Brian Fanzo is a speaker, podcaster and expert in all things social. He’s been a long-time supporter of #bufferchat and joined us as a special guest to share his thoughts on the rising trend of video and it’s role in social engagement.

Catch the full recap here and view a replay of his Meerkat recording here!

Why is video’s role in social engagement increasing?

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From Brian:

  • “It’s all about the noise… Finding ways to standout is key… Video allows RAW, Authentic, Real-Time engagement!”

More great advice:

  • “Video produces more information density which is how much information can be shared for the effort involved”@Ross_Quintana
  • “Video allows you to infuse personality & emotion. Quicker for engagement & feels like a convo too.” @GlendaVee
  • “Video is more accessible than ever to create & view. Streaming has made engagement realtime & what’s more social than that?” @dremptcom


Brands and individuals to watch:

From Brian:

  • @Hootsuite had an amazing use of allowing employees to share views on culture & people at each location!”

More great brands and personalities:


Why has there been an upward trend in mobile broadcasting?

From Brian:

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  • Live streaming isn’t new… I love Ustream and YouTube and @Vine But & are about ENGAGEMENT!
  • To standout you have to find ways to – Using video to say THANK YOU is powerful!

From the community:

  • “There’s an inherent desire to see “behind the scenes” and the “real.” Mobile broadcasting gives you unlimited access.” @stevedinardo55
  • “I think it’s b/c we’re all craving authenticity. Video’s a great way to humanize yourself – as a person or brand!” @MauraStewart
  • “Something new to break through the noise. Offers new perspective, less editing needs, + social convo” @christuttle


What sort of events, situations and stories lend themselves well to video sharing?

From Brian:

  • SO many brands talk about culture, relationships & caring about employees.. & allows them to PROVE IT!
  • Other Use Cases for & : Training, Open Q & A, Product Feedback, Behind the Scenes, setup of events!

From the community:

  • “It’s great for big conferences with YouTube for live feed, Meerkat and Periscope for behind the scene, Vine for bits” @sMorac
  • “Behind the scenes looks at events.. Giving people the opportunity to feel like they’re actually there” @azure_adore
  • “Product demos, How-to & funny behind the scenes & AMAs” @shradha_poddar


Advice for those getting started:

From Brian:

  • Keys for Video Success when starting!
    • Focus on embracing your story!
    • Be YOURSELF!
    • Jump on and try, test, tweak as you go!
  • NOBODY will say you’re helping them too much or you’re adding too much value.. Create a video strategy to help your community!
  • There are tons of great streamers on & LISTEN & ENGAGE first then try out streaming yourself!

From the community:

  • “Get clear on why you’re doing it, what goal you’re supporting. If you’re doing it “b/c everyone else is” then just.. don’t.” @mattddrchs
  • “Be yourself! Be personable + know what you’ll say (at least an outline) before you push record. Have a story to tell” @lizfurl
  • “Once you start, keep it going! They will improve over time & people want to see what comes next from you or your brand.” @nicolebergMN


Thank you so much for everyone who joined in on this great chat!

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