You compete with millions of other blogs on creating and sharing craveable content.

You manage multiple social media accounts, seeking that sweet spot of targeted, valuable, engaging updates.

You do this all day, day after day.

Imagine having some tools on hand that make these daily activities even easier.

Tony Restell understands these challenges of social media sharing like few others. As founder of, Tony works with multiple recruiting clients at a time on their social media strategy, and his Social-Hire content competes with the likes of LinkedIn, ERE, and other heavyweights for views and shares.

Tony is managing 93 social media profiles for his agency and its clients. Wow!

He’s found a way to keep it all organized, efficient, and successful. Social-Hire’s content draws 10,000 social media shares every month, and these shares alone generate more than 25,000 visitors to the blog. Tony sees over 90 percent of new business come from social media.

How does he do it? And what can we learn from the amazing way he keeps everything top-notch and together?

At the heart of his awesome system are a handful of Tony’s go-to tools. Here’s a look inside his process.

Social Hire quote

7 essential tools that no agency can live without

1. Buffer

For complete social media management, Tony relies on Buffer.

Here’s why:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to explain to clients
  3. Simple interface
  4. Quickly add team members with custom roles
  5. Awesome customer support

Agency work requires that the tools you use for collaboration with clients are easy not only for you but also for everyone else who may contribute. The simple, intuitive Buffer interface makes for a great entry for clients who may not be as familiar with social media dashboards. Tony can quickly and easily get clients up to speed and involved.

Seeing on one dashboard that we have sufficient content queued up to our clients’ accounts and our own accounts is both a major time-saver and stress-buster!

The Buffer for Business plan welcomes team members to contribute to a social profile. Tony manages each profile and invites the client to contribute as a team member. The client can view all the activity on the profile and contribute as they see fit.

TEAM members

And perhaps most importantly, Tony trusts the team behind the product.

Buffer is an essential tool in our business for a whole host of reasons. But what I’ve valued the most is the customer service and responsiveness. The team always want to learn from you what would make the product better and are always on hand to help whenever that’s needed.

I shudder to think what life would be like without Buffer!

Start your free 30-day trial of the top social media tool for agencies!

2. Feedly

A big part of Tony’s strategy is content. Feedly’s RSS management tool is ideal for discovering and staying on top of industry-specific content that fits a particular niche. Tony’s biggest use of Feedly is for finding and monitoring this content to share easily on behalf of clients.

He’s got an especially neat tip to get content from Feedly into a social queue super fast. Keep reading below.

3. BuzzSumo

The content analysis tool BuzzSumo is a huge resource for Tony to find key influencers in each of the niche markets that his clients serve. Simply search the keyword terms for the niche, and BuzzSumo returns the most popular content and sources.


4. ManageFlitter

This suite of Twitter tools provides easy follow/unfollow action, search of user bios, and Twitter analytics.

5. Circloscope

Much like ManageFlitter for Twitter, Circloscope is ideal for managing an audience on Google+.


6. Hootsuite

Social media listening is an important part of Tony’s agency work. Hootsuite helps with monitoring and replying to mentions on social accounts.

7. vCita

vCita provides real-time consultation scheduling, which is great for agencies wanting to allow both clients and prospects to schedule in calls at their convenience.

BONUS: More social media management tools

I wrote a piece on six tools and strategies for managing multiple social media accounts. There’s some overlap, but you might find it helpful for putting Tony’s tools into practice!

How to find and share niche content in a snap

When you share to 93 social media profiles, you’ve likely figured out quite a few time-saving tips. Here’s one of Tony’s favorites, involving Buffer, Feedly, and IFTTT.

Subscribe to industry-specific, niche blogs in Feedly.

Create custom tags in Feedly to tag content that is to be shared to a specific social profile.

Create an IFTTT recipe with Feedly and Buffer. It’ll work like this …

IF you tag a cool story in Feedly with Tag A, THEN add the story to Buffer Profile A, using this particular message style.

ifttt feedly tag buffer recipe

You can customize the text that appears before the story as well as how the story itself appears (e.g., story title and link). If you run out of Buffers to connect to Feedly, you can try a Feedly and Email integration using your secret Buffer email address that adds updates directly to your profile.

