From now on you can put tweets in your Buffer right from inside Google reader with just one click. Here’s a quick guide.

Simply use your browser extension (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

The easiest way to start using Buffer inside your Google reader is via one of the browser extensions we already have.

In short, you do nothing differently than you did before if have installed a browser extension. Whenever you want to put a tweet into your Buffer, you can do it with one click just like you are used to. We’ll work out which article you’re reading and you’ll be able to add it to your Buffer:

Add to Buffer form Inside Google Reader


Use Google Reader’s “Send To” function

Another way to put tweets into your Buffer from Google Reader is via the “send to” function.  At the bottom of every article you can click the “send to” button and add to your Buffer from there:

"Send To" Function in Google Reader


How do I get the Buffer Button into my “Send To”?

Putting your own Buffer button there is very simple.

1.) Click “Options” on the top right corner of your Google Reader

2.) Click on “Reader Settings”

3.) Click “Send To”

4.) Scroll down and click “Create a Custom Link”

5.) Input these three things:

Name: Buffer


Icon URL:

6.) Click “Save”


From now on you can simply click the “Send to” on every article and the Buffer Popup will come up for you to add your tweet:

Click "Send to" and hit the Buffer icon to get the popup up.


Ok, that’s it, I hope you enjoy the new feature. We would of course love to hear your feedback on it and if you think it is useful for you.

Happy Buffering 🙂

PS: Here is also a quick video I made showing how to install “Send To”

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.