latest from Apple and Google, experiments with new creations like Soylent, and unique takes on trending stories across social media.

The Verge newsletter

Final thoughts

Where do you turn to find shareable content?

We’ve found a fun groove of newsletters and tools that help us discover great stories to share and that save us big amounts of time. Finding and sharing great content on social media can be an enjoyable, simple process, once you’ve found the right places to look.

(Pro tip: If you choose to go the newsletter route, it might be helpful to sign up for a service like Unroll.me that puts all your subscriptions into one tidy email per day, saving your inbox from getting unmanageable.)

What are some of your favorite content sources? I’d love to hear you share your top spots in the comments.

Image credits: Death to the Stock Photo


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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Andrew Koller

    Thank you so much for the mention Kevan. I hope you know what big fans we are are all the great content Buffer puts out. We’d love to find a way to help you out more.

    • Hi, Andrew! Thanks for the comment! Really glad to spread some of the love. 🙂

  • Travis Balinas

    I also have found the daily email newsletter I get from Content Gems to be quite helpful.

    • Hi, Travis! Awesome! Thanks for the lead. Am I in the right place here: https://contentgems.com/start ?

      • Travis Balinas

        That’s correct, @kevanlee:disqus!

      • jeffio

        Yup, that’s it Kevan! What we offer is a power tool that gives you a lot of control over your keywords and sources. AND… we have Buffer sharing links in the daily e-mail and the web-app as well 🙂

    • jeffio

      Hi Travis, thanks for the ContentGems shout out! I’m glad you like our content curation tool!

      • Travis Balinas

        No problem! It’s one of 4 email digests that I truly read from top to bottom everyday.

  • Michael Meyer

    Thanks for sharing. I feel like knowing some of your best secrets now 🙂
    I recently subscribed to http://summalist.com and I’m liking it a lot. You may add it to your list too.

    • Hi Michael! Excited to check out SummaList. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Joan Schuman

    Ditto for me, thanks for sharing. And I thought I read too many news feeds daily. I get about half of your list and eager to check out the others.

    • Sounds great, Joan! I’d love to know what you think of the list! 🙂

  • Ooh great list! I already use a few of these but have to check out the others—Panda sounds especially interesting. Shoutout to @courtneyseiter:disqus & the content team for your amazing curation skills! PS. “You can think of the Daily app as Tinder for content.” <- Ha!

    • Hi, Tia! I’d love to know what you think of Panda. 🙂 I’ve currently got Growth Hackers and Awwwards pinned to my Panda homepage. Can’t say I have much practical use for Awwwards being there other than that I just really like pretty websites!

  • Mark Aaron Carlisle

    Possibly one of the best posts ever Kevan.

    I constantly seek new content to sustain my 119k followers and despite the bliss that is stumble upon, I can only police and read so many articles in a day! Trust in you suggested content was difficult at first but less so now.

    Reviewing articles that don’t damage your social profile is a top priority for me.
    Your article is an additional wealth and resource! Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

    As always, the Buffer Team are at the top of my ‘ you guys rock’ list 😉 @markaaronc

  • Great list Kevan!

    Dave Pell’s newsletter NextDraft (http://nextdraft.com/) is one of the best out there. Every day he sends out a newsletter with the Internet’s most interesting reads. Definitely worth checking out.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks for mentioning that one, Rosanna! It’s on my list for sure!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this list! There are so many great resources here. I’ve spent much of the day going through them all and deciding how to best use each one!

    • Glad to hear it, Maureen! Let me know if you end up with any new favorites! 🙂

  • Buffer, I think I have a crush on you. You introduced me to BuzzSumo, and I was counting my lucky stars about that. And then this morning, I awake to find you have given me 24 more resources – thank you Kevan.

    • Haha, excellent! Did any particular ones from this list stand out? Glad to hear you’re enjoying BuzzSumo. It’s amazing!

      • I have just counted, I have bookmarked 13. I am working my way through them each morning. Yesterday I used Prismatic, what a breeze. Previously, having to find really good content that I could reference in a meaningful way was a chore to be frank. But with all these creative and well organised resources, it’s one less (big) headache in the morning. 🙂

  • Lee Pickrell

    Nice job Kevan!

    Shameless plug but we’re hoping we can soon add to that list with Pocket Social (www.PocketSocial.co.uk), allowing small businesses to not just discover and share content but also manage all their social networks via a simple tinder like interface.

  • Jeff Domansky

    Kevan, useful list with lots of favorites and a couple of new ones. Thank you. My suggestion is Scoop.it which has so many great curators to choose from on every topic you can imagine.

    • Great one, Jeff! Thanks!

  • one of the few newsletters I actually look forward to getting in my inbox.

    naughty Buffer – now I’ll be off to see which ones on your list I will want to follow. Really great mix and I’m going to see if I can get my newsletters/posts in there! I also really liked the idea of getting better content ideas as it’s hard to be thinking of new ideas when you’re a solopreneur trying to do everything in your biz.

    thanks so much for curating such excellent content


    • Hi Liz! Thanks for the comment. Excited to hear which of these you enjoy using! 🙂

  • Don’t forget Alltop!

    • Nice one, Rick! Alltop is great!

