From now on you can put tweets in your Buffer right from inside Google reader with just one click. Here’s a quick guide.

Simply use your browser extension (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

The easiest way to start using Buffer inside your Google reader is via one of the browser extensions we already have.

In short, you do nothing differently than you did before if have installed a browser extension. Whenever you want to put a tweet into your Buffer, you can do it with one click just like you are used to. We’ll work out which article you’re reading and you’ll be able to add it to your Buffer:

Add to Buffer form Inside Google Reader


Use Google Reader’s “Send To” function

Another way to put tweets into your Buffer from Google Reader is via the “send to” function.  At the bottom of every article you can click the “send to” button and add to your Buffer from there:

"Send To" Function in Google Reader


How do I get the Buffer Button into my “Send To”?

Putting your own Buffer button there is very simple.

1.) Click “Options” on the top right corner of your Google Reader

2.) Click on “Reader Settings”

3.) Click “Send To”

4.) Scroll down and click “Create a Custom Link”

5.) Input these three things:

Name: Buffer


Icon URL:

6.) Click “Save”


From now on you can simply click the “Send to” on every article and the Buffer Popup will come up for you to add your tweet:

Click "Send to" and hit the Buffer icon to get the popup up.


Ok, that’s it, I hope you enjoy the new feature. We would of course love to hear your feedback on it and if you think it is useful for you.

Happy Buffering 🙂

PS: Here is also a quick video I made showing how to install “Send To”

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Well darn it! I just stopped using Google Reader in favour of Feedly – it has a much nicer look to it. Sadly, I can’t find anywhere to add Buffer as a sharing choice, and it doesn’t work using the browser bookmarklet – it saves the whole page of entries. My followers would love me if I sent that out!

    Maybe one day you can prevail upon Feedly to add you to their sharing options, or figure out a way to sneak it in there for us to use. 🙂

    • Hi Ryah,

      I love Feedly too, so I can completely understand – it is much easier to read things than in Google Reader.

      Unfortunately they don’t have an option for custom sharing options, so we can’t integrate fully into it as a sharing option yet. We’ve been in touch with the developers and it’s planned but could be a while.

      However, I have a feeling we can probably make the browser bookmarklet work in Feedly. I’m going to look into it – I’ll be sure to let you know if I get it working! 🙂

      • That would be (a word we English don’t use very often) awesome! I hope you become so ubiquitous Feedly can’t ignore you.

      • Hi,

        I agree with Ryah.  It would be great if you could integrate with feedly. Any developments with bookmarklet?

        • We actually have something in the works 🙂 Stay tuned!

          • Hi Joel. Any update on the Feedly integration. Buffer rocks, but going back to reading feeds via the Google Reader interface (even with its new cleaner look) is like stepping back in time compared with reading in Feedly’s UI.

          • Karl Roche

             Any news?

  • Guys – I love that you were able to pull this off. Brilliant!

    • Awesome Chris, really glad you like it. It was also for your great support and providing us with Feedback on this that helped us a big deal. Thanks.

      Also saw you installed the Buffer Button on your blog, really great you help us testing this up and coming feature! 🙂

  • Very pleased to see my idea make it into Buffer – Awesome!

  • Awesome tip! Now on to my reader account to configure the same. A real time-saver!

    • Awesome Rajeev, glad it is helpful for you! 🙂 

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  • Anonymous

    wow way to stay on top of things team!

  • Just getting into my Google Reader – Excellent to find this little gem! 

    • Awesome Katrina! So glad it is useful for you 🙂 

  • Kick ass idea.  I am new to buffer, but it has already saved me a massive amount of time.  Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    When you going to update the Firefox addon for Firefox 6?

  • totally awesome! 🙂

  • Those Google Reader directions were perfect! Now I just need to re-organize my feeds. I use Feedly, too; but we’ll worry about that later.

    The ability to post to FB has me dancing the “Happy Dance”! Thanks so much!

  • Guys, this kind of “help” is really helpful for someone like myself: a simple step by step please! Really appreciate!
    Just implemented and started using. Awesome! 🙂 

  • This just made Buffer 10x more awesome!!

  • I had nooooo clue I can share straight from the reader with my chrome extension! I love it!!!

  • 555…

  • Высокий совет!

  • This is even easier than clicking on the extension button! Woo hoo and thanks!

  • Loving it! Thanks for the great app!

  • Would be (very) helpful to have one of your Wiz guys to whip up a quik video showing how to create a iftt recipe using Buffer so that when I *star* a post in Google Reader it will post to Buffer :: I’ve tried to get this routine to work, but having issues.

  • this is going to be a game changer for me… thanks guys!!!

  • I just installed Buffer and looking forward to using it on Google reader.

  • Thanks for making this easy for everyone!

  • Realtalkweb

    very helpful

  • Anonymous

    Google reader on my tablet doesn’t have the option to add this. Bummer.

  • Rosie Slosek

    Send To is now disabled in Reader. Any workarounds?

  • Catflatt21

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  • Simonblackley

    Hey Leo, for me, the browser extension doesn’t work in Reader. (Windows 7, Chrome). See screenshot.
    Loving Buffer and the tips flow is great. 

    • tkgreenme

      time to DUMP windows 7 in favor or the real thing “a MAC” hahahahaha

  • Hi Leo,
    Is there a way to integrate the buffer button to “Feedly” Dashboard?

  •  thanks for the tips for using buffer with the GReader. It saves a lot of time tweeting!

  • I added the Send to button into Google Reader and when I click on it I get the Buffer window on screen with the right text and links but none of my 3 apps (twitter, linkedin, facebook) shows up on top. So I can not select the ones I want to send to and I can not send. I am using Internet Explorer 9 and I have no admin rights on the PC.

  • Thanks for sharing this update.