Here’s the awesome benefit Tony gets from this tip:

That allows us to really streamline the time we spend on our Social-Hire profiles which is crucial as we want our experts focused on serving up a great social experience on our clients’ accounts!

Tony’s social media strategy – unpacked

The agency work that Tony undertakes relies on a couple of building blocks for his company.

1. The recruitment content that Social-Hire creates must be shared in the industry more widely than content from heavyweights like LinkedIn and ERE. This is key to building client trust in Tony’s abilities as a social media expert.

2. Once Tony starts working with a client, he must have a seamless integration with his team and the marketing and recruitment teams of the client. It’s best when there’s no stepping on one another’s toes or over-posting to any accounts.

Buffer and the other tools Tony uses help with both of these needs.

The social media strategy for Tony’s agency comes back to these two challenges. Here’s his three-pronged strategy for both his own social media accounts and for his clients.

  1. Focus on making your social profiles valuable (or entertaining) for the target audience you want to attract
  2. Ensure you take the steps needed to get your social profiles in front of your target audience so that they have the chance to see the value you provide and to choose to follow you
  3. Set aside the time needed to properly engage with your followers and those sharing your content (that’s what usually prompts client wins and successful candidate hires)

Valuable Content (1)

One way in which Tony is able to make good on these strategies is the contribution and analytics tools inside the Buffer dashboard.

For example, he can allow clients to easily contribute content to their profiles (via the team member settings in Buffer for Business). This content gets approved and added to the queue rather than publishing right away into a feed. The benefit here: No over-sharing.

Taken a step further, Tony and his team can analyze these shares along with the client to see which type of updates and articles perform best. Buffer analytics can be as informative and deep as you want—either with top-level “Top Tweet” styled notifications or full, in-depth analytics.

From Tony:

Buffer makes it super easy for any of our client contacts to contribute content to be shared on their social profiles – but in a way that doesn’t risk over-sharing or appear automated. It then provides the data and insights we need to see which types of updates are really generating the most interest and sparking the most conversations, so that we’re continuously optimizing what we share on behalf of our clients.

The recruiting industry is a results-driven sector, so being responsive like this is key.

buffer analytics

Final takeaways

A series of helpful tools have helped Tony take his social media expertise and his growing agency to new heights.

He relies on Buffer for simple, well-organized social media management. He counts on tools like Feedly and IFTTT for making content curation and sharing as easy as possible.

He gets a lot done—sharing to over 90 social media profiles. And he does so with an amazing level of success—10,000 social shares and 25,000 new visits per month.

Can Buffer help your team or individual social media strategy, too? We’d love to help you find out. Why not give Buffer a try?

Buffer for Business button

Social media, streamlined

Schedule posts across the top social networks, collaborate with your team, and measure the performance of your content — all in one place.

Try Buffer and see the difference!
Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

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    • Glad the insights were helpful and thanks for your positive feedback!

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    Awesome, but marketeering group uses buffer and runs social for 140+ clients and over 290 profiles – why not feature them? 🙂 – Evan (I do not work for them)

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  • Good article. Have to say I do like the Buffer articles…. pretty solid advice week after week. Have had my buffer account for a while and have found it to be super productive. Still do post occasionally off-buffer on Twitter etc But for the most part do schedule with Buffer.

    Would like to see the ability to add more than one image to a scheduled post like you already can on Facebook an Twitter. On Twitter you can post 4 images per tweet, so Buffer should increase in line with this.

    Also the ability to schedule to Google Plus profiles would be amazing….. but I understand their are issues with getting this put in place because of Google Plus itself.

    • I second that request on ability to add more images to a scheduled post! 🙂

      • Thanks for letting us know, Alice! Hope we can get that going for you soon!

