How do you go about tweeting really good tweets? What does a good tweet consist of?

One of the many things we hear relating to this is “Tweet often” as well as “Tweet more”. Sometimes “You have to tweet often”. So yeah, we got it. Strategists out there try to tell us to tweet more often in order to get good tweets posted. But maybe we can cut the curves a bit here. Isn’t there some advice to follow? Advice which can make your tweets, erm, good ones right from the start?

We think there is. But where do we start? Instead of coming up with some smart-ass theory that might help you to improve your tweets, we thought: Let’s just look at the best tweeter out there. Yes, it’s him. Again. @GuyKawasaki. Tweeting all day, all night, and brilliantly. So let’s just take a look at some first:

The wild and rampant sex of flowers

How to sell socks

How can sugar explode?

The upside of getting H1N1 flu

How to reprogram your brain in 5 days

Booty-popping frogs. Eat your heart out Beyonce

Now we have broken them down to understand better what makes up a Guy Kawasaki Tweet. Let’s have a look at the 3 main things to incorporate for your tweets:

1.) The power of the unexpected

If you can create this power, it feels like a bombshell for your followers, they can’t help clicking the link. And Guy is the master of it. Whilst looking at your stream his tweets simply stand out. They carry a message so strangely different to other tweets, that we are more than tempted to click on them. And we do click on them.
Whilst you read your tweets and you are into tech and social media like we are, you are not surprised by the news tweeted by your followers about groupon getting $950 million in fresh capital. Or 10 ways to create traffic to your post. But when you read “The upside of getting H1N1 flu” you think “huh?”. Result? Click.

2.) Make it short

Are you still talking about twitter, you ask. Because it’s 140 characters already, you say. True! But we have looked at Guy’s last 100 tweets and guess what, no one has more than 10 words + the link. This means no more than 50 characters. And frankly, when you try looking at your stream the short ones are really the relief for your eyes’ pain after reading those 140 character monsters. So make it shorter, your followers will love it.

3.) Use Buffer – be consistent

Guy is using software to tweet in this consistent endless stream of good tweets. Obviously. If you want to be like him, tweeting good content all day long, try Buffer. No, seriously. This is not just advertising our product. If you find it valuable like we, Guy and others do, to provide content consistently during day and night for all your different followers, give it a shot. Try it for free.
Buffer will help you to get your best content tweeted at the best times of the day to have the most impact. You can source all your good posts and thoughts you want to share at one point. You can add them to your buffer and you will be tweeting in a consisting, endless stream of good tweets. Just like Guy.

Let us know which actions you take to make your tweets awesome.

Photo credit: koke

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.