  • Michalis Tiritas

    Great list Kevan, will check these out starting with Daily by Buffer! I use Flipboard and have just discovered Feedly which is brilliant for marketing, social media, plus a lot more.

    • Hi Michalis! We’re big fans of Feedly, too! So glad you found it. I’d be keen to hear what you think of Daily once you give it a go. 🙂

      • Michalis Tiritas

        Great to hear! I’ve also used LinkedIn Pulse but I think Flipboard is my favourite so far just in terms of the sheer breadth of material you can access. Just looked at Daily and saw your comments that it’s not available on Android yet, oh shame! But let me know when it does become available, I’m sure it’s a logical next step.

  • CSLnutrition

    Thanks for this awesome list. As an athlete driven company, we are always looking for the trending and freshest content in our community.

  • thanks for the list, let me see what i can discover next

  • Amazing useful list! I use swayy and read several others on a daily basis. Bookmarked some new suggestions from this list. Great work

    • Hi Yuval! Awesome to hear! Glad you found the post useful. It’d be great to hear if any of these stick for you!

  • Another utterly helpful post. Thanks, Kevan! I’m already into most of these but Panda is new for me and I’m loving it. Great tip and much appreciated. Another resource I’ve come to love that I don’t see here is Newsle. It specifically provides news about your connections as determined by accounts that you associate with it i.e. LinkedIn. I enjoy it because it allows me to share and congratulate others’ accomplishments + build on relationships. And now… I’m off to plot a way to get into Quibb…… 🙂

    • Hi Christin! Let me know if you’re Quibb successful! 🙂

      Thanks for the tip on Newsle. I’ll check that one out!

  • hey that was some good stuff, popurls.com is another great source too.

  • Jeanne Sachs

    Fantastic List Kevan! Thanks for sharing it.

  • philhill

    A very useful list. What about doing a follow up post on great email marketing tools that incorporate curated content. Ours (flashissue.com) brings curated content to inside Gmail. There’s a few other’s in the space as well that are cool. I can help if you want to pull together a post.

  • Ed Fry

    Thanks for the shout out for inbound.org Kevan! We’ve more interesting integrations with Buffer on the way too – keep your eyes peeled 🙂

  • Great post, love the idea of your new tinder type app, but, I really like to read everything before I share, as I see it as me recommending it to others and so I need to make sure it is worth sharing before I share…

    I really need an app that lets me read one thing, write another and think about a problem without getting them confused and with remembering and focusing on each…. 🙂

    • Hi Lara! This is such great feedback! Thank you for the comment. 🙂 It’s great to know these things as we work to improve the app and the experience for our awesome users. Have you found any apps (or a mix of apps) that help solve these problems?

  • Hi Kevan – I put out a little known monthly newsletter for digital marketers/analysts that you might find useful for a future roundup. No fluff, just value :). Most recent edition here for reference – http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=0e64190d48b533f2e8809e0c8&id=90ee15a001&e=e9dfa66e92

    • Hi Jeff! Thanks so much for sharing your newsletter here! I love the cool mix of content in it – seems like you must read a TON of articles! Signing up now … 🙂

      • Awesome! I do end up reading a lot of interesting things each month so I figured why not share in newsletter form!

  • Ante

    I have been subscribed to your Newsletter for some time now and find your writing to be very insightful and useful, as this article is. For some time we have been working on a very useful new network, http://www.ekcko.com, that is user-friendly and enables you to stream filtered news, do research on any subject, follow content added by other users, publish your own article and discuss it all on EKCKO. Have a look at my personal EKCKO profile http://www.ekcko.com/News/Seeker/ to get an idea of how you could use it for yourself. Thanks for the good content.

  • You forgot http://umano.me – I love this because I can listen to content while doing something else (driving, laundry, gardening, whatever), and I can share it with the tap of a button.

    • Thanks, Erin! Excited to check that one out!

  • Chelsea Allison

    http://www.ekcko.com is an awesome tool to help collect content and discuss with others. You can monitor and personalise rooms to what ever it is you need!

    • Awesome! Thanks, Chelsea. 🙂

  • Lourie Peck

    This is a very helpful article for newbies to content marketing like me. I am checking them out one by one. Thank you very much!

  • richardpelletier

    Tremendous list. Thank you Kevan. Will help me curate some even greater stuff at 5 Cool Things. http://www.fivecoolthingsblog.com/

  • redhotvegas

    You should definitely check out http://www.getyourfittogether.org for funny/edgy/informative articles on fitness, life, relationships, and health. Roni Taylor in particular 🙂 http://getyourfittogether.org/10-things-consider-dating-athletic-girl/

  • Great list guys, and very pragmatic approach, super useful. I also use Klout to find shareable content. Since their pivot, they are a lot more about curating content your audience will like than ranking your popularity. Also useful to find gems with a growing popularity, but not viral yet (as in, you’ll be the one spreading the news to your audience). And Pinterest, of course, great to find visuals and expert content on specific subjects, that are yet to become popular.

  • Gustavo Ordaz:.

    what about feedly? I’m currently using feedly and I’ve found it very useful and cool!

    Great post Kevan!!!!! I will explore them!!!!!


  • Ray Priti