    • Single images do well, but some of my top tweets have been with multiple images: one with 715 retweets,472 retweets. My top tweet is a single image with 2,683 retweets but still the ability to schedule multiple images per post will encourage us to make more use of Buffer as we will have no need to post via the platforms themselves.

      • Thanks so much for all the Buffer love and for sharing what would make the tool even more useful for you; that’s so helpful to know! I’ll definitely pass this along and see what we can do!

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    Have just tried out Buzzsumo and within about 2 minutes of playing with keywords I now have all the content for my social account I could possibly need for the next month at least! This one’s definitely going in the portfolio! Thanks!

    • BuzzSumo is a great one for content discovery; glad you got a great takeaway from this post! 🙂

  • Great tools here. A couple of which I have not tried out yet, going to test soon. One of my faves, Buffer, of course, rocks! 😉

    • Aww, thanks, Rich! It means so much to us that you find Buffer so useful; glad you could find a few new tools from this piece!

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  • Thanks for all the positive feedback – and Lynette I can strongly recommend using BuzzSumo not just to discover content but also to investigate who are the most valuable influencers for you to connect with in your niche. Check the stats on who typically RTs others a lot, has a large following themselves and also regularly sees their own content be retweeted by others. These are people who can really help you expand your reach in your niche market if you play your cards right 🙂

    • Thanks a million for your generosity in sharing your time, tools, and “trade secrets,” Tony! We really appreciate it–and so do the Buffer blog readers, it seems! 🙂

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    You can only use the If Feedly then Buffer on IFTTT if you subscribe to Feedly Pro for $5 per month.

    • Great note on this one! Thanks for adding that detail.

    • That’s strange – the account I’m using that on is a free one not a paid one. Maybe the early users of Feedly had access to things that those joining now don’t…

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    • Cecelia – I’m interested in working with Inc on publishing a few articles. How did you go about getting that relationship? I have some strong Online influence and love to serve a greater community with it like Inc.

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    If only Buffer scheduled Instagram photos! 😀 I am having HUGE problem finding affordable Instagram management system that would let me add multiple accounts, schedule, and respond to comments/DMs right from it (Instagram doesn’t allow posting through any 3rd party apps so I can only dream about this one).

    • Dreaming right alongside you, Agnes! Sounds like a great one to work toward. 🙂

      • Agnes Dadura

        Yes, yes, Instagram has very limited tools available now. Please add it to Buffer Agenda 🙂

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    Buffer is my on-line hero, I’ve been with them a good while now, and even though I do not-for-profit sites and have a free account, they treat me like a valued customer. Their extension for Chrome is superb and frankly saves me oodles of time. I reckon their customer service is quite simply as good as it gets. Mush respect and thanks to them.
    Second on my list (and it’s a pretty close call) is the IFTTT app. I don’t use this so much as I frankly don’t subscribe to all the plethora of options they offer. You also have to be a bit careful about what I call “feedback loops” – for example if you’ve got Twitter to post to Facebook and have an IFTTT for new posts to Facebook to post to Twitter…. well you see what can happen. But an amazing boon for a lil ‘old markeeters like me who have literally no resources…
    So BIG thanks to the Teams behind these topping tools!

    • We’re big fans of IFTTT as well! Do you have a favorite recipe there, David?

  • If only Buffer scheduled Instagram photos! 😀 I am having HUGE problem finding affordable Instagram management system that would let me add multiple accounts, schedule, and respond to comments/DMs right from it (Instagram doesn’t allow posting through any 3rd party apps so I can only dream about this one).

    Blog Trần Văn Quảng chia sẻ tâm sự, thủ thuật hay cùng những bài viết hay về cuộc sống, kinh doanh

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    • Thanks, Hassaan! I think you’ll quite enjoy Feedly. Their iPad app is an awesome experience, as is the web version. 🙂

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    • A workaround is to setup multiple IFTTT accounts, one for each profile and then create the recipes on each account for each buffer profile. Takes a bit longer to set up initially than if selecting the account was possible, but achieves the desired outcome…

      • That’s quite a good idea – but would love it integrated like Hootsuite used to be.

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